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Camera, adventurer combine to make a local super hero

Posted: Wednesday, August 18, 2010 8:11 pm

By Jane Howard Lee

I need to find a Superman cape and give it to Bert Marshal.

Baytown Bert seems to be making a difference around his dear city, and I want to thank him for that. And I think he’d look good in a super hero cape. I doubt he’d wear tights with it though but that’s OK. Tights wouldn’t be practical to wear on his wanderings.

Bert, who maintains several websites dedicated primarily to Baytown’s sights and history, is fond of wandering around solo with a camera in hand. He calls himself a lone wolf, but I don’t think he is quite that. He’s got lots of friends and admirers, and on his blogs he talks a lot about going off on adventures with a couple of friends, their kids and, well, enough folks to make it more like a wolf pack than a lone wolf.

Bert loves photography, photojournalism, geocaching and wandering. His wanderings sometimes lead him to see things that not too many people see.

His ability to really look at and really see …

Pelly Park on Main Street Pump Jack updater 8-17-2010

This old pump jack sets right in Pelly Park and is a safety hazard to children.  I've asked the city to take action to have it fenced off properly, secured and/or removed as soon as possible.

Wisner Road update- The Dead Zone - 8-17-2010

Baytown Bark Park watch - updater

Hiya -- I ran across your GeoCache blog when searching for some GPS info. That led me to your Blog where I came across your notes about the Baytown Bark Park. Which led me to stopping for a few minutes while at work to write this note--

Quick thanks for taking time to fiddle wihth our City officials about the Bark Park. We get out there several times a week with our Boxer pup, Jaxon when weather and water levels permit.

Ron & Robin
I am not finished yet with this park and others. Although Scott Johnson does a great job overseeing the parks, our city has a sad history of not keeping improvements up to the initial standards. Plus, each season brings new challenges and commitments for the city and those things take up resources.  I understand all of this and am patient.

I want to see for myself the spray schedule for fleas and I want it posted outside the park at least quarterly.  I also want the trails raised so they do not flood and some sort of irrigation system to make sur…

Wismer Drive update!

From: Mike Lester via Garry Brumback

Garry just a quick update; as indicated, the beaver dam was removed last Friday and the Public Works crews are working today to ‘shore up’ the retaining wall of the pond on the west side along the road side ditch where it failed and flooded the ditch. After this is complete they (PW’s) plan to improve the drainage slope within the main ditch and install a small ‘swale’ from the east side dead zone to the drainage ditch along Hwy 146. I have to commend Darryl’s crews for their quick action and solid work to address this issue.

Pelly Park on Main Street Pump Jack

I was in Pelly Park on Main Street the other day and there is a derelict pump jack in this park that I suspect is a safety hazard. It is partially dismantled, the fence is down and I am assuming it would be a magnet for an accident. What can be done to get this thing removed and who is the responsible party?

I have no idea how this pump jack could have missed the attention of our city councilman and staff.  I have appealed to City Councilman Scott Sheley and the city officials for rectification.

First reply:
Bert, Thanks for raising the concern. This oil field equipment which is on private property falls under primary regulation by the Texas Railroad Commission. Oil field regulations are coordinated by Fire Marshal Bernard Olive. We have asked Chief Olive to check the site and coordinate with the RRC to get it properly secured or preferably removed and cleaned up. We have also involved our Health Department from a care-of-premises/safety perspective. We will keep you apprised of our p…

Wismer Drive Eyesore resolved!

From Mike Lester via Garry Brumback:
I conducted an “on-site” inspection this morning with Gerardo Ruiz, Storm Water Phase II Coordinator and Manuel Razo, Street Maintenance Supervisor, the following is what was determined during the inspection.

Location: Wismer Road from Old Alexander to HWY 146:

 -  Approximately half way down on the ‘west’ side of Wismer the retaining wall for the Retention Pond (on private property) has failed and the pond has drained into the road side drainage (water is about 3-5 feet deep)

- Approximately 2/3 of the way down on the ‘east’ side of Wismer is the “Dead Zone” area reported by Mr. Marshall, this area routinely holds water and periodically receives complaints concerning standing water, pollution and poor drainage

- At the intersection of Wismer / Hwy 146 on the ‘west’ side the road side drainage ditch has been “dammed” by beavers, this has caused the water in the road side ditch to hold the 3-5 feet of water depth and subsequently causing the water to…

Wismer Drive Eyesore and Health Hazard Site

There is a piece of property on Wismer Drive between Business SH-146 and Alexander Drive that looks like a cross between a swamp and a hazardous waste site.  Standing water, animal bones, dead trees and millions of mosquitoes inhabit this dead zone, as a friend has labeled it.  It stinks also.  It seriously stinks and since the area has no reason to stop and look, no one stops for a look.

The area has become a topic of discussion on local crime-fighting web forum, of which I am a long time member.  I’ve taken the liberty to write the city government, especially district 6 Councilman, David McCartney and the mayor to find out what can be done to remediate this area.

In a letter in response to a complaint about this property, Storm Water Coordinator for the city of Baytown, Gerardo V. Ruiz, along with Mr. Carroll Mayfield, from the Railroad Commission of Texas (oil field regulators) and Mr. Tom Fereday, representative for Otex Resources, the oil field property …

Bark Park in Baytown Goes Down Hill in Less Than a Year.

It took less a year before the wonderful dog park looked like it was old.  Blame it on perpetual water leaks, excessive rainfall, lower than grade trails, and mosquitoes which cause people to shun the park and that is a real shame, as it has so much potential.

My Bride and I visit the park 4-5 times per week and we have taken to walking our dogs on the trails through the woods instead, as they are well-maintained.  The dog park trail has weeds growing through the trail itself and even though it is dray as a bone on all the outer trails, water perpetually stands at the entrance and on lower areas inside the fenced park.

Last December 9th, I wrote Parks Superintendent Scott Johnson and appealed to raise the level of the trails inside the Bark Park and he wrote: “We will add when we can get in without tearing everything up”.

February 8th, I again wrote: “Dog Park: My Bride and I took our two little doggies to the Park  today and it is perfect in almost every way, except the water across …

Idiot Criminal Gangbanger Tags Jenkins Park

Some idiot, moron and imbecile spray painted gang related graffiti all over the dugouts at Walter Jenkins Park in the last 24 hours.  CLAN 17 Pure Overdose – Plant Life.  I wish they would overdose and plant themselves, rather than attempt to destroy public property.

This is one more reason I support corporal punishment for criminal mischief and violent crime.  Give them a Singapore sling, rattan style.

It is my true desire that people who commit these acts of abasement would straighten up, fly right and take responsibility for their actions, rather than drop dead, but I do not see that happening any time soon.  I’ve sent this photo to BPD and city management this morning and they will get it covered up, I’m sure.

Anyone who thinks joining a gang is a cool thing is destined to fail in society.  If you have knowledge of this gang or this graffiti, please contact Capt. Alford of the Baytown Police Department at (281) 422-8371.