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To Pump or Not To Pump?

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This is Baytown Bert in Baytown, Texas. August 29th, 2014 and this is Podcast 10
Sweat.Grunting.Hormones.Spandex.Muscles.More sweat.More grunting.
I’m talking physical fitness here, not speed dating and I’m talking a lot of commitment too – again unlike speed dating.Each repetition, each crunch, each set of dumbbells bringing me closer to that Arnoldesque physique I always envisioned I would someday have.
I had no idea when my bride coerced me into joining the local clock-sounding fitness club that I would regain the lost muscles in my shoulders, or that many seniors regularly work-out and when I say work-out, I mean work-out.We usually arrive around 9am and leave about an hour to two later and the gym is probably fifty per cent people in their fifties and over.
Like most everyone in the gym, exercising is a solo activity and most of us keep their eyes averted and follow the routine they believe will bring back their vitality – but, I know i…

There’s never anything fun to do here or is there? 8-22-14

Your browser does not support this audio This is Baytown Bert in Baytown, Texas August 22th, 2014 and this is Podcast 09.

How many times have you said or heard someone complain there isn’t anything to do around here? Too many to count, right?That’s right and wrong, because there is a lot to do right here in Baytown and with the help of a bunch of good people and the public relations group in Brenham, Texas, there is going to be even more.
Brenham?What?The ice cream and antique rose capital of Texas is going to do what for Baytown? Back in early 2013 the Brenham/Washington County Chamber set out to attract tourists to the county and Brenham specifically and tasked Website & Social Media Manager Jenny Mills with making it happen. This delightful lady came to Houston and met with a number of us geocachers who were planning a strategy for our team to compete in Bastrop for the 2014 Texas Challenge and that is when we met had instituted a program called Geotours and …

The Baytown outlaws and the wild life

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This is Baytown Bert in Baytown, Texas and this is Podcast 08.
Right here in Chaparral Village, Baytown, Texas, we have nightly marauders sifting through our stuff and most of us honest and hard-working citizens have no clue they have came and taken up residence.Yes occasionally we see evidence of their activities, but wrongfully believe it might be a teenager, or maybe a stray dog doing the damage.
Last Sunday morning, my bride and I headed out for church in the morning and there on East Baker Street, we saw two of them – in broad daylight!They made no attempt to hide their identities, other than their signature Zorro-type eye-bands.
Two fat raccoons ran across the street and began climbing a tree to get a good days rest.They’ll need it for Monday morning when the trash is set out.Did you know raccoons like to sleep high up in trees?They sure do.Back in the day when I killed animals, I am now ashamed to say I shot a number of raccoons whi…

It’s a Jungle out there folks

This is Baytown Bert in Baytown Texas August 8th, 2014 and this is Podcast 07

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If the jungle of Borneo has a doppelganger, it’s the Old River/Winfree thickets off of FM1409.I say this even though I’ve never been to Borneo.I imagine I am not too far off though and for arguments sake, let’s just say it is.If I am wrong, I imagine some of my more enlightened Borneo experts will inform me, as a couple of them are pretty much experts on everything it seems.
I am in awe of their ability to sit on the couch and correct everything everyone else produces.It’s like they have amazing powers or something.Maybe they drink that special coffee from Borneo produced by the civet cat?Obviously I need some of that.I’ve heard that coffee makes you real smart.I wish I knew.
On more than one occasion, including this past Saturday, my geocaching friends and I clawed, crawled, and slung machete blades through 5 hours of thorns, brambles, and vines.It was real world swe…

Trying to be positive isn’t always easy

This is Baytown Bert in Baytown Texas August 1st, 2014 and this is Podcast 06
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I want to write something beautiful, something inspiring, something eye-opening – then I read the news.I read the local, state, federal, and world news and I am jerked back to reality.No, I don’t get my updates from Fox news; I just happen to be a conservative and believe that some change in necessary and long overdue.I do not believe throwing tax money at everything is the answer either.
Indulge me a moment while I get my thoughts in order.
Right here in Baytown we experienced big crime when my friend’s business was partially destroyed by human trash in a smash and grab stolen truck demolition of their building.Magnum Firearms, a mom and pop business owned by my friends John and Becky Johnson suffered terrific damage and loss of inventory to the dregs of society and the 19 weapons stolen will probably be used for more crime. These are good people who do not have th…