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Have I Lost My Dream?

I was sitting in my heavily congested library/computer room, which I call the Orbiting Command Ship Central (known to my friends and family as the OCSC) one day, talking to a friend of mine. He teaches higher math over at REL High School, something that is a mystery to me and I hold him in high regard. I call him Ike, but his given name is Jared Eikhoff. He looks young to me, but I guess his students call him, Mr. Eikhoff.

Ike is a deep thinker and when I say deep, I’m talking Mariana Trench deep. Mr. Eikhoff treasures knowledge over material accumulation. I can’t help but think he would make a terrific Zen Buddhist monk warrior because of his minimalist philosophies. However, he’s not the warrior type at all as far as I can tell and is always pondering complicated subjects most guys his age haven’t discovered.

“Gazing through the window at the world outside
Wondering will mother earth survive
Hoping that mankind will stop abusing her sometime”

Ike occasionally drops by and graces m…

The Empty Tomb

At 54 years old, I’ve never suffered the devastating loss of a loved one. I think I know what suffering is though, as I see and feel it from people who have. The deep wound of lingering pain and loss reoccurs every year on the anniversary date, so it never really heals. Their tragic loss emanates from them and affects everything they do.

I know my time is coming and I know I will handle it poorly. However, this column today is not about me, it is for all those wounded souls who have lost a loved one due to war and the effects of war.

As the dad of a boy, become man, who went off to war and was wounded in action, I have to believe that serving our nation is still an honorable thing. I truly believe in this country, still believe in the message the American flag intended and I am still proud to be an American. I hope that never changes. I love this country.

War is horribly ugly. Even so called honorable and patriotically justifiable wars become ugly after they drag on and on and on…

Computers, Puters and ugh…More Computers!

I have an ongoing love/hate relationship with computers. The majority of the time, I’m somewhere in between. I have a long computer ownership history to draw from and that can amount to a lot of lovin’ and hatin’.

I purchased my first home computer in 1981 from Don Trumps, my church’s secretary/treasurer. Don brought the church’s books into the digital age by purchasing a Tandy TRS-80 (better known later as the Trash-80) and when he upgraded to the next available computer model, sold me the TRS-80.

While in the Air Force, I operated a giant computer console called a “Remote Input Device” and it was hard-wired to the Base main-frame, so when home computers first became available, I just had to have one.

The TRS-80 had no hard drive or RAM and operated off a large floppy disk. The operating system on my particular model wasn’t anything like Windows 95, Vista, XP or Win 98, but something called TRS-DOS. It was all code and when you booted up the computer, all you saw was a blank scre…

Mothers Special Day

A young girl awakens and rushes downstairs to be the first in the house to check on the new baby kittens. Momma cat gently lifts her paw, so the girl may pet the new babies and then licks her fingers. The future mother watches how momma cat nurtures the kittens without realizing she will one day, use the same natural sense of caring on her own babies.

While waiting for the school bus, she hears a little bird cheeping frantically and discovers it hiding under a bush. One of her brothers wants to give it to the cat, but she does everything in her power to return it to its nest. Only when it’s safe, can she allow herself to catch the bus and then, reluctantly. After school, she checks on the baby bird, only to find it gone and she cries all the way home.

She comforts herself with her dolls, attempting to save them from future trouble. She doesn’t know why she feels so strongly; she just knows its real. She’s given eachdoll a name and they are her charge. She develops a profound sens…

Beating a Smoking Dead Horse?

Everything in my psyche (which as everyone knows is: That which is responsible for one's thoughts and feelings; the seat of the faculty of reason and of course: The immaterial part of a person; the actuating cause of an individual life) tells me to write about what is really on my mind at the time I type this present column. Smoking in restaurants is not what is on my mind.

But…this Saturday’s special vote on the smoking issue is an item which will directly affect the future of Baytown and I feel it is in the best interest of everyone in this blue-collar town, to consider all options before we cast our vote in the local election.

To recap my last article, I voted FOR Proposition One (concerning Smoking in public places) even though I detest cigarette smoke and avoid it when possible. I acknowledge that smoke of any kind is a potential health risk. I recognize smoking in this country kills a lot of people each year, something like four hundred thousand. I realize well-intentioned…

Should Baytown relight the smoking lamp?

There are few events that can divide a city like voting on controversial subjects. Citizens feel passionate about their preferences and I think the whole democratic process is wonderful. Politics and policies should be heartfelt - heartfelt enough to get folks arguing and ultimately, to voting. The more information a person digests, the better their decision will be.

Well, after much soul searching, I early voted on E. Baker at Remington Park. I voted FOR Proposition One concerning revoking the ban on cigarette smoking inside businesses. I hate smoking, let me make that clear, but I had to vote in favor of Free Enterprise, or as it’s better known - Capitalism.

My daughter questioned me on why I voted for the proposition and intends to vote against it. I laid out the concept of business ownership in America and she suddenly could see it made sense. It will be up to her on how she votes though and after making my argument; I did not attempt to dictate how she should vote.

One person s…

Let’s Go Green, Even if it Snuffs America!

Who among us is well versed concerning the Kyoto Protocol? If you stopped to buy a burger and Jay Leno stuck a microphone through the window of your car and asked “What is the Kyoto Protocol”? What would you say? Would you get a stupid look on your face and shrugging your shoulders say “Uh, I dunno”, or would you look directly into the camera and inform the late night crowd of the particulars?

Hey! It’s about saving the earth, stupid Americans! Geeze, get with it and join the Europeans!

“The Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is an amendment to the international treaty on climate change, assigning mandatory emission limitations for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to the signatory nations”.

It’s been ratified by almost every country on earth, except Australia and…gulp…the United States of America! What? Why?

“The Kyoto Protocol is an agreement made under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Countr…