Monday, January 30, 2017

Not a Chance the Left Will Run Out of Crazies

It’s unlikely the original creators of Looney Tunes ever imagined their cartoon characters would come to life for real. For example, Foghorn Leghorn evolved into Senate Dummocrat Chuck Schumer. There’s no possibility that the left will run out of “Crazies”; there’s a boundless cornucopia of left-wing nut cases, many in the entertainment venues and industries, but many also in congress.

Their ratings on the “nutcase” meter vary per measure of their insane rants, ravings and meltdowns combined with their levels of fame. General Celebrity and Elm Street type Hollywood freaks provide us with feelings from hilarious laughter to disgust, apathy, and sometimes just plain pity.

We’ve recently been witness to vivid examples of celebrities suffering from extreme lunacy and mental illnesses: Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Joy Behar, Rosie O’Donnell, Ashley Judd, Cher, Chelsea Handler, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Maher, Danny Glover and Sean Penn to name a few.

I was very angry with myself for laughing uncontrollably at Miley Cyrus’ meltdown on YouTube where she cried, whined and shrieked hysterically for several minutes because Hillary lost. I felt even more remorse after I had had a horrible thought it might be fun if she slit her wrists too. Terribly unkind of me, she is, after all, one very sick child.

And of course, we are used to old braindead Rosie O’Donnell, but I fear she will someday run out of incredibly stupid things to ‘shrill’ about. I think that she and Joy Behar are currently competing for a “Dumbest Hysterical Woman” participation trophy unaware of current massive competition nationwide. 

Also, speaking of Joy and Rosie, they remind me of the cartoon characters Heckle and Jeckle, the talking Magpies except; Joy and Rosie have smaller brains and neither have a smidgen of the birds’ intellects.

Then too several D.C. morons are competing for title of “Biggest Loon” in Washington”: Among those frantically competing to find a safe space away from intelligent people are: Pocahontas Warren, Cory-Judas-Booker, Screw-Loose Patty Murray, Blatherskite Chuck Schumer, and ex-hero turned Racist, John Lewis.
The buffoons from California are also fiercely in the race and may have a definite advantage as they have salt-air-injection-infections: Doofus Diane Feinstein, Barbara Brainless Boxer, Xavier Bloviator Becerra, Nancy “we-have-to-pass-this-bill-so-we’ll-know-what’s-in-it” Pelosi, Adam Snuffy Schiff, Henry Dunce Waxman, and Maxine Imajoke Waters.

I have as yet been unable to discover the actual location of the inaugural-boycotting Democrat’s actual safe place. I understand though that they huddled tightly together during the inauguration ceremonies, clutching security binkies in deathly fear that they would witness more than two centuries of civility and democracy in action.
It’s unconfirmable of course, but the Los Angeles Times reported that during the inauguration, a great deal of sobbing, whining and tearful sniffling was heard coming from the San Francisco area. Coincidentally, several Hollywood celebrities were rumored to have been spotted in the area simultaneously.

The Washington ComPost, unusually wildly speculative, suggested the celebs and Dems found and shared the same safe space together, but could not verify the rumor that there were depressing shortages of blanket-binkies, crying towels, Café Lattes, and pacifiers.

God populated the earth with some incredibly ingenious, loving, compassionate, resourceful and responsible humans to start with. God inclusively allowed evil to exist by allowing Satan to add a few idiots, incompetents, malcontents and spiteful haters to test his original largess. Satan convinced many of his charges to join the original party of racism and Jim Crow laws, the Democratic Party. 

We owe a debt of gratitude to Jimmy Carter for destroying education in America or the country would probably have continued to be a disgustingly literate and civil land to live in. And thank the lord for Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus, the SPLC, the NAACP, Nation of Islam, and Al Sharpton. Without their enormous contributions, the racial divide in this country would surely have continued to narrow.

