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If I was a Newspaper Publisher

If I published a newspaper, I would be very nervous. I would be more than nervous; I would be scared. Scared that the parent company of my paper would shut down my effort, as well intentioned as it may be and send me packing - literally. Scared that my advertisers would find other options or venues to sell their wares. Scared that subscribers would cancel their subscriptions and move permanently to the Internet, or TV for their news.

How could this happen to our beloved print edition news form? How is it possible that folks would rather look at a boob-tube or monitor instead of holding the classic tried and proven newsprint in their hands? How can a publisher get a handle on this situation and get the word out that the newspaper is still something the future should hold dear? Read on dear reader.

Personally, I love printed material. Personally, I am educated just enough to realize the fantastic mental exercise reading print does to promote a healthy brain. Of course reading i…

Picking Up the Pieces and Moving On

On April 16th, my 25 year old son was found dead at a friend’s house, the victim of self-medication directly related to a year of combat in Iraq, 82 combat missions and exposure to 15 IED detonations, one of which wounded him. It’s been the hardest and most difficult time for my wife, daughter, family and friends we have ever experienced.

We knew of his hardship, but were basically helpless to prevent his demise. His battle buddy Sgt. Kenny Horna urged him to seek counsel and anti-depressant medication, but my son felt he could overcome it. This is a wake up call to every parent and wife/husband of a returning combat Vet.

One week has passed and we have decided the best course of action and the only way to get closure and healing is to move on. We are celebrating his life and are looking forward to many beautiful days in our future and I want to thank the hundreds of people who have comforted us in this tragic time.

His military funeral was so beautiful with over 600 people in attend…

Pirates with U.S. hostage vow to fight if attacked?

“Here’s what we should do”, a phrase I am known for. Negotiate, negotiate and negotiate with these Somali pirates and secure the release of the American ship Captain. We have no other safe choice but to meet their demands and it is the right thing to do.

Next, after securing the release of the illegally captured American ship captain, we should blow these people to whatever paradise they believe in with all the cameras rolling. No apologies needed or warranted and we shouldn’t even make a statement – but if one is required, it should be this:

“We do not negotiate or tolerate pirates”. Ahoy?

While I am on the political decision policy stump, I will add my two cents on the shoe-throwing incident concerning our last President, George W. Bush, which incidentally would be my exact reaction if it happened to our current President.

The President of the United States after ducking the shoes, should have walked back to this fellow and knocked his eyeballs so deep into his head, he would have h…

Trail, Road and Sky

Well, it’s been an active three days. Friday, my bride and I traveled to Brazos Bend State Park and hiked the many trails for four hours. It’s only the second time this year we’ve hiked together and it was very pleasant and fulfilling for both of us, at least it was for me.

When two people have been married for thirty-two years, it would appear walking a trail together would be status quo, but truth be told, many folks grow apart over the years and pursue their own agendas apart from their mate. My bride and I have walked many a mile together over the years, but seldom on long hikes, so this is new and exciting territory for us.

I’m pleased to say this was the second successful hike in the last two weeks for us and more are planned. In fact, I hope we hike many more miles in Brazos Bend SP in the next month so we can witness the American Alligator in rut. They are very active at this time and I am hoping we see a big male rumble and ripple the water as it calls females. If I can v…