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Rabbit Scares Woman in Jenkins Park!

My bride and I were walking our doggies at Jenkins Park the other day and we saw a young woman pushing a stroller coming toward us. A rabbit ran across the trail in front of her. She didn't see it and I asked her if she "saw that rabbit"? She said, "What?" and turned and at a trot, ran off pushing the stroller. I wonder what she would have done if a chupacabra had ran across in front of her...As she was running off, I yelled, "ITS RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!" I laughed for 5 minutes.The back two wheels broke off the stroller and she snatched that kid out of there, like Craig Biggio on a hot grounder and little rocks were flying up behind her as she ran out of sight screaming. Craziest thing I've ever seen.I snatched up the wheels and took after her, catching her with her 62 lb toddler quite easily, but she thought I was the rabbit and kicked it into overdrive, spraying me with painful pebbles. One of them lodged in my right nostril and…

Baytown Bert's a Crying Cache Adventure

Baytown Bert's a Crying cache

5Ersker wrote: Baytown Bert arranged a group effort to make this find. He called our group "Team Flirting with Disaster" I believe there were about 8 of us. This is my second effort to be at the GZ (at least I think I was at the GZ, not sure because this is the one where my GPS/Smartphone died) Log was signed, as a Team. So glad to get this one off my DNF list. Few pic's to post later. Baytown Bert wrote: We mashed up as a team of x-perts today, calling ourselves Team Flirting With disaster and made a valiant attack on ground zero with only about 300 scratches and possibly 200 chiggers (Yest to see results). Only one speckled King snake was stepped on. I must confess, I cried the whole time I was looking for the cache. CO met us afterward to gloat. Curse you Jason Gipson and your heinous cache!

Nebulus703 wrote: The hike to this cache from A Cache To Cry Over was actually not too bad. We made find pretty easily too. However, the whole jour…

GC3B8ZZ Geocache: Baytown Bert's A Crying

A group of us intrepid geocachers are going after these two caches next Saturday: Read what one fellow experienced just the other day: Blindzman wrote: Well I guess I should write a log for y'all to laugh at. My wife, son, daughter and me met up with CacheControl at about 9:00am on the trail and were separated at about 9:15am (mistake number 1) The first cache we went to was "A cache to cry over", it is in the same woods as this one. When y'all do it you will understand how much extra is involved in that cache. When we left there we were only .51miles from "BB's a crying". We thought it wasn't going to be that big of a deal. Well it took us at least 1.5 hours to get between them. The real problems was on the way out, it was only about .73 miles from the cache to parking so we started off & that hike took us almost 2.5 hours. Well between the two caches I knew I was not in that bad of shape but I also knew I was not in the best of s…

Jim McDonnel Represents Baytown Texas

Local pencil artist Jim McDonnel recently left his home in Baytown Texas and traveled to Fort Hood, near Killeen Texas to present the commanding general of the post with an original pencil drawing of a US combat soldier in full battle dress.  Jim is a staunch advocate for Wheelers for the Wounded also.  You may read more about this fine Baytown artist here.

Art League of Baytown - Face Off

I was back up at the Art League of Baytown today working on their computer print capabilities and adjusting a few file protocols and I took time to admire the many masks that Art league members and local students submitted for their first ever "Face Off" competition.  I photographed a few of them to show everyone how amazing they are.  Some are even for sale, but you must hurry to see or buy one, as the exhibit will be coming down very soon.

Art League of Baytown is at 110 West Texas Avenue close to Roosters. .

Art League of Baytown - New PC!

A week or so ago, I got a phone call from the Art League of Baytown (I'm a member in dubious standing) to give them 911 emergency service on their dead PC.  I threw down my plate of bacon-wrapped jumbo shrimp and pork & beans, kicked over a 6-pack of tepid Bear Whiz Beer, and hopped like a rabbit out to my awesome Jeep Wrangler Cosmic Blue 4-door rig, aptly named "tha Choppa"

I remember flooring it, as I am also a technical adviser for the club and Susan Urban sounded near tears.
"BB, we just gots to have this thing up and running or we can't cipher our Quickens (or something, I can't remember my own emergencies, let alone someone elses)," she blurted in my ear as I drove over.

"Ma''am... MA'AM!  SUSAN!  Settle down.  I will either fix it, or I will bluff my way through."  I distinctly remember vowing and I sounded pretty danged confidant too, even to myself.

Arriving on the scene, I can still remember looking at the mac…

High Noon Gun Range Crosby Texas

My bride and I made a visit to the High Noon Gun Range in Crosby Texas last week for the first time and bow howdy, the place is first class. Baytown does not have a public range since Mr. Turner shut down Turner's gun range behind Mobay, now Bayer and it is danged difficult to find a place close by to pop a few caps.  My previous experience with a local gun range in Pasadena has left much to be desired.  High Noon is expanding the range to 12 lanes and it is $12 per hour per person to shoot - no limit on the number of firearms.  At the current cost of ammunition, I don't know how anyone can afford to shoot for more than an hour anyway.  My .44 costs me a dollar every time I pull the trigger.
My bride and I were shooting to two firearms.  Her Kahr E9 - 9 mm and my Charter Arms Bulldog Pug in .44 Special.  this is basically the same revolver David Berkowitz, more commonly known as the Son of Sam killer used.  The Charter Arms Bulldog Pug has a short barrel and at one time was …

Fun In The Sun Baytown Texas

My bride and I loaded up my awesome 2011 Cosmos Blue Jeep JKU Sport and our doggies for a day of adventure and headed east on I-10 for Anahuac, Texas - which spell check identified as Nahuatl, which I suspect was the original language over there.  I know it is in Channelview.  We stopped at the entrance to the Wallisville Lake Project to grab a geocache (GC36NMH), but it was in pieces.  I logged it as a find and alerted the cache owners, TxDwight and TxJoAnn56.

We briefly perused the fruit stand at I-10 and FM563, but decided we would buy from the other stand at High Island, later in the day.  We decided to make another stop at the Jackson Cemetery in Anahuac, as there is a geocache there also, called "Thriller" (GC33KBD). 

While I searched for the tiny geocache we let the dogs explore and my bride looked for kin folk's grave stones.  If you are interested in learning about geocaching, the Baytown area has over 300 "caches" hidden and the number is growing ever…