Go forth ye, watch and observe their childish petulance. Go ahead, listen, but don’t be fooled by their inept, stupid, foolish, senseless and hateful rhetoric. They hate, they lie, they deceive, they subvert, while professing empathy, sympathy, love and compassion for everyone.

That the liberal-progressive-left is really bent out of shape and furious at losing is an understatement. Hell, hath no fury like maniacal socialists fueled by Soros’ money and abhorrent behaviors driven by various psychotic disorders. They “talk” peace, compassion, understanding and brotherhood but witlessly or unscrupulously and calculatingly demonstrate the exact opposite behaviors. Simply said, they’re psycho!

John Frock, San Angelo, 1-28-2017

Friday, January 27, 2017

Righteous indignation you say?

I was trying to remember when I first became aware of this phrase and what it actually meant.  I guess I was in my mid-teens and maybe it was in one of five English classes I had in high school. Five you say! Yes, five it was. English was one of two classes I flunked in the 9th grade. Algebra was the other and I legitimately failed it, unlike my English course. I really tried to understand algebra, but our moving all over the country had scrambled the rules of math for me.

For all the crazy stunts I pulled in my English class, I was totally cowed down in algebra and stayed confused no matter who tried to help me. I needed to start over. The funny thing is, I took it in the 10th grade and passed it. Years later in a statistical process control seminar, I was the go to guy on most of the other fellow’s algebra. Even today I don’t understand how that was possible.

I failed English because I was the class clown, or rather the main CC. This stirred my teacher’s righteous indignation and she failed me by one point to prove her point. I decided the best course of action for me was to take a summer school English class. I’ve written about this before so I won’t repeat it, but that was a turning point in my attitude about school and made future classes so much fun.

I tell young students my story and explain that if you do your homework and actually listen in class, school is easy… and fun. In fact, if you read the next assignment, it is almost ridiculously easy. Anyway, I want to get back on point here.

Now the original meaning of the term righteous indignation, or maybe righteous anger most likely meant “it is one's right to feel that way; anger without guilt”. This emotion was based on a lifetime of social interaction, home and church teachings, an individual’s perception of law and order, or maybe some self-imposed rule.

Nowhere did it imply violence or breaking the law. What it did imply was someone did something wrong and based on our own perception of right, we feel anger. We don’t have to apologize for our feelings because we don’t act on them. Nowhere in this line of thought justifies doing something physical in retaliation.

Now in the last so many years and here recently in Washington DC and other cities we see looting and burning of cars and smashing windows of businesses as a perverted form of righteous indignation. It is clearly not that at all.  It is lawlessness and anger combined. It is a physical violation of righteousness and personal property to attempt to legitimatize someone’s idea of righting wrong doing.

The end does not justify the means and never has. Although many of the concerns of the women’s march in our Capital city were righteous in scope, the activities of some and the tons of signage that littered the ground clearly violated law and what is right. Women plastering windows with slogan filled maxi-pads are repulsive, trashy, and invasive to the shop owners they selected.

I support people demonstrating for a cause, but it has to be done according to the current laws and then they must clean up afterward. It was disgusting watching videos of the participants cursing bystanders and shooting the finger when asked to pick up their trash. It embarrassed and shamed me as an American. When one man questioned why they wouldn’t pick up their signs, it was met with open objection and ridicule by the protestors. This is shameful behavior and negates their righteous efforts.

Righteous indignation has taken on an almost criminal bent that needs to stop and be called what it really is: blatant unbridled anger. The end certainly does not justify the means, especially when it is violent, breaks the law, or is destructive of property. People have a right to orderly march when they have a legitimate issue, but doing it the wrong way has the opposite effect of their mission and social perception.

On top of everything else, throwing a hissy fit makes you look like spoiled brats who didn’t get your way. So you didn’t get what you wanted? Hey, grow up. Life is full of fences and barriers and you should do like all the righteous people do – go through the doors and gates. The term social means you have to get along. You have to stand in line and when it comes to voting for whom or what you want and you may just have to live with something you didn’t choose. Life goes on. Geeze. Get over it.

