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A letter from Warren Fitts

I met Ken the Dauber a good while back after he got set up I gave him a visit and asked what he needed for his mission and I also let my Vietnam era Bro's know about Ken and some well needed donations came in from Vet organizations.. One day I was unloading some supplies and carrying things in, Ken caught me in back of studio and asked me some questions about my service..and then asked if anyone was KIA in my family was a little weird because my brother Bill has done our family tree of warriors who date back into revolution and many of the Fitts family tree served this country putting their life's on the line for Freedom from day one.

The first Fitts , Robert Fitts hit the American Shores in 1638 in Mass. and his existence in America had brought future generations of those who stood up for Protecting our country...the Fitts family were true Patriots with a proven history of support and leadership in all wars that faced our country...During the many era's of war ma…

Cary Bayou Trail Bridges Are Being Replaced

The Cary Bayou Trail Bridges are closed beginning Friday 19, 2011 until October.  I asked Parks Superintendent Scott Johnson if he could give us a bit more info:

Bert, the contractor should begin construction on the bridge abutments later this week or early next week.  We are expecting the bridges to be delivered in 2 to 4 weeks.

We are figuring everything to be back to normal by October 1st at the latest sooner if the good construction weather holds (and it don’t look like the weather is going to change any time soon)

The new bridges will be 8 feet wide and we are looking forward to the improvements to the trail.  The granite (piles) will be used for the walking surface on the bridges and we have several spots on the trails that need some more granite.

Scott Johnson

The 3rd and remaining bridge is maintained by Harris County and will remain.

It's So Dry In Texas That...

. On my Facebook Page (Bert Marshall) I asked my friends to contribute original material to the question:It's so dry, …
Here is what the posted.
Its so dry, I seen a coyote chasin' a rabbit and they was both walkin'. Its so dry, yesterday my wormy dog was draggin' his rear end and set my grass on fire! It's so dry in Baytown, the councilmen renamed it Dune. It's so dry, no one is playing pocket pool! It's so dry, I ate a popsicle and all it was , was wood. It's so dry, they are seeding the clouds with photographs of dry ice. It's so dry, dry docks are poppin' up in the middle of lakes. It's so dry, "The Dog Days of Summer" is now a horror movie. It's so dry, People are selling their stock in 'Arrid Extra Dry'. It hasn't rained so long in Texas... everyone's sense of humor is dry. It's so dry, the martinis aren't. Its so dry, I have a big crack in my ............ front yard. It's so dry, the DEPENDS signed up for u…

18 Points Men Should Learn About Women

I wrote this a few years ago and just uncovered it, so I'll repost it now.  BB

Recently, the question was posed about what men know about women.  Since I consider myself as qualified to answer this conundrum after nearly 30 years of marriage to a wonderful woman, I offered these hard learned lessons in woman logic.
My proof-reading fellow Baytown Sun forum poster, Dagney Taggart graciously offered confirmation to my 18 point assertion on women, (her comments appear in parenthesis)
1. Almost all women expect and appreciate fidelity in a man.
2. Shoes! For some reason beyond man’s comprehension, shoes are very important to women.
3. Women find it hard to apologize first, so for the sake of the relationship, men should sincerely apologize as many times as it takes allowing the woman to reenter the relationship gracefully.
4. Women value stability in a relationship over muscles.
5. Women love money. (I do love $$ in the sense that hubby has worked his tail off from day one, and been a good…

Porch Patrol eyes safer neighborhoods

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 12:00 am
By Ben Tinsley

A pair of child advocates – one the mother of 1996 child murder victim Amber Hagerman – have created a new social network with a high emphasis on family values.

Porch Patrol, the brainchild of Angie Riley-Camp of Florida and Donna Norris of Texas, will hopefully connect like-minded individuals across the globe – including Baytown and other areas of Chambers and Harris counties, they said.

“We have all been involved in other social media sites such as MySpace and Facebook, and get so tired of the drama, negativity and games,” Norris said. “That is why we have Porch Patrol.”

Norris’ daughter Amber was 9 when she was abducted and murdered in Arlington in 1996. Her killer was never caught. Amber’s murder inspired the creation of the AMBER Alert system.

Norris and Riley-Camp – who work together – said they recognized the need for a centralized connection point for parents of today with the aforementioned “old fashi…