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Oh Mr. Blues, please go away

About 20 years ago, I self-diagnosed a condition caused by the lack of exposure to the sun.I had no idea there was an actual name for it.All I knew was when the sun didn’t brighten my eyes for a couple of days; everything took on a dull and gray appearance reflected in my attitude.
Way back in 1971 when I was stationed in Great Falls, Montana and serving the US Air Force, I went through two long winters.That is when I first noticed this gloomy condition called S.A.D. now known as seasonal affective disorder and then the real kicker came; it usually affects women.Can’t I get a break here?
With the continued absence of warm rays, I become sullen and unproductive.All it takes to snap me back is for a bright ray of sunshine to poke through the clouds and I am instantly cheerful.Simply knowing that the sun is out is enough to make me happy and I love to go out in the heat of the day and exercise.“Good day sunshine!”
“I need to laugh and when the sun is out
I've got something I can lau…

Give me a break!

I am a news junkie.There I said it.I am positive I am not alone in my addiction and my compulsion is jading me against humanity.I jump from the Drudge Report to Google News ten times a day unless I am at the gym, hiking in the woods, or geocaching.I have to get away from “the news” to clear my head.
I can’t get mental escape in my Jeep driving anywhere within 30 miles of Houston or Baytown, as I want to survive the experience.Navigating the congested traffic, aggressive drivers, distracted motorists, and the many inexperienced drivers is akin to watching the news as far as stress is concerned.
Now, thanks to a group of lemming idiots controlling what we get to see and read, I am going to be forced to watch Bruce Jenner go “all freaky” for the next (insert some long amount of time here).It’s bad enough to watch yet another arch-villainous group try to take over the world (Mongols, Nazi’s, Commies, Al Qaeda – the list stretches back, back, back, like Charles Barkley pushing his way …

The long path to responsibility

I was 8 years old and thought I knew just about anything about everything, or maybe vice versa.I really didn’t know all that much, looking back.I was an awful lot like most 8 year old kids today.The only real difference is I started working for money at about this age.

Now, if your memory is good, you will remember I’ve written in the past about sacking groceries at the age of 14.That’s true too, but at 8, I and another boy had a shoe shine business in Long Beach, California.His name was David Bradshaw and both us had lost our 2 front teeth at the same time and could spit between them, like professional spitters.
David and I became blood brothers.One day, David produced a pocket knife and we both cut our thumbs and mixed blood, marking us as kin from that day forward.I can’t remember the logistics of it, but to make money we assembled a shoe shine kit of black and brown polish, a couple of brushes and rags.The idea was to go door to door, shining shoes for 5 cents per leather.
We ma…

Beating a dead horse?

We are really in for it.“It” being what Baytown is to become in our near future.
I think its time to remind folks that this sleepy little tri-settlement is no more.Back in 1974 when I made Baytown my home, a person could exit the tunnel on this side of the ship channel and not see a single light until the Holiday Inn close to Texas Avenue came into sight.Not a single light bulb was burning, because it was out in the country.
In this same area, there will soon be a flyover heading onto Highway 99 and a second bridge over Cedar Bayou.Below the second bridge will be a large barge terminal that no one here wanted.Thank you Sammy Mahan for setting me straight on this.I saw it as jobs for Baytownians and not as something that would lower the standard of those who live nearby.
My answer then (after attempts failed to stop the building of the terminal) was to hold the city’s feet to the fire to force environmental, sound-abatement, and aesthetic concessions.
I was against banning of cigar…