I didn’t vote for 16 years of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, but I didn’t burn the American flag or threaten to blow up the White House. I simply wrote my representatives and told them what I supported and didn’t and then at each election, I cast my vote. That is how I showed my righteous indignation.

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Presidential Medal of Freedom. Really?

A more humbled man I've never seen.
President John F. Kennedy created the award to be the civilian version of our military’s Medal of Honor.  It is to recognize going miles above and beyond anything resembling typical accomplishments and is an incredible honor and should only be awarded when truly merited.  Otherwise, it is like an actor winning an Oscar for being an actor.

According to Wikipedia, The Presidential Medal of Freedom is an award bestowed by the President of the United States and is the highest civilian award of the United States. It recognizes those people who have made "an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.

The average annual incidence of award of the Presidential Medal of Freedom is approximately 1 per every 20,500,000 adult U.S. citizens and those awarded with distinction are even rarer.

People who have been awarded the lesser award (without distinction) include Mother Teresa, civil rights leader Philip Randolph, the crew of the Apollo 13 mission, Margaret Thatcher, T.S. Elliot, John Steinbeck, Michael DeBacky, Tony Blair, Chuck Yeager, Norman Rockwell, and Stephen Hawking.

Barack Obama leads all presidents in awarding one of these medals with 123 recipients, including 16 activists, 8 Hollywood actors, 13 singers, Oprah and Ellen, Bill and Melinda Gates, 11 politicians plus Bill Clinton, Desmond Tutu, 12 athletes, and now smiling VP Joe Biden with the added bonus of “with distinction”.

I watched the ceremony and have never seen a more humble public servant than Ol Joe as he bowed his head.  It was a performance worthy of – well, an award for acting. I immediately tried to remember one thing Joe Biden has done in the last eight years that would make me say, “Well, he certainly has went above and beyond! Well done, Joe! So being me, I did research.

Well, he was a US Senator for 36 years. He voted to use force in Iraq when G.W. Bush was president. In his second attempt to run for president, he dropped out after securing only 1% of the Iowa delegates. He is the first Roman Catholic and Delawarean to be VP. (Note: I am scratching around including my bald head) He spearheaded the anti-drug use Czar program and we all know how successful that’s been. No, it appears Joe’s one characteristic that makes him special is his ability to talk himself in or out of almost anything. Add in the world class toothy grin and you have an exceptional candidate – evidently.

It was no surprise to me when I discovered his dad was a used car salesman. Like father like son. I am following my gut feelings after researching the man and that in this case the award is a total sham and adding in the extra bonus of distinction is a slap in the face of every deserving individual who was ever given this award. It reminds me of when Barack Obama was given the Nobel Peace prize for nothing more than a promise that he was going to change things for the better. Heckfire, Mr. Rogers had more of an impact on millions of Americans than these two self-serving representatives, yet did not receive either award.  I am surprised the president didn’t award Joe with a 9th degree black belt seeing he was feeling so generous.

Along with the most Presidential Medal of Freedom awards given by any president, Mr. Obama is also the guy who has commuted the most criminal sentences, which will put drug dealers right back on the streets.  As of today, he has lessened the sentences of 774 convicted felons, which is more than the last 11 presidents together. I wonder how this is going to benefit the average American.  The real kicker here is over 10% of these people used a firearm when they committed their crime.

It won’t affect his family though with his squad of secret service agents guarding them 24 hours a day while staying tucked away behind his new walled-off compound. He blasted Trump for wanting to stop illegal’s from coming across our borders and then turns right around and has a wall put up at his new digs. If you think I am making any of this up, check it out for yourself. On January 10th, 2013 he signed a bill into law guaranteeing SS protection for life.

This is just another display of Washington politics at odds with the voters. They heap awards and special benefits on each other and sip from the fountains of luxury vacations while working class America struggles to spend a few nights a year in a motel with their mate. The saddest note is they don’t even realize it. Fat cat politicians deserve what they got when Trump was elected.  Now both sides can lick their wounds and wonder if their job is secure. We, the people have had enough of their double standard.

