Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Climate change is propaganda

 BB’s Take: The current mandatory repeated science phrase “Climate change” is propaganda in the subtlest form. Understand that every single time this phrase is used to explain anything to do with actual climate it really means man is destroying the planet. It doesn’t mean an earth cycle, or a wobbling of the moon, it means our government has the responsibility to take away your freedom to save the planet and has every intention of doing just that.

Before you get your feathers all rustled up to explain it is appearing we are having weather anomalies – throughout history we have ALWAYS had unpredictable swings in weather. Always. When progressives found out they couldn’t bamboozle the world with “Global Warming”, they took on a more subtle and sinister version by changing it to “climate change”; linking the two words and making it easy for everyone to agree the climate appears to be changing. For the good of the people, climate change lawmakers will take away more freedoms which will accomplice their goal of making us more dependent on the government.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Hurricane season could be anarchy instead

 BB's Take: Folks are talking about a possible hurricane and urging everyone to be prepared. If after January 20th 2021, you have not prepared for possible loss of power with extra gas, a means to protect your property and life, propane, water purification, food, generator, etc. A hurricane is the least of your problems (add in wildfires, tornadoes, and floods if you don't live on the Gulf Coast) and this is still aimed at you. I believe anarchy is coming. Anarchy happens when the police cannot insure your safety.

All our current government has to do is shut off the power grid (for ANY reason) and cell service and we are in very serious trouble. Stock up and if it doesn't happen, nothing lost. Aim at 6 months food by buying 25# bags of rice, beans, and seasonings and at the least, you won't starve.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Dear Mr. President

 A letter from my son in law's grandfather who is about 15 years older than me and ex-OSI/CIA/NSA spook.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Boycott Racism

 BB's Take: Racism: Promoting or denigrating a race over the other races. If you truly want to fight back against racism, boycott the companies that promote it to their employees, like Coca-cola, Subway, Burger King, and now Bank of America.

Bank of America tells employees US is 'white supremacist' and to get 'woke at work'. The Bank of America materials even target children, saying white toddlers as early as age three have potential racial biases.

Newly leaked documents reveal that the Bank of America’s executives are making employees go through lessons that tell them that the USA is a racist country and that they must prioritize racial privilege in their world views.

Remember this, racism exists because it has been politicized, not because Americans hate each other because we look different than each other. Think about it.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Grifter Joe

 I spent 651 days in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. My base was losing aircraft and pilots. Richard Nixon was President. Jane Fonda was in Hanoi. USAF and Navy aviators were in the Hanoi Hilton and Joe Biden was active in politics under Nixon. In all that time, Old Joe has not fathered one single piece of meaningful legislation and he is still on a streak to do nothing at tax payers expense. It is so surreal as to be fiction that he is a duly elected president

I would not buy a used car from Joe the grifter and where are all the Joe supporters now?

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The CV-19 Vaccine and Agent Orange

 BB's Take: People are posting to simply get the vaccine because they believe the un-vaxxed are going to infect others. Just get it they say. Now I will tell you what I told my VA doctor the other day when he derided our governor over not requiring mask mandates.

"They said Agent Orange was safe, remember?" That stopped him in his tracks. It took years to see what this chemical does to the human body.
The number of Vietnam veterans affected by the chemical Agent Orange is astonishing. Roughly 300,000 veterans have died from Agent Orange exposure -- that's almost five times as many as the 58-thousand who died in combat.
How much proof does it take to realize our government is talking out of both sides of it's collective mouth? If you want to take how many shots they decide you need, then fricken take them, but leave the rest of us alone until we deem it safe enough to introduce into our own body. The HIPPA law was supposed to make our medical history private, remember?
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law that required the creation of national standards to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient's consent or knowledge.

Climate change is propaganda

  BB’s Take: The current mandatory repeated science phrase “Climate change” is propaganda in the subtlest form. Understand that every single...