Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Political Correctness Is Ruining Our Freedoms

Our Congress has not violated our 1st amendment right to free speech... WE HAVE by allowing loudmouth troublemakers to do a very good job of it by inventing Political Correctness. Freedom-loving citizens should collectively rebel against this every chance they get. Hate Speech comes straight out of George Orwell's 1984. 

"Nineteen Eighty-Four, often published as 1984, is a dystopian novel by English author George Orwell published in June 1949. The novel is set in the year 1984 when most of the world population have become victims of perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance and propaganda."

If you have never read this iconic book, grab a copy. You can probably get it for free in electronic text. I first read it in high school, way back in 1970. I read it again a number of years later and again a couple of months ago. It is as relevant now as it was when it was science fiction. Fahrenheit 451 is another book I have read repeatedly and the reason is the same as 1984. It reveals what could be our future here in the USA.

PC has reached the rabid state where almost anything a person says or writes can get them fired from their job and this folks is what political correctness has accomplished. We have created our own version of the Soviet Secret police known as NKVD. 
NKVD victims killed in mass executions in 1941
 "The People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD) was the interior ministry of the Soviet Union. Everyone here is familiar with the KGB, but the NKVD was the real bad guys. 

The NKVD undertook mass extrajudicial executions of untold numbers of citizens, and conceived, populated and administered the Gulag system of forced labour camps. Their agents were responsible for the repression of the wealthier peasantry, as well as the mass deportations of entire nationalities to uninhabited regions of the country. They oversaw the protection of Soviet borders and espionage (which included political assassinations), and enforced Soviet policy in communist movements and puppet governments in other countries, most notably the repression and massacres in Poland." Wikipedia  

This is the next progression of PC. A nation where everyone is watching each other, ready to report anything suspicious and just like the Spanish Inquisition, the PC police will pick you up and convict you, possibly not even bothering to identify your crime. You think that can't happen?

It almost did in the Judge Kavanaugh hearing, which was more of a monkey trial than anything. Not one witness could collaborate Dr. Ford's testimony and yet nearly 50% of the voting group found him guilty and a rapist.

Intolerance is the bane of free speech. Political correctness needs to be labeled as the opposite of freedom and a noose around everyone's neck.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Women and children first, for God's sake!

Here is an age old strategy being currently deployed by the unseen steering committee of the many people marching north through Mexico. Focus attention on the women and children for the sympathy vote. Every single time you invoke "children" and now more than ever, "women", it automatically gets the sympathy of citizens who empathize with their plight. Never mind that what is happening is a mass invasion of our border where the bottom line is we have to physically HURT them.

Now here is the hard part and it is unpopular to boot. A woman or child’s life is not as important as it was ages ago when they meant the survival of the clan or tribe. I WON’T trade my life for a migrant child or anyone. Remember in the movie “I, Robot” when Will Smith’s character rebelled because the rescuing robot saved his life over the young girls? The robot made the choice that it could only save one of the two and according to triage rules, he was more valuable.

Honduras and Guatemala are responsible for THEIR OWN citizens, not the USA. If the people marching are suffering, it is their own country’s fault, not ours and not our problem until they try to forcefully enter our country. I don’t watch the advertisements for starving children in a 3rd world country, or those of abused animals and I put this in the same category. If they force their way into our country, they must be stopped even if it means violence. They will become invaders. If they tried this in any number of other countries, they would repel them as such.

I believe in immigration, but only the legal way of applying. Sneak into my house and I will consider you a burglar. If you think my rational is off the mark, then ask yourself how many of these poor women and children you are willing to house and subsidize permanently on your current wages? None? No surprise there.

Are extremists giving the Democratic party a bad name?

Antifa at Berkley, California

The Democratic party of 40 years ago has metastasized into something unrecognizable to most conservative Americans. There is no middle ground between the partys. Moderate Democrats are thrown in with extreme Leftists, as it appears that is who is steering the boat. Its like one guy commented to me in the 70's: "The only bad thing about smoking pot is the kind of people you end up associating with".