The news reports every day that more and more company CEO’s are pledging to rebuild right here in the US of A and jobs are going to be created. I cannot see how anyone can see this in a negative light. Washington needs to quit awarding themselves with diluted medals for fictitious accomplishments and return to their roots and the people’s wishes. Kicking and screaming and threatening to cause disruption at the inauguration and afterward reminds me of the spoiled kid whose mom told him he can’t have a candy bar.

Friday, January 13, 2017

The folly of youth? Maybe not.

 Using little more than their imagination, do children still play in the make believe world that was so dear to my generation? Our imagination was so finely tuned that Peter Pan had nothing on us. Of course there were no electronics available or we might have fallen into the same trap our kids now accept as normal childhood development.

Not to be indelicate, but we grew up post-World War II and the forgotten Korean conflict and even though I cannot remember ever fighting an imaginary Korean Commie, my 3 brothers and I sent a lot of “Japs” and multiple thousands of “Krauts” to an early demise and we went to war with them very often and for a good number of victorious campaigns.

Our favorite rifle was quite often a stick and not just any stick, but a hand-hewn stick that each of us took pride in selecting. On a daily basis, we would watch Sergeant Saunders of the TV series Combat and this would recharge our imaginary fantasy batteries.

While we lived on the corn farm in Michigan, we spent hours in the high cornrows patrolling and often sustained heavy casualties that we rapidly recovered from. Now I don’t know what you imagine when I say playing in growing corn, but it can be a very scary place. A lot of animals and reptiles live in a corn field, including snakes, turtles, fox, deer, raccoons, and coyotes and besides all that, it is very easy to get turned around and lost. Needless to say, it was the perfect place to play army and fight the crafty Huns.

Moving to the suburbs of Toledo, Ohio, we found ourselves immersed in deadly urban warfare which pitted a good number of soldiers to help us along with the same number to be “the enemy”.  In the city we all carried plastic guns or Cadet Rifles and the evening war began each night when it was too late to play baseball and lasted until about 8:30 pm when our Mom’s would call us home. I can say without bragging that these city boys didn’t have much of a chance against the band of brothers who cut their chops in the corn rows of south Michigan.

By the time Junior high rolled around, we were still hard at it and spent hours upon hours in the piney woods of North Georgia hunting the Boche and believe it or not there was still evidence of the Civil War battles in those hills. We would run commando style from pot hole to pot hole, where either cannon balls had blown a hole, or soldiers had dug down for cover.

We knew every crook and nanny on the trails through the bushes and dense thickets like we were on a sidewalk and where exactly the ambush we be so it didn’t catch us by surprise. If it did, we would all make gun fire noises in the true style of a cross between the monkey house and the blistering gunfire of the Jeep mounted machine guns of the TV series Rat Patrol. What I’ve described thus far is only a small portion of the games we played that took us outside the house and didn’t cost a dime.

When we lived in Ogden, Utah it was very hot and there were cactus and succulent type plants, as a lot of other vegetation would not grow. Our house set on a hill and abruptly behind it was a 60 degree slope that dropped down about 20 feet. My 3 brothers and I would take off our shoes and basically slide down this sandy hard-packed slope onto the desert floor and lifting each foot to keep from burning it, attempt to run up that 60 degree slope. Sometimes it took 4 attempts and we would grab the brother and help him up. It hurt like the dickens… but what fun! We would then dip our feet in cool water and do it again. Now that I think of it, the sand was probably about a 120 degrees.

Did I mention Wiffle ball? Does the Wiffle ball still exist? We played it whenever there were too few of us to play regular baseball or on the suburb streets under the street light (when Fritz wasn’t around to shoot at us). What a great game and at my present advanced age, I could probably still be a contender (as long as Jim Finley wasn’t on the other team.) I imagine Ol Jimbo has played his fair share of the tricky game and would snuff out my attempts at personal glory.

