Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Baker Road Extention Deforestration Project

Hello Bert, I hope you have been doing well. I don't know if the City has responded to you in regards to this road expansion. I do know that Mr. Leiper and his staff is exploring and designing a number of bike & walking trails that will link several parks together. One example is what the City is installing down Emmit Hutto Blvd. I think you have a great idea with this being used with the detention pond and tieing into Jenkins Park. Bob Hoskins
2nd photo taken 11-22-12
The proposed solution on top and what was decided.
 Well, a giant retention pond is going in directly behind my forest of trees and wildlife habitat and all vegetation must go.  I hate this and voted against it.  I can't see where anyone but the land owners are going to benefit connecting Sjolander Road to anything.  The bulldozer operator told me a family of coyotes with three pups were chased out their den this morning.  I've heard the coyotes yipping in the woods for over twenty years and never saw one and they are no threat at all.
Directly behind my house in Chaparral Village.
At Barkuloo Road
Future site of retaining pond
I just hate that in the name of "progress", they feel the need to put in a gigantic retention pond instead of keeping the trees and digging out the existing lake, like was discussed.  There could be a nature trail  down the pipeline that ran through the natural setting and continued on to Walter Jenkins Park.  Now, this is what we will get.  Next, I imagine the land owners will take down the remaining forest and build cheap track homes that will sell for a hundred thousand.  Makes me sick to my stomach.
Some folks call this progress.  I call it senseless waste of valuable resources.
November 8, 2012  This is progress in action.  Cut down everything and dig a big hole.

Halfway point between Sjolander Road and Barkuloo Road

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