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The Four Cache Loop Phoon

This past Saturday I joined 12 geocachers to do the amazing Four Cache Loop geocache hike up east of Huntsville, Texas on the Lone Star Trail.13 miles of hiking, the often muddy trail with 20 something water crossings.It rained Wednesday and Thursday and some who planned to attend dropped out figuring the waterways would be impassible.

They missed an excellent fairly dry, cool weather hike.Of course, along the way, buns hit the ground numerous times, including my own.
The perfect sunny weather was a calm-winded 32 degrees when we started and rose to the low 50’s at end, 7 hours later.One of our group wasn’t really prepared for the rigors of the trip and became a walking casualty about 2 miles in.Since I organized the first half of the trek, I refused to leave her side and by the 6 mile mark, I was pushing her along with my hand in the middle of her back just to keep her going.
She was game, but hopelessly out of shape and I warned her to half her next challenge… and then half it a…

Scar tissue is our roadmap.

. Like you, I have my share of scars.I’ve been fortunate enough in all my adventures to still have all ten fingers and toes, so I’m doing okay.I’m going to pick my left leg out as an example and focus only on the area below my knee and above the ankle.I have 4 very visible scars and three of them have happened while geocaching.
The oldest I received in an injury about 50 years ago and it is about 2 inches long and looks like a knife wound.I haven’t recalled what caused it in so long, that the memory is lost.The most recent happened this past year when I was stung by a ground hornet in Pedernales Falls State Park.It happened on October 24th and appears now as a dime-size brown spot.I imagine it will remain that way, just like the spider bite above it.
I got that one 3 years ago, also while geocaching.The hornet sting is a ditto of it.Right at the top of my calf is a 3 inch long slice scar I got while geocaching in palmetto plants over close to Beaumont.Did you know that stuff will sl…

Is anarchy in our near future?

I was on the phone with a Harris County Deputy Sheriff the other day for 35 minutes.  The initial reason for his call was he needs his computer repaired.We are longtime friends, as I've known him since he was a kid. 
Eventually the conversation turned to the state of affairs of police shootings and the general unrest across the country.Now being a Harris County cop and according to him, he literally wrestles with someone every day.The reason for this is because they fail to follow his instructions and he is forced to make them obey.It’s as simple as that.
They become argumentative and combative and ultimately it is because they are prone to violence, have something on them that is illegal, or they have warrants.To a bystander, it often appears the cop is being too aggressive, but what they fail to realize is the cop often has inside information that makes them very wary of the person they are attempting to arrest.Or, their body language alerts the cop that everything is not as i…

Cold weather? No thanks.

I remember almost freezing to death as a teenager deer hunting in North Georgia.I was about 15 and I went with my dad and our church’s pastor.I was good to go the night before, but when the alarm went off at the very ungodly hour of 5am, I tried to talk dad out of taking me. Nope.Dad was going to take me dead or alive.It came dangerously close to the former before 10am
Now I was no stranger to being cold.I lived in Michigan and Ohio as a kid and it gets as cold as a mother in law’s love in them parts, trust me.One winter in Hillsdale, Michigan, my dad made an actual igloo out of blocks of snow that stayed for much of the winter.Our German Sheppard slept on a blanket in it at night.
In Dundee, Michigan, my 3 brothers and I made a near tragic mistake of skating up the Little Raisin, as the wind was at our backs and four hours later, unable to fight the wind to get back, we stepped out on the road about 10 miles from home.We were near frozen solid and a good Samaritan brought us home.

Gym bullys, yes, there are gym bullys

What follows is an actual conversation at the gym today with a guy who slams weights around and ties up 3 machines, making it his personal gym. I pegged the guy as a bully the first time I saw him. I was using a machine and I got up in between sets and he came up and laid a towel on the machine, a bottle of water on another, and began to work out on a 3rd machine.

I detest bullies and rather than avoid them, I, for some twisted reason like to get in their path. I know. It’s a weakness in my personality, but I learned years ago that placating a bully only empowers them. Besides, I like a bit of drama now and again, but who doesn’t?

The machine I wanted to use, or was using was a shoulder press and I sat down, facing his towel, which he had draped to claim ownership. Immediately, like a wasp guarding his nest, he walks up and says, “Really dude?”

He had on Beats headphones, as he is very fashionably conscious and I looked at him and spit out, “What? You think you o…

Me and J.J. – two of a kind!

Recently my bride laughed at me when I told her I was every bit the macho awesome athlete J.J. Watt is and I half meant it.You see, it’s not all hyperbole on my part, as the older I get, the better I used to be, both for real and in my memory.
I can prove it too, starting right now.Like J.J. Watt, when I was a younger man, say, to the age of about 50; I was devilishly handsome.Now, not so much, but still a contender according to my friends on Facebook and Wikipedia – both plethora’s of hard factoids.
Like Mr. Watt, I can and/or could lift heavy things.He weighs 292 pounds and I can still push that much with my feet at the gym with the name sounding like a clock.He has a 55 inch vertical leap and I also have an impressive leap, especially when goosed. Truth is, I haven’t been goosed lately, but I assure you, its way up there, trust me.
J. J. worked as a pizza delivery boy and once again, I can top that, as I worked INSIDE making pizzas.I was a pizza making dude and he was the doo-dah …