Mom’s and Dad’s back in the day didn’t feel obligated to provide every luxury under the sky for us and for the most part, couldn’t afford it if they did. We found ways to entertain ourselves and everything worked out just fine. The trophies we got, we actually earned. The money we had come from recycling soda bottles, or mowing lawns. Most of us grew up with rich imaginations ready to move out when the time was right and make our own way and most of us have prospered… after 30 or more years.

Friday, January 06, 2017

Regrets? Yea, I have some.

It was once said of Vince Lombardi: "He possesses minimal football knowledge and lacks motivation." Lombardi would later write, "It's not whether you get knocked down; it's whether you get back up."

According to Wikipedia, "He is best known as the head coach of the Green Bay Packers during the 1960s, where he led the team to three straight and five total NFL Championships in seven years, in addition to winning the first two Super Bowls following the 1966 and 1967 NFL seasons. Lombardi is considered by many to be the greatest coach in football history."

I’ve written about it before that I actually met Mr. Lombardi’s granddaughter while I was stationed at Vandenberg Air Force base. A few days after I processed into the squadron, a fellow airman asked me if I had met Airman First Class Lombardi and I replied “No.”  He went on to describe her as a snooty-tootie who loved to throw that amazing pedigree around and like the idiot I sometimes was, I bought into it. Well, it turned out to be true to a certain extent and sure enough, the second sentence out of her mouth after she boastfully introduced herself as “I am Vince Lombardi’s niece.”

The next sentence out of my mouth, I regret to this day with no possible way to make it right and it was rude and profane and something along the lines of I had no idea who that person was.  Now, she was very cute, with a pixie blond hair-do and possibly, if I had been properly amazed, I might have dated her, but that is beside the point. Needless to say, I don’t believe we ever talked again.

I knew danged well who the great coach was and I let some dimwit Airman prep me to be obnoxious. Thinking back, if I wouldn’t of had that first conversation, the second would have went something along the lines of, “Cool!  That’s amazing!” and I wouldn’t regret that stupid sentence.

Again looking back over my life I want to try and make up for some of these blunders and social mistakes I’ve committed and that brings me to the real gist of this column – doing good and righteous acts. It is a brand new year and I guess this could be considered a resolution, but I’m going to call it a challenge instead. For starters, I donated blood on January 2nd and double-red blood cells at that. I have a rare antigen in my blood called CMV- and my blood often is used the same day I donate. It goes to babies and people with a challenged immune system, so big points for me on the good scale, right?

My personal challenge for 2017 is to once a week commit a totally unselfish act that makes a positive impact on mankind in general. Now I am not talking about holding a door at Macy’s, as I already do that kind of stuff. I’m thinking bigger, like paying for someone’s order in the line behind you, or having flowers delivered to someone who is depressed.

At an indoor cycling spin class I taught in Meyerland on Wednesday, I challenged the class to do this very thing and I will continue this practice every time I instruct a class for the rest of the year. Like the boy in the movie Pay it Forward, I realize if I can enlist help, it could make a real difference in those around us. Exercise your body and enrich your life by promoting mental and physical well being, right? That’s the idea anyway.

When I say bigger things, I don’t mean they have to be, as DT says, “Huuuuge!” It just needs to have an impact on the person who receives it. A measure of this is if they get your “gift” in the morning, they are still basking in it later in the day. It could be a 2 dollar tip to the lady in the 15 items or less check-out who makes 8 bucks an hour for her thankless job. She goes home everyday and her feet hurt. You helped her make 10 dollars for that hour and she remembers it and tells her husband.

I have some inexpensive cotton gloves and the other day when we had a cold snap, it was also garbage day. I noticed one guy had no gloves and the other had a pair that had seen better days. I gave them both a pair and they called me sir and thanked me. I like to bring bottles of water to them in the heat of summer too, so it is these little things that truly make the difference in a person’s day.

What say you? You want to join me in making a better world?

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