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Jalapeño Eating Radio Contest – Texas Style!

One of the funniest things I’ve heard while driving was a jalapeño-eating contest on a rock and roll station in Houston. I guess it was in the late 80’s and I laughed so hard I almost had to pull over.

To this day I do not know if it was real or staged and personally, it didn’t matter. The usual 45 minute drive home in the hot Texas muggy weather was not even a consideration that afternoon, or the fact that I was jockeying for position at the Baytown/La Porte tunnel.

If I remember correctly, the DJ placed a large bowl of big Texas jalapeño peppers in front of three “contestants”. They may have been ‘volun-told’s (as in Interns) at the radio station – I don’t remember. One of them remarked he had never seen peppers so big and the DJ confirmed the peppers were as big as small cucumbers.

The contest began and each masochistic pepper-eater had a microphone in front of them. It honestly sounded like a pig trough in full form as they gobbled these peppers down. “Grunt, chomp, gulp…gasp”!…

Cigarettes? Is a buck extra tax gonna help?

I want to 'pipe' in on the proposed $1.00 increase per pack on Texas cigarettes that is on Governor Perry’s desk as I write this and I do not mean to step on anyone's toes or opinions. I do however want to ask folks to think about a few things.

Years ago when I was a kid, folks smoked like chimneys in this country and sure, it caused a lot of health problems. I smoked for years also, as my parents did. If you wanted to grow your own tobacco and sit down on your own front porch and burn a bowl, it was your business and in my opinion it still is.

Nowadays, if you were to do that and the smoke floated across the yard and the guy down the street smelled it, he suddenly wants the city council to pass a law forbidding you to continue to pollute his airspace (this is next).

I agree tobacco users should respect the right of other people in public places and I think most users understand and agree.

Finding ways to tax the average citizen to help the average citizen is ridiculous and…

The illegal immigrant

May I suggest a book that will open anyone's eyes, if they will read it?

Lines and Shadows

Its named 'Lines and Shadows' by Joseph Waumbaugh and the above link will secure you a used copy for under 5 bucks shipped to your door.

This excellent book explains the plight of people attempting to come into this country from the Mexican border and how bandits, extortioners and Mexican police beat, rape, rob and kill them.

It's a true story and will help us understand how desperate these people are to get a better life. It's not as easy as getting the right papers, most of the time its almost impossible.

I am all for being in this country legally, however this like every other major problem is very very complicated and we shouldn't become vigilante in our righteousness.

Immigration is very good for this country and legal immigration is a must, but all this will take time and we should let due process take its course.

American highways versus War in Iraq

In the US, each year there are about 40,000 deaths per year in automobile accidents vs. about 773 per year in Iraq.

The numbers as of 4-29-06 compiled by Baytown Bert:

1136 days in Iraq
2398 American deaths
1136 days / 365 days = 3.1 years in Iraq
773 deaths per year
2.1 deaths per day

40,000 American deaths on our highways per year
110 deaths per day/every day on our highways

To put this in perspective, the chance of dying in an automobile accident is about 50 times more likely than dying in Iraq in a year.

Statistics can be manipulated to say almost anything, but I think these are pretty straight forward. No, it doesn't include deaths versus injuries, but it doesn't for automobiles either and I'm sure it is the same, or even more in cars. Plus it doesn't include long term problems.

My question is this: How many of these dead G.I.'s would have died anyway if they had been riding in a car here in the States, since it is 50 times more likely?

What's the truth on body odor?

Years ago (1977), I read a book by prominent Guru/runner Dr. George Sheehan – ‘Running & Being’. In this book he described how B.O. was caused by poor hygiene and not inherent body odor. He said the term B.O. was coined by the Deodorant industry to boost sales and because it played upon the fear of rejection, it worked a thousand times better than they could have imagined. It launched a billion dollar industry and since a little bit of fear worked so well, the industry has kept the fallacy going.

Dr. Sheehan also said no one should ever restrict the flow of perspiration from their underarms by using antiperspirant. It only makes the body attempt to rid itself of toxins through other means and plugs the pores.

Dr. Sheehan said inherent body odor is not unpleasant and negative odor can be prevented in most cases by drinking the recommended amounts of water on a daily basis (8 glasses).

To support his claims, I quote a web page on herbal remedies for natural deodorant:

“Many ant…

Should we reinstate the Draft?

I was 'IN' during the Draft and it did not work well at all. Folks who were very bright or young and college educated were swept into service and they did everything possible to duck responsibility until their enlistment was over, for the most part. This was not 100%, but a good description of what the draft did. By the by, I enlisted and I’ve never regretted my military experience.

