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Baytown is now big news

I like to watch the news on the television when it signs on early in the morning.Like my father before me, I watch the news ad nauseum.In simpler terms, I watch it till it loops, and then watch it until it loops and loops and loops.For those readers who think this is humorous, let me say that I “get” it the first time; I just prefer the news to the non-news (read Entertainment tonight), or most of the blather the networks try to force on me like the ridiculous bologna of the Grammy Awards.

I want to go on record as saying I don’t care one iota what Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, the non-celeb Kardashians, or the angry faux-Messiah one of them married are doing or saying ever again.
One thing that has changed in the news programs is now Baytown is included in every broadcast.It’s as if we’ve suddenly been discovered.Note: It has always irked me when coming up SH-59 that the exit for I-10 directs people to Beaumont – not Baytown.Maybe that will change also.
The reason for this change …

UG-LEE’S Brings Boudin to Baytown!

I didn’t know there was such a place until I heard about it on smoked boudin Batman, I do believe that is the best Cajun sausage I’ve ever eaten.Leonard Lee gave me a rundown on their quality process and as you can see in the photographs, they are selling what they make faster than they can make it.
I stopped in this morning to check out their custom made products.While I was there, a discerning customer came in and Leonard gave him an education on their delicious products.Almost immediately 5 firefighters arrived and Leonard remarked that “It is their normal routine”.
No wonder he can’t keep his shelves stocked!Ever seen a firefighter put away groceries?
I had an errand to run and left.On my way back through the area, I stopped in and this time I met the boss, Leonard’s wife.Talking to her, I learned more about the products and left with over $30 worth of shrimp, Andouille Sausage, and Colby jack cheese-stuffed (and bacon-wrapped) pork tenderloin and a Pork bou…

Cold weather soup & cookies!

What do you do when it's very cold and wet outside? Make potato soup and cookies.

7.5# Red & russet taters, half gal chicken broth, Velveeta Mex cheese, 3 onions, 2 packs tater toppers, 1.5 sticks butter, real bacon bits, pepper and sea salt, evaporated milk. Cookies are oatmeal w/raisins.

What truly is life?

Life is not what I thought it would be, or rather, I’ve learned that the idyllic life I was expecting to lead is better in some ways, but horribly cruel in others.  This intangible subject of life is one that I ponder often.

My lovely bride and I discuss this subject frequently and it never seems to come to a satisfactory conclusion.  We both agree however that life is not what we expected.  Stepping back to when I was a kid, like most of us, the future was wide open.

*Into the great wide open
Under them skies of blue
Out in the great wide open

That was me and possibly you.  Well, it didn’t turn out quite like that did it?  After high school and four years in the Air Force I gave my life to Jesus Christ, married a local beauty, had two loving children, and spent 37 long years working shift work in the chain link fenced area of a chemical plant.

It is hardly what I expected out of life, but in other ways, extremely rewarding.  The upside was I brought a great measure of security to my family…

Baytown Bert’s A Cryin’

Imagine you’re walking through a field of thick cane mixed with thorns.  The cane is so tall; you can’t see more than a few feet.  You have no idea if you will scare a rodent, a snake or two, or a coyote out of hiding and you ignore these possibilities and push forward.  Its classic trail-blazing, but you have a purpose and critters are not much of a concern, even though you are in shorts and hiking boots.
You feel the sweat running down your back as a tendril of Cherokee rose thorns tears through your shirt and rips into your skin, effectively arresting you in your tracks.  “Aggghhh!” escapes from your mouth as you carefully extricate yourself from the puncturing barbs.  Your skin is thinner than it was when you were a teen and blood runs down your arm and drips off your finger-tips to the ground. Your legs are equally scratched with old and new marks, but it’s just too durned hot to wear long pants and you repeat your oft said remark that “If the Brits could conquer the world in short…

The Joke’s on You

Over the years I’ve been the recipient of a few practical jokes and spawned a few of my own and with a new year beginning, why not start it off with a laugh? Back in the late 70’s at my job at ARCO Chemical Company on Sheldon Road, a real favorite was dropping a nickel in the soda machine and then filling the coin return with red or green indelible ink.  The price of a soda was a quarter and when an unsuspecting Operator would put money in the machine, it would drop a nickel.  Delighted at the savings, the guy would reach in for change and come out with a red or green finger, which would last a week or more. The second prank involved taping the black plastic spray nozzle at the kitchen sink with electricians tape.  When someone came up to wash their hands, it would spray them in the chest with water.  One time I did this, and then twenty minutes later accidentally sprayed myself. I think it was 1979 and one of my younger brothers was getting phone service on Sun Oil Road in Mont Belvi…

Baytown Talks Rises From the Dust 1-3-14

Back quite a few years ago in the infancy of the World Wide Web, there existed an online forum hosted by the Baytown Sun, named Baytown Talk or maybe it was Baytown Talks.  It appeared one day and slowly developed a strong following.  The forum was a constant source of aggravation for the last moderator of the Baytown Sun, who I know and like very much. Amongst other conversations, I remember reading an early thread (discussion) about the Goatman of Evergreen Road and later developed a series of 29 geocaches along Evergreen and Tri-City Beach Road because of it.  The area was supposedly haunted and my series plays this up and is set up for families to take their kids to see if they can spot the dreaded Goatman. Baytown Talk went through periods where trolls had people ready to fight each other and through the core group of us, we would get it back on track.  I found it a wonderful challenge and regularly learned about the history of our town by asking the right questions and challenging…