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Circumlocution on androgenic hair growth

Hold on; don’t get excited or confused by that fancy 10-gallon pair of words.It’s just a tongue twister to get this week’s column primed.Besides, I’ve always wanted to use the words circumlocution and androgenic in one sentence, but felt some might accuse me of being “too wordy” or “macho” for my own good.

The hair growth thingy though, is something I obviously know a lot about, as I’ve experienced a lot of hair growth in my lifetime.In fact, it is growing as I write this column.There is nothing I like better than standing in a windy location and feeling my long neck hair blowing in the wind.
As I nudge closer to middle age, I’ve noticed a peculiar growth – or lack of, well, abnormal pattern of hair growth – or lack of, in certain areas of my well-toned physique.I want to make it clear; I am basically talking about my head and back, as I do not want the Managing Editor to bowdlerize my attempt to expound on this important phenomenon.
I recently coined this timeless phrase:"Male agi…

Sanctimony and Political Correctness

Over the years, I’ve tried my best to live a good spiritual life.I’ve often failed and I acknowledge that.In my early well-intentioned zeal to follow the Bible, I oft times went to extremes.I might add that this righteous zeal was tempered through error in many ways, but helped me define the rights and wrongs of personal development and the path I chose.
However, at no time did I contemplate blowing up an abortion clinic, attempt to “beat the gay” out of someone, or walk into a military school and kill 150 students because their lifestyle or dogma differed from my own.I simply wanted to do right and still do.
Fairly often I would engage in debates about the interpretation of the Holy Scriptures, but I can’t recall ever getting angry and condescending.In fact, I studied and studied and studied, reading the entire Bible many times because I wanted to understand the scriptures and be able to convey its mysteries to others.
I worked the bus ministry and taught home Bible studies for ma…

I can’t breathe – or can I?

Fairly early on in the Ferguson protest debacle, some wise person projected that the ultimate goal of all of these protests would be to weaken America's many police departments.It is becoming hip to march and show support for what?It doesn't matter at all to many of the demonstrators.Most of the people marching now are doing it because they want to be part of something they can't even relate to.

It reminds me of 9-11 and the massive support that our country gave our fallen and the subsequent number of yellow ribbons and flags to show support for our troops.To everyone who truly felt a part of it, it was wonderful – until it became cliché-ish and ‘hip” to be patriotic.
A negative side-effect was that if you didn’t slap a magnetic yellow ribbon (or one the hundreds of variations including a camouflaged version) you were almost viewed as unpatriotic by some.“Hey doofus, where’s your yellow ribbon?”
“Hey mister, it’s a free country.Besides, I may or not support every cause tha…

The vanishing personal space conundrum solved!

I am not entirely comfortable in large gatherings even though I occasionally attend them.In fact, I don’t think you will ever spot me marching in any kind of mass assemblies, peaceful or not.
Don’t get me wrong when I say this.I can sit comfortably in church, or an occasional sporting event and behave myself, it’s just that I would rather walk down a lonely trail in the woods, far away from any other human being or musical delivery device. In fact, I have walked for hours not hearing another human voice and was perfectly at peace and content.Did you know that when you spend hours alone, you become very quiet?My doggies sleep when my bride is away, because the house becomes silent, except for my constant pecking of the keyboard.
My dad once said he “enjoyed his own company” and I learned to understand this peculiar sounding confession. He would go off in his 18-foot boat and spend the day catching redfish and speckled trout and come back and clean them at his house in Aransas Pass.He d…