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Suspects connected to 21 crimes only get 7 months!

By Shannon Daughtry
The Baytown Sun Published April 23, 2010 Two Houston men arrested last week in Baytown were found to have much more than one crime under their belt.

The Baytown Police Department estimates that number a little closer to 21.

Police arrested 25-year-old Michael Ruiz and 34-year-old Abraham Segura at approximately 7:30 p.m. April 14 after a witness reported seeing two men breaking into a vehicle and then leaving the area in a white minivan.

Officers quickly located the vehicle, which was being followed by the witness, and attempted to stop it. The suspects evaded the patrol car, leading the police on a short-lived one-mile pursuit. When the vehicle finally stopped in the 200 block of Williams Street, the two suspects were taken into custody.

While investigating the getaway van, officers noticed items reported stolen in other recent burglaries, leading to a whole new line of questioning for Ruiz and Segura. Those finds connected the two men to a strin…

Back in the Saddle Again

I started jogging again.  It’s been about 2 years since I last ran and even though I am fast approaching 58 years old, I have been active.  Last Sunday, after work, the sun was shining and it was dry and perfect, so I hopped out of my car on the way home, striped off my work uniform to my running shorts and tee, donned my running shoes and off I waddled.

At first I was going to run about a third of a mile, then that became a half and finally I decided to run down to Sens Road (from Miller Cut-Off where I started) and this would be a 2 miler.  I ran along what we in Texas call a feeder road and is beside SH-225, a very busy, but safely distant road.  I can hear the cars rushing by at break-neck speed, but I am on the shoulder of the feeder and as safe as can be expected.

Anyway, it was convenient and all I could expect in the Houston metropolitan shadow, so I did it.  I amused myself watching the Union Pacific railroad engine and train as it rocked by.  This is what I love about joggin…

Trash Versus Criminals

I am going to be called a racist and bigot for simply writing what many think. It's time someone called it like it is.

“White” people have a name for lower class and (surprisingly often) under-educated white people and we find it socially acceptable to use this term – white trash. This negative word is not normally used by white people to describe the criminal element in white society though. We call white people who commit crime - criminals.

I hate trashy behavior and detest this culture and inwardly moan when a white trash family moves into my neighborhood. They inevitably cause property values to fall, as they do not tend their yards and this is always the initial sign of neglect. The next flagged behavior is home maintenance and usually a lot of junk appears around their house.

In their defense, they are often friendly people and other than the sloppy way they maintain their house and property they are normal, law-abiding, and fundamentally productive citizens. They wor…