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Advanced Beginner or Amateur Expert?

Whew! I’m almost ready to betroth my third year of writing for the Baytown Sun and with the approach of the first of April, I thought I would turn my attention to revisiting what I call neo-beginnings. I like to see my writing style as authoritarian anarchy (Anarchy rules, dude!). Am I all alone in thinking this, or is it a simple case of balanced insanity?

When I compose my column, I like to get an icy-hot cup of steaming java (Black Gold brand) extra-light on the non-fat heavy cream, slip into my unique uniform of hand-grown polyester baggy tights and examine Baytown’s dribbling torrent of solid rumors and important trivia.

I’ve been accused of writing in a hopelessly optimistic manner, but I can questionably assure my readers that I am indifferently attentive to the smoothly steady stream of throbbing palpitations in the systematic chaos which envelopes the surrounding area called Baytown. And I say that with all imagined sincerity.

One well-intentioned and curiously focused malic…

Should I vote for Barack Obama?

I listened to Presidential hopeful Barack Obama address the nation this past Tuesday with his eloquent history lesson beginning at the penning of the Constitution through the many civil rights advances and its many problems. The man is very much a public speaker, at least as long as he sticks to his prepared material. He talks so well that almost nothing he says can be contested. I have the transcript on my desk as I write this column and have read and re-read it. It's a very good speech, maybe one of the greatest speeches of our day.

Although interesting and fluent, it's not necessary for Barack Obama to give me a 30-minute history lesson on race-relations in this country to win my vote. What I do need as a voter is his assurance that everyone under his future administration is going to get a far shake and that 20 years of the "most segregated moment in American life occurs on Sunday morning" is not ingrained in his subconscious mind. If John McCain had a 20-year his…

City Counsel in Jackboots?

The proverbial fur is flying since Garry Brumback strong-armed the city counsel members into doing things his way. Rumor is that behind closed doors, Herr Garry and his brown-shirt boys plot destruction of rights of the peace-loving and happy-go-lucky Baytonians, all the while polishing their jackboots in giddy abandonment.

I seem to remember the many people who sat in judgment of our past city government because they (apparently) could not make a judicial decision of anything and were guilty of causing the city to fall into a slum. Now, they are being proactive in making a difference and also willing to rescind, amend and flat-out open things up for discussion and is it me, or are we hearing some of the same folks griping?

Let's take a look at our rights being violated (perceived) and the new ordinances that have been voted into law...logically, if possible.

We can claim that because it is our property, we can dang well do what we want and this sounds good, but suppose our neighbo…

Like Peas and Carrots

As a good hard-working American citizen, concerned about the future of Texas and our country, I swaggered down to the Polls, virtual spurs dragging in the dust of the Cedar Bayou Jr.School floor, took off my ten-gallon hat and cast my vote for the candidate of my choice. I exhibit no squeamishness or apologies when I say I voted for John McCain. Note to reader: Is this column about the ten thousand virtues of John McCain and am I going to whine, cajole, pressure and try and convince you, the intelligent reader, who to vote for? Nope. I am not. You will have to do your own homework, just like I did.What I do want to talk about is who would be a good match-up as Vee-Pee for the front-runners and by the time this goes to press, one of the Democrats may be dust blowing in the wind, so please bear with my prophetic suppositions and possibly insightful meanderings. The prospective Vice Presidents have to mate up perfectly with our current candidates to be a winning combination and like the …

She Don’t Misremember Nothin’

I got a letter today from my number one fan, Granny Gladys Adcox, from out Highland’s way. She’s closing in hard on a hundred years of age and I Suwannee, she is a ball of fire. Hardly a week passes without the mailman bringing a letter of encouragement from Granny and usually one of her stories from a past issue of the Baytown Sun.

Granny is my balcony person. She’s my faithful audience and she always cheers. I like it too.

As I fumble-stumble-bumble through life, insulting and alienating people, left and right, it seems, I occasionally do right and applaud someone instead of irritating them. I know to do right and still more times than not - don’t. It’s a discipline I am simply not good at, but Granny is. She knows how to do it and it ain’t fake or false. She means it and the very fact that a 93 year old lady will take the time and expense to sit down and write a letter to rubber puck for brains guy like me, makes me reflect on how poorly I have developed in the social arena.