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Teach a man to fish...

EDITOR’S NOTE: When Bert Marshall wrote this column in 2006, it fell on deaf ears. Not a single comment.  All folks wanted to talk about was the downgrading of the football programs at RSS and REL because the new school (Goose Creek Memorial) was pulling students from RSS, or the new football uniforms and mascot. Now we are two years behind on preparing young people to enter the labor force. The issue remains important.
Originally published Thursday, June 29, 2006

Teach a man to fish...
Remember the old adage of feeding a man a fish for one meal, versus teaching him to fish and he feeding himself for a lifetime?

If GCCISD would promote the Vocational-Technical agenda of old instead of a general knowledge prepare-kids-for-conventional-college-type high school, wouldn’t there be more people exiting high school with above minimum wage skills?

Most high school students never complete their first semester of college. Why don't we help them early on, to enter the work force with skills th…

PC Passion - but Never Saw It Coming

I bought my first PC computer in 1981 or 82 if I remember correctly and it was love at first sight.  It didn’t matter to me that it was already obsolete.  I owned a computer!  It was made by Radio Shack and was officially named the Tandy TRS-80 or unofficially the Trash-80.  My long time mentor Don Trumps was our church secretary and sold it to me when he upgraded the unit.  It came with a massive printer weighing close to fifty pounds and would print two foot-wide sheets of paper running both directions.  It was as amazing to watch as it was deafening and my bride was appalled when I set all of this up on the dining room table. I am an outdoorsman to be sure, but also one of those nerdish people who are fascinated with computers. When I say this, I do not mean that I am a gamer who needs 128 gigabytes of RAM memory on my video card to be happy, or an Angry Birds addict.  Holy hard drives, I’ve never played Pacman, Mario, Frogger, or Duke Nukem for more than a couple of seconds before I…

Enlightenment or Idiocracy and Hashtags?

.  We are living in an enlightened time where almost any question can be answered by simply pulling an electronic device of some sort out of a case, or your pocket and typing – or speaking it into said device and blam, your correct answer – maybe.You still have the responsibility to sift what you read, hear, or watch and determine if it is in fact, the literal truth.
Huh? #WhatMeWorry
“You mean if it is on the Internets, it might not be true? Who woulda thunk?”
Unfortunately, there is literally tons of misinformation on the Internet that is incorrect, just like this sentence.Just because you hate a political candidate and your best friend sends you scandalous or negative information on them in an email, doesn’t write it in stone.
The way urban legends get started is the writer plans to fool you when they start it by writing a mixture of truth with their tricky fiction.
The second the unsuspecting reader sees the hated candidate’s name and a smidgeon of truth, they feed on it like a …

Survival, Baytown Nurture Nature Style!

Myself and a small group of men, women, and children hiked down a trail and set camp by a tree line, about 75 yards from a bayou.  The weather was perfect, or so we thought, as we forgot to check the local forecast.  We pitched our tents and without really thinking about it, we placed the rain fly over our tent, ate a great meal around the campfire and since we had a big day planned for tomorrow, we bedded down early.

About 1am, we are awakened by a thunderstorm.  No problem, but by 3am, it is raining so hard and the wind is buffeting the tent.  Suddenly, there is a sound we dread – the sound of rushing water and we scramble from the tent, as a wall of water goes over us and takes the tent down with the torrent of flooding water. We are pressed against the tree line and one of our members believes the violence may have broken their leg.  The only item we are able to save is a lone backpack and we await the storm to pass, in water up to our necks. By 7am, the storm is breaking and a quick…