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Meat on a Stick Time!

What is that smell I smell?  Is that the visceral and distant calling of the wild upon my modern intellect, or is it simply the ancient practice of cooking meat over a campfire that brings the tendrils of feral game and burning wood to my flaring nostrils?

I am excited about camping and camping we will do next week.  Last year about this time the idea came to me to form a group to promote fellowship and inner development for young men who were buddies of my son, Nick Marshall and to honor his memory and I did, but this is the first chance we have had to exercise or execute an activity.
I called it the Baytown Hiking Fellowship and it is defined thusly on our website: 

"Fellowship is offered to qualifying men through referrals by members to both young and older in support of their efforts to pursue mental health and higher ideals through fellowship with other men while hiking and camping within the borders of Texas. As a general guideline, members are those who have demonstrated a…

The Girl in the Swing

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be married to just one woman. I had and still have no desire to play the field in search of some green pasture which incidentally does not exist and to my credit I still believe this.

In my immature late teens and early tweens I dashed to and fro like my peers, checking out this flower and that, but always in the back of my mind I had it in me to settle down and prove my worth to one and only one lady. In 1976, I met her. I was 24 and she was just 16.

Now before you break your jaw as it slaps your knee, let me explain. I met her in church and we did not begin dating until she was 17 and then a “date” meant getting a bite to eat after church and then I would drive her home and ne'er a kiss was exchanged until we were engaged. We both embraced fundamental Christianity and still do to this day and because of this, we practiced restraint.

On Valentine's Day in 1977, I asked her to be my Bride and this is how I see her today. I would love…

Lindsey Zeb Wilcox USS Indianapolis survivor

Mr. Wilcox is our Baytown survivor of the USS Indianapolis disaster.  He is doing poorly and I fear for his health. He is now in assisted living at Remington Park on W. Baker here in Baytown.  Please say a prayer, spread the word and send him a card. Baytown Bert

Lindsey Z Wilcox
901 W. Baker Rd;  Apt 147
Baytown, TX 77521
Read his amazing story here.

Do Kuhmo OEM Car Tires Even Carry a Warranty?

Thanks to a national representative of Kuhmo Tires named “Will”, I was educated on the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) obligation for tires on new cars with original owners concerning their tire obligation when something is not right with the tires on your new car.

Back in March of 2007, I bought a brand new KIA RIO5 hatchback and it was and still is the perfect little commuter car.  I haven’t had a problem at all with this car and recommend it.  I bought it right here in Baytown where I’ve bought my last 6 new cars.

The tires on my little car are for all practical purposes hazardously bald at 24,900 miles and after a trip to Discount Tires on Garth Road yesterday and consulting with Assistant Manager Jordan Arnett, a Marine and an Iraqi Freedom veteran, it was decided I should upgrade my OEM tires to a higher-rated Yokohama brand tire, which carries a real mileage warranty of 60,000 miles.

I asked him about the OEM warranty on my Kuhmo P195/55R15 Solus HP4 OEM tires and he sug…

Baytown Bert? Meet Dance Baytown!

I found out about a month ago, that I was scheduled to learn a few fancy dance moves with Steve Divekar, of Dance Baytown, so I wouldn’t look like Frankenstein’s monster at my daughters wedding reception.  Last night was that night.
Steve Divekar teaches Two-Step, Polka, West Coast Swing and the Jitterbug.  Last night in an hour and a half lesson, my beautiful Bride Sandra, brother TJ Bustem and his lady Debbie, brother and sister in law Big Ray Tallant and little Tammy, nephew RJ and groom to be Michael Sievers and bride to be Melody all were greatly educated by this skilled dance, Steve Divekar.

Steve operates a web site called and I encourage anyone aspiring to cut a rug to check it out.
I figured TJ Bustem and I would breeze through this dancing stuff, as we are both longtime practitioners of the hard-style martial arts and Black Belts, but, uh, I was naturally a product of karate training and it appeared I was chopping my way through every move.  I was too stiff an…

Camping in Texas in February

I am posting this for future reference and for anyone planning a camping trip in possibly very cold weather and especially if the people are novice campers.

1. I would like each person who attends to "bring a skill to teach" to the camp-out and I would like a commitment asap. I know this sounds demanding, but we are not just camping, we are having a fellowship and workshop. Your skill can be how to prepare a simple food item, or how to make a homemade tent peg - I don't really care. However, you have the option of providing the necessary items for all or posting a list of things we need to bring. Search the Internet or for ideas.

2. My selected skill is going to be teaching everyone how to use a GPS device. Please bring one if you have one, or purchase one immediately. The Garmin eTrex H GPS is an excellent choice and is $86 shipped on I plan to teach Geocaching also to everyone who is interested. The park has many caches alongside the trailsand t…