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Man Steal Recyclables From City of Baytown Under Our Collective Nose

There was a man on the street this morning who lives in my subdivision. He wears a straw hat and walks around with no shirt on. He had a big bag of cans on his shoulder that he filled from the recycle bins which we all put out.  I told him he was stealing from the city. He said he was recycling. I told him I realized that, but all of the people in the neighborhood are recycling to help the city and the money he is getting is going in HIS pocket, not the city's. He walked off and said he basically is going to continue. It really angered me that I am recycling to fill this guys pockets. I want him to explain to the police how he is justifying doing this and I called it in.As a friend explained to me: "At the very least it should be a fine for stealing from the city."If this guy (and he is the second one I've seen doing this in Chaparral Village) were to go down to the recycle center and load up a bag of cans and then sell them, folks would be outraged,…

Old San Jacinto Hospital on Decker Drive

Here is the sad demise of a once beautiful building and hospital.  The old and abandoned San Jacinto (Methodist) Memorial Hospital on Decker Drive in Baytown, Texas.  It was built in 1947 by W. S. Bellows and donated to the city of Baytown by Humble Oil, now Exxon-Mobil.  It was to honor those who served in World War Two, but I guess that is gone with the building.

At the front door is barren planter.  Well, not completely barren, as it has empty whiskey and beer containers, and refuse.  The grass is over-grown, windows are busted out and mosquitoes swarmed me when I tried to get close enough for photographs.

Some of the comments made concerning the photos I took are these:

- That place certainly has major creepy vibes! When we got the geocache there, I couldn't wait to leave! 
- So sad to see it in such bad shape.
- Is someone living in there? Why they keep knocking out more windows? Sad nothing was done with this building.. wud hv been great …

WESTCOAST DONUTS honors Ken Pridgeon

I was chatting with my old Air Force buddy, Ken "the Dauber" Pridgeon this morning and he informed me that West Coast Donuts on Decker Drive was blessing him this morning with a donation from the sale of "Freedom" donuts they sell.  You may remember the story by Jane Lee from the Baytown Sun back in June of this year.
 I met Ken at the West Coast Donut shop and enjoyed a cruller or two and in walks city councilman Scott Sheley, who I enjoy very much.  He was there for the presentation of a two hundred and fifty dollar check to Ken by the owner of the shop.  He invited me to join their little group at the shop each Saturday morning at 9 am, where he claims "they figure things out", if I remember correctly.  He insinuated I could add to their mental stockpile of facts and interesting stories.
 The owners of this shop, husband and wife Sophan and Sokunthea Som have been very supportive of the projects on Texas Avenue, the restoration of the Brunson Theater a…

Portrait of a Warrior (Texas Country Reporter)

Mean Gene Kelton R.I.P.

I was honored to receive an invitation to the dedication of the gravestone and final resting place of Sidney Eugene Kelton, better known in the Blues world as Mean Gene Kelton.  His wife Joni is a friend of mine, as was Gene, and I had to make it a priority to be there.  My friend Elke Meyer informed me Joni designed the graphics and text for the grave stone and I must say, I’ve never seen anything so wonderful.  I was part of an intimate group of maybe fifty other people and we gathered under the rain-laden clouds, as the gods of lightning and thunder hailed a final goodbye to Mean Gene.  It was a fitting tribute to the man some knew as “too white to play the blues” and others, the hot-lick blues guitarist from Baytown, Texas.  I have his CD’s and listen to them often and it’s a shame, but honestly, I didn’t realize the man was as good as he was until after his untimely death on the 28th of December, 2010.  It was evident to me how wounded this group of people are over his passin…