Birds of a feather flock together and if you embrace the Democratic ticket, you are supporting everything the extremists want. Take abortion for instance. The left wants to be able to get a legal abortion. The far left wants your 15 year old daughter to get one on demand without her parents permission or knowledge. Heck, why not lower the age too?

Let's try violence to force our point. Antifa now represents the attitude of the party to many conservatives.

"The Antifa movement is a conglomeration of left wing autonomous, self-styled anti-fascist militant groups in the United States. The principal feature of antifa groups is their use of direct action, harassing those whom they deem to be fascists, racists and right wing extremists." Wikipedia

Middle of the road Democrats are for a more relaxed stance on immigration; extremists want open borders period. Moderates want stricter gun laws to keep guns out of children's hands. Extremists want all guns confiscated. Unfortunately, all Democrats are viewed by the Right, the same way many identify all Muslims as terrorists.

Conclusion? If you vote Democrat, you must be for all the extreme programs the far left wants to turn into law. Abortion, open borders, more taxes, bigger government, smaller military (or 100% reserves), extreme regulation, extreme climate control, more, more, more...

I'll be honest and say on some issues I lean slightly to the left, but isn't that the way its supposed to work? Aren't we obligated to educate ourselves on the issues and vote accordingly? The problem is there is so much information and smoke blocking our view and understanding. We don't know what news source to trust. Our political news is literally explained to us by either a panel of giggling big-toothed stooges, or an angry commentator slandering someone. Both sides openly claim the other side is lying and what do we have? Confusion. Or ignorance.
Watching the youtube videos of college students commenting on the accomplishments of people like Beto O'Rourke, I realize they are blindly following the puppeteer's hands. They support this Socialist with no concept what he is preaching and absolutely no idea of his past accomplishments. How destructive and dangerous!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Why I quit writing for the Baytown Sun

Announcement for anyone who reads my column each Thursday in the Baytown Sun: Effective immediately I have quit writing for this Leftist/Socialist rag. 

Thursday's (10-18-18) name change from my submitted title of  "Voting 101 makes it easy" to "My voting Guide, Dems bad GOP good" effectively skewed my column and made left leaning readers skip reading my column. It was the final straw and I called the Publisher and explained this in detail. The Publisher then defended the managing editor and that is when I resigned. I will continue to write and publish my blog and post it on Facebook. Following is the entire column.

Let me clarify that I am a columnist, not a reporter or an Op-ed writer. I write my opinion. My opinion. The Managing editor is well within their right to alter the heading, but when it is done is such a partisan way, it is unacceptable and the added cartoon above my column just drove the nails of offense deeper.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Voting 101 makes it easy

In my simplistic blue-collar mind, I continually ponder one thought when it comes to the division in the 2 political parties that run our government. How can they walk together unless they agree? I think at one time the chasm wasn’t so clearly defined, but I do believe I can sum up which party you, the reader should vote for. Of course I am not going to tell you how to vote, but I would like to ask a couple of questions and based on the assumption that anyone who challenges us to define what we believe is our friend, it should make the decision easier.

So, seeing that almost no one trusts the media to tell the truth, let’s just look at this voting thing in a logical manner. Forget who you have traditionally voted for for a moment and let’s look at the bigger picture.

Are you for expanding government, adding more financial assistance programs (excluding affordable health care which we all found out wasn’t affordable at all), paying more and more taxes, restricting or removing the right to own a gun, free education that is funded by your tax dollars, opening the borders and letting non-citizens not only vote, but give them tax payer subsidies, and letting your 15 year old daughter get a free abortion without your knowledge or consent at tax payers expense… then vote for your favorite Democrat. Just remember, if you work and pay taxes, they are going to take more and more to pay for all those wonderful social programs that sadly, you do not qualify for.

