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Crime is spinning out of control here

Crime in Baytown is spinning wildly out of control citizens! Armed robbery is occurring while people are pumping gas into their cars. As many as four hit and run type crimes are committed here every single day. There is enough lawn equipment stolen out of people’s garages each week to outfit a lawn service. As many as thirty cars, trucks and motorcycles are stolen or burglarized right here in our town every week!

Baytown has always had a migrant population and that's why we have so many apartments, storage buildings, and trailer parks. Some say it is this population doing the crime; some others say it is the seedy element from Katrina. I don’t know, but I do know this town has become cancerous concerning crime and it is on the verge of killing itself.

The solid citizens of this town who plan to continue to live here and raise a family need to organize and petition our local government and if this means higher taxes, then so be it. We need more 'boots on the ground' in t…