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American Bald Eagles in Baytown updater!

According to the Baytown Photo Club member Steve Green, this is the latest update on the presense of American bald eagles on Tri-City beach road in Baytown:

"A fellow member and I were at the Eagle Nest this evening and both parents flew up and one posed for us , the other lit behind the nest.

Their chick was last seen by them 5-7 days ago. He was not visible in the nest today. My friend knew that this nest was ahead of the pair on Normandy but it seemed early for it (chick) to have left totally.

Usually just before the chick takes flight it must lose a lot of fat and weight and the parents will quit feeding it instead getting it hungry for a hunt.

There are still opportunity for good shots there as the season changes. No matter in a hand full of weeks they will all leave until next year. The full grown chick will look elsewhere for a mate for years until maturity.

All looks normal and 40% of chicks make it according to the sight above".

*photo taken of Baytown bald eagle by …

Amazon’s Kindle and Lt. Colonel Dennis Foley

I am playing catch-up after working almost 6 weeks of straight 12 hour days and I finally have time to write about a few things that have stirred my interest.

I bought an Amazon Kindle 3!

Before I get into what I think about it, let me explain how it came about.  I was reading a book that I bought in 1995, but for some reason never read named “Special Men – A LRP’s Recollections” by retired army colonel Dennis Foley.

I really enjoyed the book and I had a few observations and questions for the author, so I looked around and sure enough, Dennis Foley has a website, so I wrote him. This started a dialogue that has continued via email for the last so many days.

He encouraged me to continue my writing efforts and to take a look at his latest book, which at this time is only in Kindle format, albeit, you can purchase it from Amazon and read on your PC through an “App” from Amazon – so I did.  Aw, heck, to make a long story shorter, I took the plunge and bought the Kindle too, even though I…

Ladies and Gentlemen - The Cornell Hurd Band!

. Cornell wrote:  March 5th, 2011 - CD Release in AUSTIN...come hang with us at The Broken Spoke - Last of the True Texas Dance Halls, and pick up a copy of BIG STATE, LONG ROAD, and our new CD.

I must confess I am a hardcore Cornell Hurd Band fan.  What’s better than Country music’s worst nightmare wrapped around Texas Swing music?  The answer is nothin’cept the Cornell Hurd Band.

Cornell and I correspond occasionally to discuss (of all things) my geocaching videos and his music, or my take on his music.  He’s very approachable, by the way and when he isn’t playing in Austin or Houston, he drops a line.

My friend Dan Ellis (Wanda Ellis’ of the Baytown Museum’s son) loaned me a copy of Cornell’s CD “Live at Jovita’s” and it got inside my head real fast.  I’ve featured some of it on my geocaching videos as tribute to the band.

I had to have a copy, so the very day it was released, I sent Cornell the denaro.  Boy howdy, I was not disappointed!  I think this is his best and most accomplis…

Local Artist Jim McDonnell selling prints!

Jimmy McDonnell is a long time friend and a member of the Baytown Art League.  I own 2 of his original drawings and they are amazing in detail and he is truly a gifted artist.  He is also very active in Toys for Tots and a great humble guy.  Both he and his wonderful wife are true assets to Baytown.  The originals are highly detailed pencil drawings.  Please support him by buying one of these limited prints.  BB

OK everybody. I now have quality prints of some of my workfor sale. These will be limited to 50 copies and they will be signed and numbered.

They will be delivered to your door for $35 each in a cardboard tube mailer. If you want something matted, contact me for prices. The prints are of the Great Wall of China completed in 2006, the village... scene in Malta completed in 2010, and the Civil War locomotive completed in 2010.

If interested, I can send a digital of the art work. When I make back my initial investment, i will have additional pictures printed up if there is enou…

Alaska Update.2011.03.10 - Northern Lights!

When I arrived at work this morning the temperature was 23 below zero; 47 below zero with the wind chill factor. It was a gorgeous morning and a cloud free sky with a moon that looked like a Halloween advertisement, except that it wasn't full.
Driving in, from the side, I saw an odd cloud and instantly realized that it wasn't a cloud at all, but auroral activity. So, I pulled into a parking lot and watched while this long tendril of pale green light arched and undulated and slithered across the northern sky like a snake covered with feathers. It lasted about 5 minutes before the sky lightened enough that I could no longer see it.

Graded 1 to 10 on the spectacular scale, it was probably about a .4 - but still, it was the Northern Lights and the first I've seen. The chance that I will see it again before next winter is about zero. I suppose it's like me counting that I've been in Washington state (I don't) even though I've only really been in SeaTac Airport …

Goose Creek Cookers World Champion Ribs!

Charlie Tallant and his world class BBQ experts blew the competion away this year at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Cook-Off!  Now, I have personally consumed quite a good amount of these delicious Baytown (Goose Creek) ribs and brisket and was personally served by Charlie.  You see, he's family, being the older brother of my own brother-in-law, Ray Tallant, or Raybuck, as we know him. The secret to their success is the many folks behind the scene and at the fire, working the daylights out of those ribs.  Charlie, being the consummate steady presence, along with his beautiful wife, Anna Kay have did Baytown and Goose Creek real proud this year!  Hooray for the Goose Creek Cookers and as my dad was fond of saying "You did good, Bubba"!  Y'all make Baytown proud and a better place to be because you all are here.