They truly have a utopian vision where everyone gets everything from the elected government officials. On top of that, the more power you give the government over your daily affairs, especially subsidies, the more you are enslaved. They hold the purse strings and it has to come from somewhere. When a country reaches the place where the majority is nursing the government’s purse, the country collapses, because there are not enough workers to keep the zippered bag full.

Now, let’s say you do not want the government in your pocket any more than it already is. You work and pay taxes. You obey the laws. You attempt to live in harmony, but as libertarians (citizens who trust the Constitution and don’t want the government in their life unless there is anarchy, a serious weather event, or a plague). You want your Republican politician to tighten the borders, vet immigration, leave the 2nd Amendment alone, promote education on the sanctity of life, close the loop holes in zealous government sponsored assistance programs that drain your tax dollars, pay less taxes, identify voters as US citizens… then vote Republican.

The Democrats love raising taxes, shrinking our military, opening the borders, offering sanction to people who sneak into the country, and draining the government coffers so they can enslave people. They have encouraged an army of misfits and thugs to scream and holler and challenge police at any and all conservative political gatherings. This is not hearsay, its history. I would much rather our government fueled the economy so people can work and pay taxes, wouldn’t you?

We cannot continue to fight politically and kid ourselves that it will make America better because it won’t. If half the energy was spent on government funded work-related training in all the trades, it would be astounding to see the results. Feed a person a fish and come meal time, they need another fish. Teach them to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.

As voters it is our responsibility alone to examine not only the issues, but the leanings of both parties. Of course I have over-simplified my guide and of course I am not a political major; heck I never was a major at any time in anything, but I do know enough about myself to know which direction to vote. Our founders gave us a Republic, not a Democracy for a reason, but you will have to research that one for yourself.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Oh technology, don’t pass me by

I walked into the Verizon store on Garth Road recently. Under my arm was my Xfinity modem. It’s quite substantial in size. Nothing like the flat 14.4 BPS Linksys router I proudly bragged on back in day that let me grab data from the mysterious electronic signals from my telephone wire (please don’t call my house and bump me off the bulletin boards!).

I was greeted by 3 younger punk-based humans who’s style of dress suggested they were highly knowledgeable of the modern technology products offered, most of which I had no interest in. At first I thought they were European, possibly German, as they had that “look”. It was one of those magical days when no one was in the store but them and me and when asked what they could do for me, I held up the modem and loudly declared, “I need help with my computer”.

Just like my wrong conclusion that they were Germans, this incorrect description caused a snicker of techno self-righteousness from the trio. One of the emo-stylish humans (I wasn’t sure of the gender of each) repeated my assertion in a question and again the giggles. With a look on my face of extreme vulnerability I said, “Yea, I think this one’s a 386.”

The Intel 80386, also known as i386 or just 386, was a 32-bit microprocessor introduced in 1985, but my statement drew a blank look as to content. Instead was… pity. Pity that as a senior citizen, wearing shorts, socks and Crocs, a faded green Keep Baytown Beautiful shirt, and an old Jeep baseball cap that looked as old as me, I had sadly let technology pass me by.

With an air of aloofness, this human individual took possession of my “386” device and marched off toward the back of store, exclaiming that that particular “computer” was out of date and after scanning it, located a shrink-wrapped identical replacement and handed it to me. By the way, did you know that you must download an Ap to your smart phone to program the new modem? Yea, kind of surprised me too. My emo-human did not mention that tidbit, thereby indicating it was plug and pray – just like the old days. Plug and play was Microsoft’s modus operandi and more times than not, didn’t work as advertised, thus the pray part.

He/she returned to the mini-pod of waiting emo service technicians and ignored me. As I headed past the knowledgeable group, one said, “Enjoy your computer!” and again the troop giggled. I thanked them and smiling, replied, “Do you even know what a 386 is?” The total absence of recognition flooded their faces, which was rapidly replaced by boredom and a return to their screens. I was no longer their concern.

