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Mutants, Creeps, and Monsters!

At first glance, you may think this Halloween day column is about the White House and the current administration, but it is not.It’s not for one reason and one reason only – although there is a direct correlation, it wouldn’t be fun.Accurate yes, fun no.
There’s nothing funny about what is coming out of Washington, not that I can tell.
Way back in 1965 when I was 13 wonderful years old, there were two genres of movies very active on the television set.Spies and monsters.Of course there were westerns and family shows, but these two lines of thought were emerging and possibly peaking all within a space of about 5 years.I Spy, Get Smart, The Avengers, Mission Impossible, The Saint, Danger Man, T.H.E. Cat and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. were hugely successful and in the dark shadows of the heinous Commies, everyone wanted our spies to outsmart their spies.
Boy has that changed.
Thanks to Edward Snowden, the good ol’ USA is now an open tome for every spy agency on earth, especially those who …

Songbird Meadows Bed & Breakfast review

I have little experience with Bed & Breakfast abodes.I want to say that from the onset.I do however know when I am being pampered - and pampered I like.Back 4 months ago I retired from a job that had me working 60 to 80 hours a week for the last 37 years.
We arrived on a typical Tuesday afternoon, driving in from Baytown, Texas, fighting the Houston traffic and all wired up.In fact, I was still internally wired up from all those years of working overtime on a chemical plant.
This is the perfect place to take your Bride and baby her and this readily apparent from the moment we arrived.There are three quaint cabins and each are situated in such a manner as to give the occupants privacy and the feeling they are alone in a most peaceful setting.My beautiful Bride of 37 years and I wasted no time after arriving in the afternoon, to hike the trails on the property, discovering all the unique bird watching stations and places of prayer.We needed to get the blood flowing after all that d…

Don’t Mess With… Baytown?

When our esteemed Mayor DonCarlos said Baytown has a litter problem, I took it with a grain of empty plastic water bottle.Its not like I didn’t believe him, I just didn’t think it was the mentality of many people to litter in 2014.Not in Baytown anyway.Didn’t we stop doing that, like, 30 years ago?
Well.Shut the front door; he was right.It’s not like I don’t trust his judgment; I do.Heck, I voted for him as Mayor at least 10 times so far, maybe more now that I think about it.It’s just that until I experienced it first hand, I had no idea it was anything more than stuff blowing out of the back of a pick-em-up truck, or maybe a shopping cart.
I remember when he said it I saw a bunch of trash in the field south of Home Depot and told myself trash and litter was relegated to places like this – and why didn’t the store owners clean it up?I can say this and not be self-righteous and that statement right there stinks of self-righteousness doesn’t it – but it’s true just the same.
This ye…

Baytown Walks. Wait! What?

I grew up playing outdoors, unlike what is commonly accepted as normal child activity today.Being hyper was unheard of; we were boys.Baseball, football, whiffleball, Army – we played Army almost every day.We were the baby boomers, being born after World War Two and the Korean conflict.Of course we had toy guns and a lot of times, we had sticks that in our vivid imaginations were machine guns.We shot a lot of imaginary enemies of our country and many times, were wounded or killed.
My 3 brothers and I spent untold hours on long hikes in the woods, often staying gone from my Mom’s scrutiny for hours – or we rode our bicycles and would many times chalk up 10 mile adventures.We would climb trees and when our body weight over-powered the tall plant, we would hang on and ride the tree to the ground before letting go.This was our entertainment.Its what we did to entertain ourselves.
We would find a brick wall and one would bat, while the other threw a rubber ball at the strike zone or we wou…

Our Wonder-filled Sky

Your browser does not support this audio This is Baytown Bert in Baytown, Texas and this is Podcast 017
As far back as I can remember, I’ve turned my eyes toward the heavens, both literally and spiritually and I guess that’s one reason I got up this past Wednesday to watch the lunar eclipse and the awesome phenomenon known as the blood moon.I saw it at full eclipse and it was indeed reddish in color. I remember being 11 years old and living in Dundee Michigan like it was yesterday.We lived on a farm with tall corn growing out around us for miles.Much like in the movie: “Signs”.The only real view besides the corn was straight up and I would lay in a small depression in the grassy front yard and stare at the giant cumulonimbus cloud formations.They would move and transform into identifiable shapes of peoples faces and animals.I didn’t know it at the time, but I was developing my imagination skills, which later in life have helped me write about my experiences.
I owned a refractive teles…

Is the media just scaring people about Ebola?

What is written below is my original thoughts on Ebola, not something I copied off the InterWebs:

I am watching this disease to make people aware of a known contagion. For some stupid reason, American citizens need a 9-11 strike or a Pearl Harbor attack before they wake up.

The Flu, AIDS, malaria, Ebola, etc. are all very real and dangerous and we need to be aware of how they are spread and work to keep ourselves safe. The CDC has said quite plainly that Ebola will come to the United States. The long incubation period will allow people to come into this country, mix it up with friends and loved ones, even after they begin to show mild signs or symptoms. We are seeing this in Dallas, Texas.

So, its not a witch hunt. The Spanish Flu of 1918 killed 150 million people around the world. Here is the kicker that most people do not know or understand. The Spanish flu was an avian (bird) disease, which spread to pigs, then jumped to humans. Ebola is also an animal virus wh…

Zombies and the 70 virgin delusion

Your browser does not support this audio This is Baytown Bert in Baytown, Texas and this is Podcast 016
I have a romantic fascination with the end times and when I say romantic, I do not mean I like the prospect.In fact, I do not want to live in a post-apocalyptic world.Only a delusional fool would want to.
October 16th, season 5 of the Walking Dead premiers and I will be glued to the tube to watch what Rick does to prove that they “Don’t know who they are fooling with!”I have a very personal interest in this series, as I went to school for 2 plus years just north of where the story takes place in Atlanta, Georgia, land of kudzu and red clay.It brings back a lot of memories, except the zombie part, of course.
The end times… the Biblical term associated with Christians vanishing, the aftermath, and the Book of Revelation.Not to ruffle feathers, or get into a war of what is going to actually happen, I swerve hard and go into the world of fiction – which incidentally can be manipulate…