I had a roommate in Montana who had a Journalism degree from an East Coast college. He joined the Air Force to keep from being drafted. His IQ was so much higher than the the people he worked for, that he was perceived as a threat and was put down at the base gas station to get rid of him. He also spoke Russian. It was a classic case of a waste of resources common during that time period. If this fellow would have joined as an officer, he could have used his talents in such a manner to be a credit to our country instead of passing 4 years without a ripple.

Our country and education system is s…

The war in Iraq, et al...

I think the war has gone on too long, but once committed, we should see it through. All wars are fought over money, and occupation, even WW ll. All wars involve dying and suffering and in a perfect world, we wouldn’t fight.

I’ve followed this Iraq business closely for a number of years and I still believe the WMD’s were/are there. I could hide a quart jar of Anthrax or Ebola in my own neighborhood and folks could take years finding it, especially if I buried it and that small amount of virus would kill millions if released.

Iraq had it, used it against the Kurds, kept records like the Germans, and still couldn’t explain what they did with it when the inspectors wanted proof. Right up to the invasion, everyone agreed he had it still. But, bottom line is we have to clean up the mess before we can withdraw...partially. America historically does not leave a country we took by force and we won’t leave this one either.

I’ve said it before; doing business with our country is like gettin…

How can I get even with the Oil Companies?

This is how we can save money when it comes to buying gas.

First, we must understand that it doesn’t matter who charges what, or what oil Company is making millions. It doesn’t matter if we go to war, or a terrorist threatens to blow up a well in Nigeria. It doesn’t matter if Wall Street decides a barrel of raw crude futures should rise, or fall…

…What matters is supply and demand pure and simple AND what we on an individual basis purchase.

Take a look at your routine. Is there a lot of unnecessary driving going on? Could you eliminate a number of trips, by planning ahead? Does you car need a tune-up? Do you drive the truck every time instead of the compact? Are there times when walking/cycling would get you where you want to go, instead of the car? How about that dreadful C word…car-pooling? Does your vehicle get better mileage at 60 mph, then the 70-80 we now drive?

If we keep demanding giant amounts of fuel, we will continue to promote our dependency to gasoline and the demand…

Who Jesus really was/is...

It's Easter and folks are busy arguing over who Jesus was/is. Was he actually God, or was he one third of in the Trinity? Read on oh carefree soul!


What a fantastic dilemma! Arguing over who Jesus really was! I think it boils down to whether we believe the Bible is actually the inspired word of God, or no. I refer to the KJV here as I feel it is the most unbiased of the traditional texts. If you believe it is the inspired word of God that is one major point that can be used as a platform, if you believe it is full of flaws, then that is another. I believe it is inspired.

Ask a Jew what is the greatest scripture and they will tell you it is Deut 6:4

Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD

They do not for one second believe G_d is duplicity of persons. The Muslims do not either. That speaks volumes to me.

When Peter, standing up with the 11 on the day of Pentecost told the Jewish multitudes that God had made Jesus both Lord and Christ, they knew exactl…

Provocative radio hosts

Alvin Van Black used to host a drive time evening show on KPRC AM (Houston Texas) and every evening on my way home from work, I would tune in...because I had to!

Mr. Van Black always played the devil's advocate and in all that traffic & heat - especially at the Baytown tunnel - I would get so worked up over his comments, I would change stations - for 2 minutes. LOL Then tune back over just to repeat it and repeat it.

He made a very good living always taking the opposite stance with his nasal whining about everything and then to top it off, whenever he felt like it, which was often, he would disconnect the caller mid-sentence. He would tell the radio audience what an idiot the caller was. Ha! It was great now that I think about it.

I think Ol’ Alvin did a lot to make the average American voter take sides, sometimes for good, sometimes not. One thing was sure - he made people think. I’ve told friends for years, that anyone who challenges you to think, or defend your position is you…

Should President Bush fire Donald Rumsfeld?

It's very early on to make a judgment here IMO. There is always a divide between military strategy and political fallout. The Generals want to “git er done” and the politicians worry about image.

I read a couple of years ago Donald Rumsfeld had an unconventional idea on how the military should be structured and this has caused real concern with the Old Guard. I’ve personally stood in the office of a Brigadier General and Generals rule like kings. It’s hard to imagine how powerful they are (unless you are in their chain of command). They do NOT care for anyone who crosses them. Civilians read about Generals with only a passing interest.

