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Alarmed citizen, or grumpy old man?

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I’m becoming a curmudgeon and it’s not entirely my fault.It’s the fault of all the idiots on the roads who are using 25% - or less of their cognizance to actually operate their motor vehicle.I do not see myself as a bad-tempered or surly person when I’m behind the wheel of my venerable 4X4 Jeep.I see myself as a conscientious driver with a proven track record of no tickets and 46 years without running into someone.
I use my blinker and actually come to a complete stop at stop signs and red lights.Please do not run into me in your haste to get somewhere you deem important.
My Bride is the one who has brought my current angry status to my attention and she is right.I have become a very angry driver.My patience has worn thin and I have a gut-feeling, it is only going to get worse. To reopen a giant sore spot of past citizen concern, I want to reintroduce what I thought (and still do) was a good idea – the red light cameras.Yes, yes, I understan…

Merit badges and the future of our boys

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This past Wednesday, I had the privilege of being included in a Boy Scout merit badge training session at the Eddie V. Gray Wetlands center.The instructor is my friend, Chrissy Butcher and if you haven’t met this lady with the cherub-like disposition and quick smile, you need to.
I arrived early, as I am wont to do and set up a few items common to the particular subject being covered and we chatted a bit as the boys began to filter in.Now I have a bit of a teachers background and am pretty far removed from what little Boy Scout training I’ve had and immediately I saw that my mentality towards training needed to slow way down and I mean way down.
I have a bull in a china shop mentality when it comes to most everything I approach and rarely take breaks once I start.For merit badge training, the BSA has a lot of criteria and pages of material to satisfy and Chrissy teaches quite a few of these qualifications and after the usual roll call type s…

Crazy wild guys and gals

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On August 2nd, a large group of geocachers are meeting somewhere northeast of Baytown to hike into some of the most inhospitable section of woods in East Texas for the soul purpose of finding 4 geocaches, one of which is 15 feet up in a tree.It will be very hot and humid and potentially dangerous and that is exactly why these intrepid people are drawn to it.
It is what is known in geocaching circles as an “Event”.An event is a gathering of geocachers to do something and this usually means they are going to eat, chat, share stories, and trackable items, called travel bugs and geocoins.
This particular event is to meet to do all of these things, except maybe the eat part if you exclude the boxes of donuts and kolaches.Afterward, machetes in hand, they will tackle the wild and when I say wild, Borneo has nothing on East Texas when it comes to brambles and thorns.The snakes are a trade-off and there will be snakes, feral hogs, spiders, and if t…

Abandoning dogs is murder.

Geocaching here today:  N 30° 05.705 W 094° 58.557   My Bride and I walked up to the heavily overgrown area only to encounter deep growling in the bushes in front of us.  We backed out very quickly and two scraggly abandoned dogs limped out.  Seeing they were starving, we emptied out everything edible for them, plus water.  We called every possible animal control agency, but seeing it is out in Liberty County, no one will take responsibility for the poor animals, so I called the Cache Owner, MarineBuck.  He assured me he would rescue the dogs if there is any possible way.  My Bride cried most of the way home over these poor animals.  People need to realize turning a domesticated animal loose in the country dooms them to starvation.  This was off of 1960 on FM615 between Dayton and Huffman.

Update: This is terrible. She has a gash so deep that I can see her skull. The other one wouldn't come anywhere near me. I've bee…

Book Review: “Two cents worth ...thoughts of an old Georgia Boy: by Charlie Farrar

This is Baytown Bert in Baytown, Texas on July 5th, 2014 and this is podcast 02
Your browser does not support this audio  Book Review:“Two cents worth ...thoughts of an old Georgia Boy: by Charlie Farrar

Recently I repaired Charlie’s laptop and in the true spirit of the south, he asked me if I wanted to barter on the repair cost. Well, I love a good barter, so I quickly agreed. To my pleasant surprise, he produced an autographed copy of his book, “Two cents worth ...thoughts of an old Georgia Boy” as partial payment.

Two cents worth is an anthology of his articles which appeared in the Highlands Star, Star-Courier, and the Barbers Hill Dayton Press from 1993 to 2001.

Charlie is possibly a couple years older than I, and a Coastie – a Coast Guard man and I almost always automatically relate to a fellow Veteran on many topics, so I took it upon myself to read the compilation of his columns seeing I am a columnist myself.

Each night before I dozed off to sleep I would read one or more…

Baseball, hotdogs, and double time

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Today is Independence Day for the United States of America, or sadly what it has become known as – the 4th of July.To be honest, I don’t know what it was like to live under British rule and taxation without representation…oops!Maybe I should leave that one alone. I am thrilled that our Congress, which satisfactorily represents us doesn’t mess with my religious rights by telling preachers what they can or can’t say, or strong-arm and manipulate the press and newspapers to skew the truth.I am especially giddy how our government addresses the will of the people over global and Capitalistic goals.
I’m rolling my eyes so much as I write this that I’m getting as dippy as Nancy Pelosi.
Our forefathers gave us law-abiding citizens the right to own firearms and to form militias for one reason and one reason alone.Because under British rule, the citizens had been abused and they knew our right to bear arms was so we could rise up, if need be, and expe…