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You only get what you give

For some time now, it has been on my mind to not only be more productive, but to make a mark on those I come in contact with. Yea, I know what you're thinking. You think I want to put a knot on the head of all those people who need to go back to driving school, right? Yes and no. Just yesterday if seemed like every looney with a car was on the road and my bride and I had made an emergency trip to the gym to pick up cake Rania Ghani had left for us in the refrigerator and we forgot about it.
We hopped in my Jeep and made the three mile drive over and back and I swear we witnessed at least ten acts of aggravated ignorant driving - but that's not what I want to discuss with you today. As much satisfaction as I get from bumping my gums and pounding the steering wheel of my 4X4, it's time to make some corrections. Seriously with all that hot air, all I'm doing is amping up my blood pressure.
I asked this question to 20 of my BFF's (best friends forever) and this is the…

What is more fun than people?

My friend Melvin Roark invited me to meet a most interesting man the other day.His name is Lowell Herrington and he’s 97 years young this past Valentine’s Day. Afterward he told Melvin that I was his birthday present. I got a good laugh out of that and replied that he must like cheap dates.
Lowell is a wealth of information about Baytown, as he moved to Pelly in 1929, if I remember correctly. For those readers who don’t know, Pelly, Goose Creek, and Baytown consolidated in 1948, as the city of Baytown. The old city hall of Pelly still stands on West Main Street and the old Goose Creek jail is north of there on North Main.
He talked about Hog Island and how one fellow would swim out into the ship channel and stay out there, only coming in when a ship came by, There was a huge pavilion on Evergreen Road that I never heard of that was very active. He told me how much everyone walked back during the Depression and how scarce food was, except for the veggies everyone grew.
He remembers R…

Muscles, Yard Work, and Honey-Do’s

We are a couple weeks into the new year and things are really shaping up. The trees are budding out; grass is beginning to grow, and my bride is itching for me to do massive amounts of yard work on our half acre of heavily landscaped homestead. Never mind that she’s a certified Texas Master Gardener – this is man’s work honey!
I used to go out and do yard work for six straight hours and it was just sweat, not aches and pains. Now I sweat at the gym for hours each day and it appears my muscles are only good for the gym! Yard work is hard I tell you! Heckfire, I can hardly open the plastic bag inside a box of Wheaties… I mean Cheerios. We all know what will happen to you if you eat Wheaties every day.
Try opening the lid on a Power-Ade or Gator-Ade bottle with out a Stillson wrench!Did I just call a pipe wrench a Stillson wrench? Maybe that’s my problem. Maybe it’s just because I am getting old! My daughter Melody is a hair stylist at the Rat’s Nest and cuts my hair. The other day she c…

There’s a monster on the loose

I’ve made the comment numerous times before about how I always compare the current times to the turbulent 1960’s and how there has been no real comparison of civil unrest, but that is no longer the case.We are living a time depicted in the words of the Steppenwolf song – Monster and its scary for most of us. What should be exciting and enthusiastic times is now like the whole world is sliding into the abyss.
The liberal-minded people are no longer liberally minded when it comes to being tolerant of anything other than their personal agendas. They are violent and unpredictable and highly intolerant on anything once deemed cautious and conservative.They have always accused conservatives of being violent gun-toting rednecks and now they are that very genre, except for the guns and I suspect that is what we will face next.
Almost anything conservative is now under attack by them and violently so. This is going on in every civilized major city on earth. The victim mentality is pervasive …