“Google it,” I said, but deliberately replaced the G with a J, making it sound like I said Joogle it,” and left. Now here is the weird thing about these Xfinity modems, I replaced my modem 6 months ago with the one I turned in. I replaced it initially because chatting online with the company, I was told mine was a dinosaur and it was. Now 6 months later, I was again told the same thing and if I wanted to experience “blazing fast speeds” I need the newest model. My emo tech told me the one I turned in was “really old” as they scrutinized me. I felt they were getting a “two fer”, me being number two.

“No one has used one like this in like forever, like really forever” they said and scanned, swiped, clicked, and basically showed me how real techies do it. The word impressive must have crossed my mind, as I was boring and old and technology obviously had passed me by. To them, we had nothing in common, except maybe a smart phone and I noticed when they grouped back up, all 3 had their faces buried in their phones. My phone was in my Jeep. I could go 10 minutes without it.

You’ve all seen it and experienced the same if you have a few gray hairs, or maybe an absence of hair altogether. Its okay, I had fun and within minutes of getting home, my new blazing fast modem was up and running. Oh, by the way, you might need a new modem, just don’t call it a... computer.

Thursday, October 04, 2018

More jobs than workers

From what I read and hear, if you want to work, there is a job waiting for you. This is great news, right? Maybe not.

I think it is important to note that a booming economy and lots of jobs does not bode well with some people on government assistance. It also doesn't set well with one political party that wants to control these folks (read their votes) by dangling meals, subsidies, and plastic debit cards in front of them. Why work when you can get by on the dole? This is the only reasonable answer to the objections some are raising. Why work when politicians demonize anyone who wants to take this away?

Let’s face it, whoever is paying your bills is in fact your boss and if that boss is the US government assistance system; they own you. Aside from the fact that being a free person in this country doesn’t exclude you from taxes, I want to make my own way with as little interference from the government as possible.

To my knowledge, I drew one month unemployment back when things got tight in 1976. I couldn’t get work in the construction field because there wasn’t any. I tried and tried and I had bills. I applied and stood in line and I felt humiliated, because I was now asking the government to give me money for nothing. I wasn’t raised that way. I sacked groceries when I was 14. My mom paid us an allowance for doing chores and to be sure, we did chores. Now here I was with what appeared to be citizens who had no interest in working. I drew one check and never went back. Instead, I began roofing houses with Jerry Tims.

After winter passed, I found a job in construction and shortly after that, I hired on with ARCO Chemical in Channelview. Did I look down on the other people in the food stamp line? No, but the very second I could get out of that line, I was gone. I entered the world of a process operator with no experience at all and was as overwhelmed as the next person, but I survived and after nearly 40 years, retired from the industry. Along the way, the economy slowed and I took side jobs because I had learned that the more money I could bring in, the more stuff my family could enjoy.

Crossing over into the criminal world never crossed my mind. I wasn’t raised that way.

According to every source, we are experiencing an economy that if you want to work, businesses will train you for free, so why is it that many choose to do nothing? Oh, did I say they choose to do nothing? Yes I did. No one should get a free lunch, if there is a suitable job they can do to earn that lunch. It is our tax dollars they are getting for hanging out. Work, or don’t eat and it is sad that certain elements of politics actually encourages this despicable “occupation” by constantly harping that others are “keeping you down”.

On numerous occasions I have stood in line at Food Town and watched someone use not one subsidy card, but two and after following them outside, observe them drive off in a new SUV. I commented on it to one of the friendly cashiers and they told me how real the abuse is. One well dressed person used their card for the bulk of their purchase and then low and behold, opened their wallet and wrestled out a hundred dollar bill from the others. The cashier rolled their eyes after I commented on it and said it was a common sight. Do I believe every person on assistance is a free loader? No, but one is too many.

Breaking free from government assistance is not easy, but it is the true and righteous path to freedom. Don’t believe those politicians who regrettably feed off those who were raised to believe them.

Elvis has left the room

I want to set something on the table and anyone who bothers to read anything I write, please take a good hard look. We are living in a...