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Hello Baytown from Germany

Hi Bert!  My name is Uli and I’m from Germany (so excuse my bad English!). In October I stayed together with my wife in Deer Park to visit our daughter, her husband and our two grandchildren. They live there since their marriage in 2003 – John is an American guy.

Because they know that I like predatory birds they looked in the Internet for opportunities for me in your area and they found your eagle blog. So they led me to that place and you can see the results of our two hour observations here:  If you are interested in the pictures or my small story tell me. I will make them available for you.

Thanks for your website leading me to a real great experience!
God bless you, Uli.

Gemeinde-Zentrum Dabringhausen Auf der Huhfuhr 10 42929 Wermelskirchen Gemeindeleiter: Uwe Burghoff, Tel. 02196 – 80 890 Pastor: Ulrich Abels, Tel. 02193 – 500 743

Baytown, Texas - Veterans Day Ceremony 11-11-11

May God continue to bless our country and the millions of men and women who serve or have served our country in the Armed Forces.  At today's ceremony, I looked at my watch and it read 11:11.  Representative Wayne Smith had just alluded to it and I was happy to catch a glimpse.  In attendance was a 96 year old WWII Vet. He is in photo number four holding a yellow folder.

Texas Guides Trophy Deer Hunt Discounted for Veterans and friends

Veteran Friends and families,

Very good friends of mine have offered for 2011 hunting season a special discount for Veterans and families. I was contacted many months ago when my decided I should go for my hunt with my family before injuries I received could limit me from the activities I love to and that's hunting.. What I didn't know was the great offer that Blaien Friermood and his guides would offer me and other Veteran for 2011 season. Also they offer transportation and would be sure every Veteran or family has the hunt of their life, and they feed you to...any special needs should be addressed to the guides before the hunting trip is booked..
It is so nice to find those who support Veterans and are willing to take a profit cut so those who have served can enjoy hunting trip of their life time.. My family hunt will be Dec 15th and we are excited that I will have the opportunity to do this...if you want to hunt with me I heard a couple openings still there...
Please forward thi…

Operation Military Salute program 2nd Baptist Houston

My friend Ken Pridgeon gave my bride and I 2 tickets to attend the Operation Military Salute program at 2nd Baptist in Houston today. This is one of 5 giant 2nd Baptist locations run by Dr. Ed Young. Oh my god, what an amazing production! We were bowled over by the 2.5 hour program. I did not know Wayne Newton was basically Bob Hope now and has traveled with the USO since 1967. When he left Vietnam the first time, he called 5000 families and told them he had talked to their sons, using a form they filled out. He personally has called over 14000 family members from troops in the Middle East and delivered messages, some of the troops being killed by the time he called their houses.

I couldn't keep the tears out of my eyes today many times. We heard Medal of honor winner Navy Seal Mike Thornton talk, who has been wounded 18 times. Lt. General William Boykin (see the photo above) who was portrayed by Sam Shepard in the movie Black Hawk Down, talk about the 2 Delta Force membe…