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Is Global Warming George Bush’s fault?


China has a much worse pollution problem than we do and it is getting worse by the day with their new found ownership of the automobile. In China almost everyone smokes cigarettes too. In most third world countries, people burn everything and I mean everything including tires. They dump everything into the rivers and streams.

Flaring at chemical plants in Europe is not regulated by fines like it is here in the USA. When they clear equipment, or have a shutdown, they open up their vents and smoke the flare until they are done. In this country Chemical plants are fined out the kazoo every time they smoke a flare.

Our problems here will not be solved in many of years of mandatory environmental emission (EPA) reductions without individual citizen detriments including job loss. It's very complicated and no one wants their lifestyle impinged upon, unless they do it voluntarily.

We need OPEC oil because we consume 25% of all the refined oil. We have to drill here immediately in …

Teach a man to fish...

Remember the old adage of feeding a man a fish for one meal, versus teaching him to fish and he feeding himself for a lifetime?

If GCCISD would promote the Vocational-Technical agenda of old instead of a general knowledge prepare-kids-for-conventional-college-type high school, wouldn’t there be more people exiting high school with above minimum wage skills?

Most high school students never complete their first semester of college. Why don't we help them early on, to enter the work force with skills that pay much more than minimum wage?

Baytown is in the process of building another High School and we have a smaller VoTech school, the Stuart Career Center, but it is not viewed as a primary option. This school is almost invisible to average Baytownians. If you ask around, folks will tell you we have 2 high schools period.

I suggest we take a hard look at pushing general knowledge (diploma) students with certificates of trade AND a high school diploma. An exiting student would have an…

Are we the bad guys?

The United States of America is my country and we do have a goal to dominate the world through Capitalistic trade. I think everyone can agree on that. Our Country presently has troops stationed in 70% of the countries around the globe and some new ones are in the works. That's not supposition, that's fact and can be verified.

I call it stabilizing the area so we can trade. We provide the troops, which are the best in the world and this keeps Nations in line.

We work with the United Nations as long as they go along with us, but we still want to make sure we stay on top and that means we deny the Kyoto Treaty and invade Iraq (even though France, Germany, Russia and China objected because they were doing business with Iraq under the table) to stay in the lead.

China is going to be a problem, because they will not want to play ball by our rules. They have the 100 million man army that the whole world will go up against at the battle of Armageddon. Anyone who won’t sign away their cou…

The Dixie Chicks debacle

I support freedom of speech by American citizens. I'm not embarrassed by Natalie Maines and I'm not embarrassed when any law abiding American speaks or writes about something they feel passionate about, including the Dixie Chicks.

As a Vietnam Veteran with 654 days in South East Asia, what bothers me is Natalie making these partisan statements out of this country in front of the British, even if they are our ally. Now, she has added insult to injury (again in England) by wondering what the big deal is with patriotism.

Here’s the crux of the matter: we are at war with our military dying on foreign soil. This is not the time to go to a different country and talk against the war, which many equate with not supporting the men and women in uniform. We Vietnam Vets will never forget Jane Fonda and sure as heck-fire won’t forgive her. This is the same rhetoric to many and the same sin, if you may.

Ms. Maines could stand up in front of any audience and say she wishes the war would …

Should we pull out of Iraq right now?

I'm thinking 50% of the time we need to go ahead and hand it back lock stock and barrel right quick. I just finished reading 'The Fall of Baghdad by Jon Lee Anderson and it is non-partisan. Iraqi's told Mr. Anderson over and over they were very grateful for America removing the Baathist's, but they were afraid we would just replace Saddam with the American government.

They want what America has, but they want to enjoy their version of it, which are Iraqi and Muslim. I think if we were to disappear into the woodwork, they could live with us (and many said that). They would enjoy US presence if we were out of sight on our bases (the western side of Iraq) and our presence would ensure their safety from their ancient enemy, the Persians. The whole area would effectively be stabilized.

