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Cough cough! Second hand smoke! Ban smokers?

Smokers versus non-smokers are squaring off and it's going to a vote right here in beautiful Baytown, Texas, a predominantly blue-collar town. The smokers feel their rights as Americans are at stake and the non-ex-smokers say the smokers are violating their air space and their health. Some want to stop smokers from smoking in public…any public. Smokers who own businesses want to make the call themselves without laws stopping them.

Here is another of my perspectives.

Raising the price and taxing the fire out of tobacco products is not going to stop anyone addicted to nicotine. I myself was addicted for many years, but haven't had a smoke in 30 years, or do I want one.

Back in the early 70's a company named Laredo marketed a cigarette machine and kit that allowed everyone to roll their own, so they didn't have to pay that exorbitant .50 per pack. Outside the USA those same Cigs went for .23 per pack, so with a little fancy 'rithmatic, it can be estimated that they …
Congress initiates S. 3633 To require the withholding of United States contributions to the United Nations until the President certifies that the United Nations is not engaged in global taxation schemes.

It appears the United Nations has decided to once again make its move to tax the whole world including gasoline sales.

"The U.N. crowd has proposed an international tax on aviation fuel, a tax on airline tickets, taxes on international currency transactions, carbon use taxes, including a 4.8-cent tax on each gallon of gasoline, and other taxes on an extensive range of transactions, goods and services."

The world's richest Capitalists unite and globalize, globalize, globalize! Every time I hear that word, I shudder...

The ugly face of hatred

I would like to tell a personal experience story concerning prejudice as an example and as a learning experience to all who haven’t had it happen to them.

I was born in Toledo, Ohio, but my folks actually lived in south Michigan. It is and was an area much like Baytown as far as blue-collar workers are concerned. We were close to Ted Nugent and Kid Rock country, if that clarifies anything. When I was in junior high, we moved down to Georgia to a little town of under 1000 when my Dad went to work for Lockheed building the C5A military jet.

Woodstock Georgia is now a modern city with multi-million dollar homes and all the accouterments of any thriving city, but in 1967 it was still in the 1930’s in some respect. Many folks did not have indoor plumbing and the anti-Yankee hatred was very much alive. To their credit, the carpetbaggers had raped the south, but that was 100 years in the past. Old prejudices die slowly.

We lived about ¾ of mile out of town on the second hill. The first h…

Can one person make a difference?

The plan: Target one or more people for today's quest.

1. How can I make this person's day? Plan it.
2. Execute your plan
3. Write back here and let us in on the results using the comments section.
4. Reward yourself for making a difference.
1. Drop them a line and encourage them.
2. Help out a stranger.
3. Compliment someone you don't like and be sincere.
4. Buy a card and mail it.
5. Send an arrangement or flowers.

Good fortune and God bless!

Humor - Question of the day!

Woke up this morning about 0330 and decided to see if I had an email from my son in Iraq (didn't) and it was raining like crazy. I could hear my little dog whining from behind my door, so I let her out. Suddenly we had a bright flash of lightning and my doggie started hopping around by the window.

The lightning/thunder had scared her and she wet on the floor. This is the second time in a month she's done this when we had loud thunder. I took her immediately outside, but she wanted no part of all that rain and ran off into the house, ears back as if scared.

About this time the air-raid sirens went off at the end of the street. This is the Seek-immediate-indoor-shelter alarm the city put up in case we have a tornado, or a chemical plant excursion. All of a sudden through the pounding rain I hear 'BLAM' and my daughter comes out of her room and asks what was that noise?

I look in front of the house and a car has ran into the pine tree I planted about 10 years ago. I see two …