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Hempstead Texas in One Day

Yesterday was a great day to be in Texas.  My Bride and I have been itching to make our way over to Hempstead, Texas to get watermelons and visit an orchard or two, but the weather has not been cooperating.  The weather report came back a 70% chance of thunderstorms – but scattered, so we gambled and made the drive.  It was a good choice.

Hempstead is roughly 75 miles from Baytown and all things considered (like the ongoing Houston roads SNAFU) the drive can be made in about an hour and a half.  The terrain rapidly changes from the flats of the Gulf Coast to gently rolling tree covered hills and just beautiful.

Our main target was the Dilorio Farms & Roadside Market and they did not let us down.  We purchased about 15 pounds of dried peas and beans of various types for cooking later (Brown Rice, Garbanza, Pinto, Black, Great Nothern, Speckled Butter, Red potatos, and yellow split peas) – and 5 watermelons. 

My Bride graciously allowed me to search for six geocaches in the area al…

Helen Thomas Announces Retirement - folks offer condolences

- She should have retired 110 years ago when she was 60

- About 70 years too late. She won't be missed.

- Ding Dong, the witch is dead! Now if the witch can get her twin sister Pelosi to go with her America may stand a chance.

- Overdue.

- She'll always of that nice photo of her with a smiling Obama with his arm wrapped around her. Birds of feather those two.

- And in other news, Helen Thomas has been appointed by President Barack Obama to be the Czar of Middle East Affairs. Congratulations Helen!

- Now Helen can wear the Hamas colors out in public.

- She was only expressing in words what most of the democrat agenda really is. She just slipped.

- Good riddance you anti-Semite! GO BACK TO YOUR CAVE!

- It's better this happened then a house falling on top of her.

and finally, yes: - George Bush twisted her arm and made her say those things…