I’m talking about the Iraqi’s in general, not Al Qaeda, Batthist Sunni’s or any other radical group, such as Al Sadr and the Fedayeen Muslim fighters. They have individual agendas and wan…

Why our soldiers can't shoot back

I talked to my son about a week ago and he told me they were being fired at while on convoy, on a regular basis. I asked him if they shot back and he said "no". I asked why and he said all the ruckus about Americans supposedly committing atrocities and murders has caused military leadership to require all soldiers to write an exhaustive report on why they fired their weapons...before they could call it a day.

He said many times they would run for 10-12 hours in full battle gear, in the intense heat with bullets bouncing off their vehicles and everyone "just hunkers down" and sweats it out. When they finally get into a new US compound, they all just let down and no one wants to write reports. He said morale is very low because of this and everyone still wants to believe they are supported back in the States.

He was on convoy a couple of miles from where the soldiers were taken hostage (he wrote this morning) and they were directed by satellite to stop and do a s…

Crime and defending yourself against it.

Buying and carry a gun (legally) is no guarantee you will be able to use it when the time comes and I don't mean convenience. The psychology of inflicting lethal force comes into play and the vast majority of law abiding citizens are not prepared to step across this line when that time arrives...unless it is very clear there is no other option.

Take these two scenarios for instance:

1. You wake up in the middle of the night and can clearly see a burglar with something in their hand that appears to be a weapon, slowly walking through your living room and it appears they are going to eventually go out the front door. You have your handgun in your hand. Do you shoot the intruder because they MIGHT turn and come into the room (you can legally do this)?

2. Same situation, but the intruder turns and starts walking into your kids room.

It would be very easy to say "I would drop that character like a bag of potatoes”, but the truth may be very different. Most people who train in s…

Praise the Lord and pass the ammo!

I voted for George W twice, but I'm beginning to wish we could see some positive from his election. Each President faces different challenges and I think we can all agree this administration has faced its share of conundrums. In the name of securing our country, we have seen many freedoms removed and like almost everyone, I went with it peacefully and in full agreement. However, maybe we are losing stuff we won’t get back. Civil rights are civil rights and if Israel has taught us anything, it’s we can’t stop terrorism if the bad guys are bent on delivering it.

With all the talk of national security, I’m also thinking its high time we backed off on the paranoia and since everyone agrees we cant stop both well meaning and bad people from crossing our borders, we might as well form local militias and arm each of us Veterans with M-16’s with M-79 grenade launchers attached in case the fricken Commies come over….%$#@ oops, wrong era! But you get the point. Maybe we do need to act…

Gasoline, MPG, and Driving habits!

Are we really concerned about miles per gallon and the cost of gasoline?

I work in La Porte Texas on Battleground road and I get off around 5pm. Lately, I’ve been doing my dead-level best to keep my car’s speed below 70 mph so I can run a miles-per-gallon comparison. Since I work 12 hour shifts, I can usually do this early in the morning because of fewer cars on the road, but the afternoon trip is a real circus.

My car of choice is my old faithful 1989 Honda Civic Wagon dubbed ‘the Egg’ by the Tallant boys that used and abused it for its first 14 years. Regardless of their efforts, it still runs like a top and my last calculation put me at 36.7 miles per gallon. That’s 320 miles on 8.7 gallons of gas. I paid my brother-in-law $400 for the car because it had a dented hood and the radiator was punctured. I guess tires and all I’ve put about $1500 in fixing it up over the last 4 years.

Now let’s get back to the road driving habits of my fellow commuters. I don’t see anyone slowing d…

Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi is dead

I wouldnt rejoice in the demise of my worst enemy, but to me this is very good news! The only terrorist that is as bad as Bin Laden is Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi and he has ceased to exist.

He is the hooded guy who literally sawed off Nick Berg’s head along with a number of others. I watched the video and if you do not have a very determined constitution, I do not recommend it. The poor guy suffered in the extreme. The video was worse than anything Hollywood has portrayed in any slasher-type movie

Al-Zarqawi was the top Al Qaeda man in the Middle East and was a professional terrorist. His very presence promoted the never ending cycle of violence. Most Iraqi’s and Iranian’s want the very same thing I want and that is peace for my family, security, their own possessions and a good future. Removing Al-Zarqawi from the mix can only bring about the peace that all of us want.

One bad apple spoils the whole barrel. This heinous man kept the pot boiling. He was sold out by his own people wh…