Saturday, June 22, 2019

Trump is our President

I love this President! Of course, I would like him to talk less, but if he wants to talk, go for it. He is more candid and honest when talking to the American people than any other president in my lifetime. YMMV Notice how quiet the Democrats have been about the border and Trump’s harsh treatment toward people entering the country illegally? There is a reason and a shameful one at that.
They are quiet because more illegals have entered the country under Trump than Obama and Obama deported far more. Of course they won’t admit this or apologize because they don’t care anything about anything except retaining power. The country could fall into a chasm and as long as they held the reins, they would yell, “giddy up horsey”.
After 2 years, Obama was turning gray-headed and looked tired. Trump looks like he’s barely warmed up. The presidents before him played politics. Trump looks world leaders in the eye and tells them it is quid pro quo or we cut off their allowance. No other president has done this that I know of. 
Henry Kissinger said world leaders are all off-balance around Trump because unlike other presidents, he looks you in the eye when he threatens to stab you in the chest and they know he will do it. It is no secret they laughed in Obama’s face, but they sure as the Dickens aren’t laughing now, are they?
Understand that for the first time in our lifetime we have a president who has the guts and backbone to break tradition. Understand that a global economy like we have had under Clinton, Bush, & Obama is a thing of our past. If it doesn’t set right on our stomach, we have no stomach for global equality. I for one do not want to see American standards lowered to salve over any Third World country.
The tariff issue will balance out (1-5 years) and we will see prices rise as the Chinese have to compete with the rest of the world for our money. We will also see higher quality American-made products that can now compete. In other words, stay the course. Vote Trump 2020

Monday, June 17, 2019

Why we should read the Dew Point

Here is why looking at the humidity outside to understand how yucky it feels is misleading. We should be watching the dew point temperature to tell how sticky it feels to our skin.

The humidity can be high and the dew point low and it feels great and vice versa. Look at our current weather here. It is only 75 and should feel great, but our dew point is 73 AND our humidity is 95%. This makes it feel sopping wet outside even with our 8mph southeasterly wind.

Billings, Montana where my BIL  works, it is 56 degrees and has a humidity rating of 88%. It should feel cool and damp, right? Maybe even cold for us Gulf Coast Texans.

Wrong. It has a dew point of 53 degrees and with a 6 mph wind, it feels downright dry, cool, and pleasant. Montana folks would swim in this weather if the rivers and lakes weren't about 35 degrees. In fact, Montana folks fish in the water instead of swimming in it.

The real poop on the Ukraine

Mitt Romney’s top adviser, Joseph Cofer Black, joined the board of the Ukraine energy firm, Burisma, while Hunter Biden was also serving on ...