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Life During Wartime Iraqi Freedom version

Life During Wartime - Iraqi Freedom version

Heard of a van, loaded with IEDs,
packed up and ready to go
Heard of some grave sites, out by the highway,
a place where nobody knows
The sound of gunfire, off in the distance,
I'm getting used to it now
Born in Baytown, lived on the downside,
I've been all over this town

This ain't no party, this ain't no disco,
this ain't no fooling around
No time for dancing, or lovey dovey,
I ain't got time for that now

Transmit the message, to the receiver,
hope for an answer from home
I got a sixteen, a couple of buddies,
you don't even know my fightin' name
Out in the desert, the trucks are loading,
everything's ready to roll
I sleep when I can, I work 30 hours at a time,
I might not ever get home

This ain't no party, this ain't no disco,
this ain't no fooling around
This ain't no fight club, or C. B. G. B.,
I ain't got time for that now
Heard from Houston? Heard from my hometown?
Heard from my homies in Dirty B?

You ought…

Danny Glover Commie Lover

I watched with sizzling anger as that idiot Marxist Chavez blasted every American in this country and people actually thought he was talking only about the President.

Then on to the churches where, heckfire, I guess registered American voters were cheering a foreign dictator over our own President. They wouldn’t be allowed that ‘right’ in Hugo’s own country. Then Danny Glover gets up and lays credence to his remarks even calling him friend and brother…Oh brother, where art thou really? Mel should have let the bad guys have him about 4 movies ago.

What Danny needs is a reality check and a swift kick in the backside by someone with a dab of sense. Hugo is biting the very hand that feeds him, as the good old USA is his best customer. Chavez is offering cheap gas in NYC as a slap in the face of George Bush while 50% of his own country is unemployed and suffering a 15% inflation rate.

If only we Americans could wean ourselves from our addiction to gas guzzling cars and trucks, we could s…

Quid Pro Quo

Is Islam inherently violent? Is it a religion that believes every other religion and dogma, which crosses its own, is heresy and should be annihilated from the face of the earth? Am I in danger of becoming a target for even questioning Islam? Am I an infidel and will killing me benefit, promote and fulfill Allah’s will?

Or is it actually a religion that is peaceful and only a small radical faction of believers is giving this wonderful revelation a black eye? Hold on a second and let me fill in a little history before I go further. Freely call me a bigot later if that pleases, but at least give me the benefit of the doubt. I want to exercise my American freedom of speech.

I am a dyed-in-the-wool American. I was born here and it is all I know. I was brought up with certain inalienable rights as a benefit of our Constitution, which just had a birthday, September 17. We Americans are guaranteed these human rights because we have men and women in our history who were willing to die on forei…

September Eleven 2001

September 5th, 2001 found my wife and me standing on the south bank of the Hudson River staring alternately at Ellis Island and the twin towers of the World Trade Center. The Statue of Liberty which lies just south of Ellis Island is a breath taking sight and if you as an American have never made that long drive to New Jersey to lay eyes on it, do it.

My daughter had just graduated from Flight Attendant school in Houston for Continental Express and being barely 19, she was on the minimum end of the age requirement. She was assigned Newark, New Jersey as her first Hub location and my wife and I panicked because our baby girl was going it alone for the first time after graduation from R.E. Lee high school right here in Baytown.

My sweetheart and I loaded up her little Honda car and made the 1600 mile drive up there (that’s the way we Texans view everything north of…well, Texas). Our goal beside delivering the car and making sure our baby was okay, was to see the Statue of Liberty and…

Resizing a giant digital pic so you can send it across the web

Most digital cameras these days take large megapixel photographs and when you send them to your family or friends across the Web, they receive a wall size picture that has a giant file size. Here is how you make the pictures web friendly.

Here is what you do to each picture to make them appear properly in email:

Find the picture you want to send.

RIGHT click on the picture, a menu will pop up.

select OPEN WITH ---> Microsoft Photo Editor

When the picture opens, at the top of the program select IMAGE ----> RESIZE

Move one of the sliders till it gets to 65%

Then save the picture by adding the letter a on the end. This will allow you to keep your original picture and share a smaller version across the web.

It will now be about a 5X7 and under 100K.

More scared than safe

Lately I’ve heard more and more people comment on how they wish the old days of security would return. Everyday we read or hear about some heinous crime and it’s not only in our national newspapers, TV and radio, but right here in Baytown.

The abduction and brutal murder of Shane Goodman one mile from my house has shook this feeling of anarchy to an extreme level. Daily reports of violence, armed robberies, identity theft and automobile burglaries while good people are enjoying a meal at one of our local restaurants is so common, we are learning to accept it.

The last time we Baytownians had this feeling, roving gangs of thugs were driving around town indiscriminately shooting bullets. It became known as ‘drive-bys’, like they were delivering the paper or something. It was scary times.

During those times I had a second job. I cleaned Marty’s carwash on Business 146 behind the Domino’s Pizza place and many a morning found me looking over my shoulder as a car rolled through with the h…