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18 Points Men Should Learn About Women

Recently, the question was posed about what men know about women. Since I consider myself as qualified to answer this conundrum after nearly 30 years of marriage to a wonderful woman, I offered these hard learned lessons in woman logic.

My proof-reading fellow Baytown Sun forum poster, Dagney Taggart graciously offered confirmation to my 18 point assertion on women, (her comments appear in parenthesis)

1. Almost all women expect and appreciate fidelity in a man.

2. Shoes! For some reason beyond man’s comprehension, shoes are very important to women.

3. Women find it hard to apologize first, so for the sake of the relationship, men should sincerely apologize as many times as it takes allowing the woman to reenter the relationship gracefully.

4. Women value stability in a relationship over muscles.

5. Women love money. (I do love $$ in the sense that hubby has worked his tail off from day one, and been a good steward of the $ earned. He has built a secure, stable little world for us and our …

Hollywood Politics Anyone?

I was watching the Indie Channel recently, getting a dose of counter-culture and who of all people showed up to bless the world with wisdom, but New Jersey comedienne Jeannine Garofalo, that iconic bastion of political wisdom!

Before she launched into her obviously righteous collectivist criticism of the current administration (I’m going to go ahead and tell you she is really upset with George W. Bush…surprise!), she gave us an “insider” on how memory can be boosted simply by taking a couple of Adderalls , a prescribed stimulant for people suffering from ADHD and then drinking two Redbull energy drinks.

With legs crossed and hands akimbo, she droned on with manifest intellect and candor on how I should think, all the while giving no agitated indication of mental or physical stimulation from her drug and energy-drink cocktail elixir.

Now please don’t get me wrong. I am blindly in awe of educated and cerebral people and for what it’s worth, I like to watch this woman act and talk. I ev…

Hurry along now…

For years I’ve pondered the lemming effect social conditioning has on people. Why do we folks accept poor service as up to standard? Why, we don’t even complain when it’s handed to us. That’s just the way it is, good enough.

The current buzzword describing this social phenomenon is “sheeple” and it is apropos, as large numbers of we the people allow ourselves to be led down a path of apparently inevitable substandard service. Sheeple implies that those people (as sheep) believe whatever they are told, without processing it to be sure that it is an accurate representation of the real world around them.

In so many ways, as much as I resist this trend of substandardness, I feel like I am nit-wittingly going along with it. Heckfire, just try to stop being a part of it, and folks look at you like you are the problem, not the business. Let’s take a look at a couple of real world scenarios we have all bought into.

On the hellavision I’m told if I want the best of the best of the best in s…

Is There an Anti-Muslim Whiplash on the Horizon?

I'm going to take a bold step and predict there will be elements in this country, which will react in a violent manner against Mideastern looking people, if we begin to experience al-Qaeda style attacks on our home turf. The reason I say, "Mideastern looking" is because many Americans will lump people from Iraq, Iran, India, Pakistan, Lebanon, Afghanistan, etc. together, as look-a-likes, not recognizing the difference in culture of each country.

Many Americans will suspect Mideastern looking people of being Jihadists and radical Muslims, especially with news from England of sleeper cells involving doctors.

Americans are getting jumpy. If Islamic-Jihadist violence breaks out here in our country with random acts of terror, Americans will look for retribution and an excuse to take out their frustration. Many will simply boycott a business, change doctors or express distrust to friends and family, but some will go on the offensive.

Most of us basically do not understand the sil…