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Baytown Nov 2nd Nurture Nature Festival!

Starting at 10 am!Friends of Brazoria Refuges “Butterfly Encounter”
Challenger Seven Learning Center
Jesse Jones Park and Nature Center
Texas Crawdads
Texas Snakes and More
Friends of Cedar Bayou
Houston Geocaching
Friends of Anahuac Refuge
John C. Freeman Weather Museum
Texans Together (San Jacinto River Coalition)
Texas Parks and Wildlife Angler Education
Texas Parks and Wildlife Archery
The Big Buzz Theory
Texas Kayak Fishermen
Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network
Artist Boat
Texas A&M University at Galveston Sea Camp (Whoopp!!)
… and of course, the Eddie V. Gray Wetlands Education Center

Activities will include:

Young Audiences Nature Screenprinting
Marine Mural Painting (for the kids to paint)
Watering Hole Golf
Coastal Dinosaur Dig
Face Painting
Rock Wall
Huge Alligator Inflatable
Caterpillar Inflatable for the little ones
Obstacle Course
Prairie Seed Cups
Feather Find Bird I.D.
Catfish Fishing Pond
TPWD Take Me Fishing Trailer
Backyard Bass

Creole Kitchen will be on hand…

The Blue Heron Parkway Revisited

I wish to officially retract my many derisive statements about the Baker Road Extension.  I didn’t vote for it and I sure as heck fire didn’t see where anyone would profit from it except the land owners.  On top of that, I didn’t see the intensity of exponential growth this little tri-city oil town was going to suddenly experience.

Well, to be honest, I suspected we were going to see major growth.  Anyone traveling the Fred Hartman bridge from the Baytown/La Porte Tunnel days knows the amount of vehicles going over the bridge has went from, “Boy, this sure is a lot of bridge for this few cars,” to “Mine Gott!  Where is the cow-catcher I ordered for the front of my pick-em-up truck?”

Living directly behind the expansion, I’ve taken a very personal interest in what is now named, the Blue Heron Parkway - a cool sounding water-loving bird name and very fitting for our multiple bay town.  My interest has been serious enough to get the skinny from the workers, engineers, city officials,…

Baytown Hall of Shame 10-20-13

Welcome to Baytown!

“A horrible black hole of a town. it sucks you in and it is almost impossible to break it's hold on you. It is full of worthless men and stupid women. The few good people are always trying to get out. AKA Dirty BayGod I can't wait to get out of Baytown.”
On more than one occasion, it’s been pointed out to me that I obsess over city parks, hiking and biking trails, and over-concentrating on making Baytown friendlier to joggers and people who enjoy riding a bicycle on our road’s shoulders.One current councilman told me one time that’s all I need to worry about and he would worry about everything else.He scored zero points with me for that self-righteous smug and flippant remark.
Although I admit he was partially true and I say partially because frankly, there’s hardly a shoulder on any of our side roads.Riding a bicycle around Baytown is akin to playing in the street – not a smart thing to do at all.Forget that on any given weekend around the state, thousands of educated and har…

Corporal punishment consent form in schools

Paddling children by school officials -are you for it or against it? In other words, should school teachers be allowed to paddle your child when they act up and would you sign a form?    I asked this question to friends, school teachers, police officers, city employees, and family. Currently GCCISD does not paddle children for any reason.

The officially statement from GCCISD is as follows: “Statement from Dr. Cavazos: At the July 22 regular meeting of the Goose Creek CISD Board of Trustees, Board members approved the Parent/Student Handbook containing the Student Code of Conduct for the 2013-2014 school year to reflect revisions, including the elimination of the utilization of corporal punishment in Goose Creek CISD. Susan Passmore  Goose Creek CISD Publications Coordinator 281.420.4863”

Bert Marshall: I am pro-corporal punishment and believe the elimination of it from our schools will fuel unruly behavior amongst some of our students.

J. Dykehouse: Heck yes, and then I would get tha…

Geocaching, critters, and me

For those who know me, it is no secret I often engage in a rapidly evolving hi-tech game called geocaching.  For those who don’t know, or are unfamiliar with the game, geocaching translates as the recreational activity of hunting for and finding a hidden container with a logbook by means of GPS coordinates posted on a website.
In other words, a geocacher hides a container somewhere and submits the coordinates to and if it satisfies all the requirements, the geocache, or simply put, the cache publishes and to those of us who are premium members, sends out an email or text to let us know a new geocache is available.  This often sets off a competition to be the first to find (FTF) and sign the logbook inside the cache, thus proving the hunter actually was there.
 The game is addicting in the extreme. As of today, I am ranked 45th in the southeast Texas (SETX) region, which encompasses a number of million people, with 3782 geocaches found and logged.  In addition, I have hidde…