Military leaders are pretty much apolitical and they have to be, but once they’ve retired, they can vent or state their own politics. Take for instance Wesley Clark and Tommy Franks opposite stances.

Rumsfeld is a no-nonsense guy that Generals understand, but that doesn’t mean he always makes the correct decision or they like him. I’ll hold my ju…

Baytown Bert's Serious Pancake Breakfast for 8

4 cups - Pioneer Brand complete Buttermilk Pancake/waffle mix
3.5 cups - 1% milk
1 tbl spoon Mexican vanilla
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 cup raisins (optional)
1/2 cup pecan pieces
Real butter
Favorite syrup/fruit

1# - thick sliced peppered bacon

- Mix everything but the bacon, butter and syrup in a large bowl
- Heat your griddle mid-high until water drops sizzle when tossed on
- Use a measuring cup and dip your batter to make one pancake at a time
- Watch carefully to keep from ruining the first cake - you can usually lower the temp after the first cake
- Fire up another burner and cook your bacon, or use the microwave

This recipe will feed 8 grown men with one large pancake and 3-4 pieces of delicious peppered bacon each.

Baytown Bert's Original Questionaire #2

1. Are you registered to vote?

2. Have you ever deliberately ran over an animal, when you could have easily avoided it?

3. Do you sincerely think we are rapidly approaching extreme global disaster?

4. Ignoring personal politics, is Sean Penn a great actor?

5. Is George W. Bush up front in what he states, or does he have a separate agenda?

6. Would the Daily Show be funnier if there wasn't so much bad language?

7. Is the incredible advance in technology suffocating you?

8. Should we as American citizens give up our right to bear arms?

9. Do you sincerely make an effort every day to better yourself?

10. Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Southern, Seafood...what foods rock you the most-est?

11. Were the allegations of torture at Abu Ghraib actually torture, or just humiliation?

12. Should marijuana be legalized and regulated?

What books are you reading?

I just finished:

- Inside Iraq: The History, the People, and the Modern Conflicts of the World's Least Understood Land
- Implicating Empire: Globalization and Resistance in the 21st Century
- Mastering Macromedia Contribute
- The Hot Zone
- A Day Late and a Dollar Short
- The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
- Glory Denied: The Saga of Jim Thompson, America's Longest-Held Prisoner of War

I have in my lunchbox:

- No Logo: No Space, No Choice, No Jobs

I have on my night stand:

- Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East

In the queue:

- A History of Urban America
- Backlash : The Undeclared War Against Women
- A Short History of Islam
- The Beauty Myth : How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women
- Claiming a Continent : A New History of Australia
- Globalization from Below
- The Anarchist in the Library: How the Clash Between Freedom and Control is Hacking the Real World and Crashing the System
- Don't Think, Smile! : Notes on a…

Why are the French youth rioting?

The demonstrations are headed by the Socialist Party, Communist Party and the trade union delegations.

In France, there is a law called 'jobs for life'. Once you get hired, it's almost impossible for an employer to fire you. Some may think this is a good thing, but it actually promotes complacency and low quality. France has 22% unemployment mainly because so much of the population is living on the government anyway.

The new law will allow small business employers (only) to let someone go, or lay them off within the first two years for no reason at all. Maybe they want to down-size, or maybe the person is lazy.

In America, we all labor under a free enterprise system, not the socialist dictations and mandates of laws that promote low worker output and quality so we can keep our jobs. We actually have to perform to keep our jobs. We have performance reviews and deadlines. We have quality expectations by our employers. We have to be at work on time and leave when we are…

Baytown Bert's Delicious Breakfast Texas Tacos for 15

18 - extra large grade A eggs
3 - medium raw jalapeno's
1 - medium yellow onion
2#'s - store brand pork pan sausage (it's actually leaner)
20 - medium sized premium tortillas
1 - bottle Mexican or Texan-made hot sauce or salsa
-------------------- ---------------------- -------------------- -------------
1. Slice the cold pan sausage into one inch slices
2. In large skillet cook pork slices until you can chop them into small pieces
3. Immediately add raw jalapeno slices & seeds plus onion slices
4. On griddle heat tortillas and put on clean towel over plate - cover as you add more
5. Do not drain the skillet unless you used a name brand pan sausage.
6. Add beaten eggs, salt and pepper heavily...not salt, but pepper.
7. When it is no longer runny and you have turned it frequently, it is ready to serve, out of the skillet.

Take a heated tortilla, stuff it with the melange, add a spot of hot sause, or salsa and roll it up for delicious consumption.

*Do NOT Microwave a flour torti…