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Use it or lose it? I say use it!

I wrote about our trip to New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado recently and one startling fact stood out to both my bride and I.There is an obesity epidemic here in Baytown.Wait a second, don’t stop reading; not yet anyway.I’ll try not to be offensive.

Granted we only met 5 Texans on our 1 week long trip, as maybe 50% of the people I talked to were from other countries and almost to the person, they were thinner than what is the norm here.The other 49% were Yankee snow birds and for the most part, thinner also.But of those 5, 3 were over weight.
I guess Tex-Mex food is the culprit, or maybe it is our high summer humidity.The winters are wet and cold also.We have a high spring and fall pollen count!Yes, that’s why we all stay inside and eat… a lot.It’s simply not our fault that we can’t get in shape.
I've been threatening (myself) to run a 5k, so I did. However, my mile times were dismal. I jogged the whole time and ended up the 3.1 mile course with 11.24 per mile. I probably…

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Alcoholism - an article by Helen Snider

Vietnam Veterans, Alcoholism, and a New Perspective

Every Vietnam veteran is a hero but it would seem that not everyone remembers that: In fact, the issues faced by Vietnam veterans have been sorely overlooked by the central Government since the end of the conflict and this continues to this day. Approximately nine million American men entered military service during the lengthy process of the Vietnam war (which has the dubious honor of being America’s longest war) and yet public spending on veterans has been consistently low and consistently inconsistent (with the average vet in Boston receiving $25,000 per annum in benefits, whilst the average vet in Cape Cod receives just $5,500 per annum in benefits, for example). This poor treatment has served to exacerbate feelings of being disconnected from society for some veterans, leading to post-traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism, drug misuse, and other mental health disorders cause by trauma.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Alcoholism


The bigger the lie

Politics.Nothing has changed in all the hundreds of years that law makers have stood before the masses and projected themselves as “champions” of truth.Americans went through about a 20 year period of head in the sand ignorance, but we are returning to the days of the Lincoln – Douglas debates; thank God.This go around the main issue isn’t slavery, or immigration, or race relations.
It’s getting the United States of America back into the hands of the people voting and just like in the 1860’s Americans are wising up.We are listening, but folks, let’s actually listen this go around.
Politicians in general are currently viewed as self-serving professional wallet-skinners and I am right there with this assessment.As my Nigerian-born friend George Eligiri once told me about Nigerian politicians, “once they go back to make radical changes in the system, they are instantly corrupted and join the problem.”
I think the cancerous environment of law-making is so overwhelming; no one survives t…

Blood, Some Sweat, and Possibly… Fears?

I stood about a mile down the Bright Angel Trail inside the Grand Canyon in sunny Arizona and heard a 10 year old teary-eyed girl complain “We could have gone to Disneyland”.Before her parents could reply, I said, “I felt the same way when I was your age, but now I realize my parents gave me experiences I could never duplicate in an amusement park.”
Her mom and dad just shook their heads knowingly and my beautiful bride and I turned and began the descent to the 1.5 mile house below.My wife didn’t correct me for speaking out and I thank her for that, but what I said was the truth.No man-made faux entertainment facade can duplicate God’s creations.I know, as my Dad made sure I saw raw nature growing up as we meandered coast to coast.
The Bright Angel Trail begins at the rim the Grand Canyon and to put this place into perspective, let me relive my first glimpse into the giant crack.
We drove my Jeep from Baytown to Clovis, New Mexico the first day – 700 miles.That is a long way in a lif…

It's all so clear now!

After reading about PAD, or peripheral arterial disease in Wednesday's Baytown Sun, I realized I must have this malady.  It all became so clear. Although this is sad news, it's actually good news because I can finally pinpoint all these weird and bizarre symptoms I occasionally (read: quite often) experience.

In case you skipped over (read: didn't bother to read) the informative article I'll 'splain it briefly.  “PAD is a common but serious form of vascular disease caused by a build up of plaque in the major arteries that supply oxygen-rich blood to your legs, feet, arms and pelvis”.
Common side-effects are: “cramp-like” leg muscle fatigue or heaviness, pain and discomfort that occur in the buttocks, thigh or calf muscles while walking or climbing stairs.  I can honestly and truthfully confess that I have these symptoms in Spin class and while hiking!  Especially the buttocks part and it usually starts about 30 minutes into the class.  My legs begin to have tho…

The dog catcher’s bacon

I want to go on record and say I write this column with extreme trepidation.Pet care is on my highest priority list and although everyone doesn’t see a pet as a family member to love and care for, many of us do.Thus said, read on at your own discretion.
Recently I was in my front yard at 4am watching my two tiny dogs select the exact location they needed to do their business, when I spotted what looked like an official City of Baytown dog catchers truck creeping down the street.The truck was idling with the head beams out and as it passed under the street light, I could make out a large smile on the driver’s face, as he scanned back and forth.
“Oh Lord a’mercy!” I squealed and called my two precious pups to me.I didn’t have my doggies on a leash, as they were in my front yard, but I sure as the Dicken’s didn’t want a fine, so I ran backwards, my Ninja Turtles pajamers a’flappin’ and set them inside the front door.I hoped in vain that the driver didn’t see me and my doggies, but ala…