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Another day or two in the hood

I saw an animal control truck slipping quietly through the hood this morning, as I went out to get my paper so I ushered my two doggies back into the house, right quick.I like to believe I not only acknowledge the need for law and order, but align myself right regular.The doggies doing their business in the front yard early in the morning is actually a crime though, as they are off the leash.
The rain started right after that and didn’t let up until 8PM.My street suffered a rare occurrence in that the drains plugged up tighter than the payout on Ron Paul’s government payroll checks.In other words, not a drop was drained from the street into the ditch.Note: Ron Paul is the rare politician who doesn’t accept a paycheck for his service to the country.
I reckon that dog catcher “lit a shuck” when the rain came, but danged if I didn’t see him in the middle of the downpour chasing a little cur dog four hour later and to the little dog’s credit, it got plumb away.It was soggier than Rosie…

To infinity and beyond!

This past weekend, I drove up to Lubbock, Texas.I’ve never been to Lubbock or Abilene for that matter.I was driving my Jeep up there for the Texas Geocaching Challenge where geocachers from, well, all over the world, come to compete against each other to see who has the best team.New Mexico and Colorado competed, as did one fellow from Great Britain.
Driving a lifted Jeep on 35 inch tires and cruising at 75 mph is an exhilarating experience. I left Baytown at 3:30AM for the 600 mile trip and it was raining and thundering something fierce.My tiny Shi-Tzu was shaking and I put her thunder jacket on her tiny body before I left and let her up into the bed with my sleeping bride.My little Papillon/Pomeranian mixed doggie doesn’t seem to mind the booms, but likes it under the covers just fine.
It was raining Gulf Coast Texas style as I drove through sleeping Houston.I wanted to “git gone” up 290 before the traffic wars started and with the downpour, I was glad to have the woman’s voice on…

E-cigs, Vaping, and second hand smoke

On my desk is a book from my personal library “Tobacco – A cultural history of how an exotic plant seduced civilization.”And yes, this column is about smoking, but before you lose interest, there is indeed something in it for everyone, so please read on.
Having been a past smoker who began experimenting with tobacco at the young age of 7, I bought this book in January of 2004 and read all 387 pages.Now, I am not going to bore you with a bunch of stuff you can read on Wikipedia or by using a search engine, but rather make an appeal of sorts.The book covers everything in great detail.
Like I’ve said more than once, I repair computers and on occasion I will get one from a smoking household and there is a major difference in them and all the others.Opening this one up in my garage to try and clean out the inside, as it positively reeked of cigarette residue, I discovered what can only be described as a brown sticky mess.
Needless to say, it was dead.Real dead.Ruined and I couldn’t help b…

Looking for an adventure?

I read the news sources available on the Internet maybe four or more times a day and for starters, I watch KPRC with Owen and Rachelle to get the local stuff.Including the changing and erratic weather and traffic reports, almost everything is doom and gloom.You know that and I “ain’t tell you nuthin’” you don’t already know.
I am amazed on a daily basis that in this whole great big world, this is all that makes the news.I mean , seriously?Isn’t there something worth reading besides Kanye West speaking at Oxford University?Your opinion of this man’s genius may differ from my own, but I can’t help but believe everyone in attendance didn’t leave with less brain cells than they had when they sat down.
I wish I was one of the millions of men, women, and children who get their vicarious adventure fix by watching organized sports (not really, but it would probably help satisfy my urges).I mean I could spend thousands of hours memorizing stats and shopping for jerseys and stuff, but alas, tha…

Geocaching in Galveston Texas!

PreviousNext ALYSHA BECK/for The Daily News Galveston geocaching Brothers Esteban, 12, left, and Xavier Ramirez-Fabela, 8, look inside a geocache they found as their other brother Zacharies, 15, watches at Galveston Island State Park during a geocaching workshop Saturday Feb. 14, 2015. Posted: Wednesday, February 25, 2015 1:30 am By ERIN HEFFERNAN It was the idea of a treasure hunt that got me. It sent me exploring through a hidden nature preserve and had me searching headstones at Old City Cemetery, thinking about legends of buried treasure all the way.     I was geocaching — learning to play the game that now has more than 6 million participants using GPS coordinates to hunt for hidden containers. All you need is a smartphone or other GPS device to search for caches hidden with clues from other players.  I knew that Galveston, with all its history and natural spaces, would be a prime spot to pick up the hobby.  So I set out on the hunt.  I started by going to