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Oprah 2-22-07 Am I the only one?

On Thursday February 22, 2007, Oprah had a show with semi-obese people going on a Best Life Weight Loss Challenge and her personal trainer was supervising it. Did anyone see it?

One lady said she was so depressed over her weight, she stayed in bed and hated to get up. Her infant son would cry for her to wake up so he could eat and she said she would load up his bowl and then go back to bed. Oprah asked her when she would get up and she said when the child cryed to be let down from it's high chair and then she would go back to bed.

She then said she got up and went to the store, when she returned, she heard the child screaming from it's crib. She said she was so depressed, she just went back to bed.

Oprah said "Well, you are just rung out over this weight problem aren't you? You are at the end of your rope" (paraphrasing, as I don't have the transcript).

I thought, this woman isn't fit to be a parent. Leaving an infant unsupervised while they eat and then leav…

When perception becomes reality

When perception becomes reality...what does this mean?

We are living in a day of an ever-expanding parody of the facts. A world or civic leader, actor, or preacher says something during the day, in front of cameras and by nightfall, it is spewed out on a faux-news program (no, not Fox news, but including them)with hilarious results. We all enjoy seeing these leaders being made to look like fools, at least occasionally. Some recipients of spoof or parody seem to invite it and that’s what keeps us coming back for more.

Dan Quayle is a good example and yes, so is George W. Bush. Truth be known, anyone in the public eye is fair game and that’s one of the things that makes living in America such a blessing. We have the right to criticize our leaders, and we do. I used to get a good laugh when I would read that Gerald Ford hit yet another golf ball into the gallery and then see it depicted on Saturday Night Live (SNL).

Letterman, Leno, The Daily Show, SNL, Mad TV, and the Colbert Report …

Black history month? I love it!

I’m a perpetual student of history. I learned a long time ago, that if I was going to have an insight into the future, it wasn’t going to come through hocus-pocus, a crystal ball, or Nostradamus, but by paying attention to what mistakes we’ve made in the past. Only by looking back, can we see forward.

It’s a common belief that America is going to continue forward as a world leader regardless of what happens and we, who are living right now, are going to enjoy our lifestyle throughout our remaining years. History shows how easily all this can slip away and many times, it is gone in less than a decade.

America is still the place to be, regardless of what you see or read in today’s media and just like people in other countries view us as the hope of the world, we continue to squabble and fight over ethnicity, like the rebellious nation we are.

Take recent complaints about why “the blacks” need a whole month to draw attention to their history as an example.

Black history month is not meant…

Islam, a religion of peace? You decide.

According to Nonie Darwish (Now they call me infidel) there is no such thing as a peaceful Islamic movement, contrary to everything we hear in the media.

They have one agenda and that is spreading Islam around the world, by force if necessary and this is why I claimed the local Mosque's open house was a proselytizing effort and not an educational one.

I was called a racist for saying that, but the more I study that religion, the more I realize their intentions. Every place on earth it gets a foothold, it turns to violence as a means of spreading. That's fact and to assume it will be any different here is a gross assumption indeed.

Our freedom of religion will be used to cloak their every advance.

Nonie Darwish says Saudi Arabian money (Wahabi Islam) is pouring into our large universities to fund Islamic studies and this money (of course) is being welcomed with open arms. Wahabism is one of the most extreme forms of Islam and practised by bin Laden.

This sounds like conspiracy theor…