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Looking for the Philosopher's Stone

Last week I wrote about my love of Neil Young and his folk/rock music and within a few days I was called-out as an "old man" on the Baytown Sun Forum, albeit in reference to my article, which they read, but it kinda shocked me too. Like Steve Zissou said "It may be true, but it still hurts. It hurts bad". I'm 55 and yes, I realize I am old. Is it that obvious?Within this same week I received a letter from Granny Adcock, our Highlands jewel and she always assures me I am a "young-un" along with many other words of support, so I guess it all balances out. Thanks, Granny; you are truly a blessing to us, almost one foot on a banana skin geezer columnists (read - Jim Finley and I). My son tells me his longtime buddy Bryan "Peanut" White reads all my articles and this brings me mild surprise and also assurance that maybe I haven't lost my youthful touchstone/karma. Peanut, wherever you are – thank you for humoring an old feller in his last g…

Climbing Jacob's Ladder

Recently I caught a glimpse of a new TV program called "Dancing experts compete against each other using amateurs" or something.It took me all of 2 seconds (looking at the remote control buttons) to change the channel.I guess I'm not alone in wondering where television programming went wrong.I usually end up perusing the Science, History and Discovery channels for my afternoon entertainment, trying my best to get a nugget of something worth remembering.So much of television programming is like cheap fast food; it appears to be tasty and satisfying, but after a few minutes I realize I am killing myself one bite at a time.If we truly are what we consume, then reality TV consumption is the equivalent of drive-through greasy death.Do you ever get the feeling that somehow we are missing the real point of life?Most of us myself included spend our whole life chasing the gilded and perfumed proverbial carrot, never quite catching it and sadly never realizing the carrot is counte…

Peace Love and Dope?

I guess I became a folk music fan sometime around 1971, but I didn’t know it was folk music that was spinning my young American ears. I was a rock and roll guy - not country and to this day I eschew country music like it is something distasteful…I’m sorry, but that’s just the way I see it.

I was about 18, stationed in Great Falls, Montana, far from home and I remember Neil Young launched an album called "Harvest" and I would sit in my barracks room and listen to Ol' Neil wail out those lonely lyrics and feel his words tear through me like a dry wind out of the desert. One song in particular hit me hard. It was "Old Man", a song about something I didn't really understand. I do now, for I am rapidly realizing my own mortality.

Neil wrote it after meeting an older fellow up in Idaho who just couldn't understand how a young hippie musician could afford to buy so many things, especially real estate in Idaho, when he himself had toiled all those years tryin…

Enter the disposable relationship

I am perplexed by a mystery and it continues to baffle me. I don’t like to be baffled and I’m not sure I can solve this one. I’m talking about the tragic personal relationship epidemic our country as a whole, friends and acquaintances are experiencing with intimate relationships and the failure of this once written-in-stone desirable lifestyle.

I’m the kind of person who mulls and sifts information ad nauseum. I just can’t let things go and I’m reminded of this daily by my bride, most especially when I’m irritated about something – something that ‘gets my goat” – which it appears is quite often. Too often.

“Met a girl, thought she was grand - fell in love, found out first hand - went well for a week or two - then it all came unglued”

For a few years now, I’ve ruminated on why people can’t “stay in love” anymore. It used to be common to see the same two people year after year at functions and they had their obvious ups and downs, no sweat. Everyone knew they were “a pair” and when yo…