Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Keeping Busy Enjoying Life! - October 2012

I'm working in my spare time on my fourth book, which is a follow-up to the Alpha Mike One trilogy.  It will be titled "The New Patriots" when I get it published and in between writing and work at the Plant, I've spent almost every minute geocaching on foot, kayak, or bicycle, so rather than try to explain it, I'll simply post photographs!
My little Shih Tzu, Coco Bear
I found this in a geocache in North Houston.
The new bridge on the Greenway Trail up by Spring, Texas
The Greenway hike & bike trail between Jesse Jones and Pundt parks.

That's me up in a tree getting a geocache on Highlands Shore Road in Highlands, Texas
My Bride and I geocaching on bikes in La Porte, Texas.
My Bride and I taking time to swing in La Porte, Texas while geocaching.
My Bride finding a particularly difficult geocache in Spring, Texas
Crossing a 12-foot gully in Jesse H. Jones Park.

My Bride and I finding a Soda Tube geocache in Jesse Jones Park.
A cicada on a tree I found while geocaching.

My sister's dogs in Dayton, Texas
My Niece's dog in Dayton, Texas.
My Bride and I on Armand Bayou at a geocaching event and CITO.  Cache In Trash Out.

Some delicious cookies I baked.
My daughter's cat drinking at the bathroom sink.
My kayak and trailer after I painted the trailer silver.
Michael Sievers and I at Livingston State Park geocaching on bikes.
Livingston State Park

A giant mushroom I found deep in the woods in Livingston.
The SETX Gang geocaching Octoberfest event in Livingston State Park.

Larry Houston, Michael Sievers, and Baytown Bert geocaching in Livingston.


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