Sunday, September 22, 2019

Understanding the standard Democratic goal

As a voter, sometimes it is difficult to figure out who is telling the truth and who is promising a non-existent Utopia.  If you like what Trump is doing for the country... vote for him again in 2020. If you are still on the fence over the other party, understanding the standard Democratic goal is simple. I say it is a simple formula because all of the Democratic candidates have the same message.

Through legislation, they plan to outlaw :
1. the right to own or bear firearms including revoking civilian gun permits.
2. decision to chose your own food, including beef.
3. decision to control the thermostat in your house/work place/stores
4. right of freedom of speech.
5. remove representation from taxation.
6. install rigid guidelines to enforce the "protection of the environment" over citizens rights, including mandatory community gardens co-ops.
7. Remove the choice of any healthcare other than Socialized medicine they provide, including triage of the aged, infirm, and imperfect.
8. Further restrict travel to only the State level without a passport.
9. Further dilute the abortion laws until there are none.
10. Turn every law inward to make the populace more dependent on government. Eventual confiscation of all private business.
11. Remove all reference in the English language concerning gender differences.

I couldn't find anything they want to "give" us that doesn't include first "taking" from us through higher taxes, or restricting our freedoms and all in the name of The People.
Am I wrong? Did I get something terribly wrong or did I miss something even bigger? 
Note: none of this is from copy and paste.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Spanish conquistadors killing in the name of God... for gold.
With the "Spanish" Hispanic population growing in the USA, let's take a look at an oft-claimed consensus of "We were here first". I've heard versions of this for the last 40+ years and it tells me how little folks know about the history of these two continents. Here we go and I invite reasonable discourse:

"It is estimated that during the initial Spanish conquest of the Americas up to eight million indigenous people died in a series of events that have been described as the first large-scale act of genocide of the modern era."

What is so ironic to me is how so many Hispanics are proud of their Spanish heritage when the Catholic Spaniards were invaders who wiped out the indigenous occupants for the most part. In their constant search for gold, they murdered anyone they found... or converted them from being a heathen to a good child of god. This was nothing more than a form of mental enslavement and taxes in the form of offerings.
Spanish Conquistadors exploring the Grand Canyon in the 16th Century

Yeah, it would make me proud also to claim Spain as my heritage if it were so. My people were Irish and we fled our country to assimilate into US Citizens. I might look Irish and I am and some Scottish, but I look and act like an American first. Let that sink in. I am an American first and secondly, if I was of a mind to, I would honor my past heritage.

"In August 1521 the city fell and the Aztec empire became a Spanish dominion. Temples were destroyed and the locals were reduced to the legal status of minors. In traditional accounts Spanish smallpox killed up to three quarters of the native population. Undoubtedly the European invaders were ruthless adventurers."

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Greenpeace protests Big Oil in Baytown

How is it possible an old white man wasn't involved in the felonious Greenpeace act of protesting big oil while dangling from the Fred Hartman Bridge? ? I thought old white men (OWM) were pretty much responsible for everything going wrong. Oh! I get it. It must have been planned, funded, and sanctioned by an OWM, right? Wrong!

Well, now that we have that out of the way and can dismiss that stupid notion, regardless if the media loves to try to make it so. Getting over the Houston Ship Channel only has a couple options and stopping traffic at any time of the day will make anyone sympathetic to Greenpeace HATE THEIR GUTS!

The reason for this is we are still in summer here and it is hot. Stopping traffic to protest big oil after arriving in a gas-powered van and causing a rear-end collision is hardly an earth-friendly start to their protest. Many people were stuck in their idling cars without their medicine or bathroom facilities. We have many hospitals here and traffic was at a near stop for many hours. No, we hate Greenpeace zealots and many here wish they would have cut the ropes, no joke.

Annie Leonard - Greenpeace
Greenpeace is not directed by an OWM, but a female and of the total number of felons involved is growing with warrants issued. Texas passed a law earlier this month over unauthorized protests that include this one, making the crime a felony. I would be willing to bet Greenpeace didn't know that. However, they have other people's money to burn, so big deal. The Greenpeace protesters, who were involved in Thursday’s incident in which 11 individuals suspended themselves from the Fred Hartman Bridge over the Houston Ship Channel, were identified Friday and arrested or warrants were issued.
The protesters, from 13 states and the District of Columbia, have been identified as:
  • Mary F Zeiser
  • Sarah Francis Newman
  • Cole Taylor Martin
  • Tyler N McFarland
  • Shavone Torres
  • Dakota Paige Schee
  • Jonathan Butler
  • Chelcee Price
  • Piper Werle
  • Jayden Chayanne Allen
  • Sydney Lae Cliffard not in custody to-be-warrant
  • Ryan Harris
  • Zeph Fishlyn
  • Heidi Nybroten
  • Christian d Bufford
  • Heather Glasgow Doyle
  • Amanda Lee
  • Mariah De Los Santos
  • Stephanie Hillman
  • Brianna Latrell Gibson
  • Graham Evan Clumpner not in custody to-be-warrant
  • Daniel James Rudie not in custody to-be-warrant
  • Mitchell Wenkus not in custody to-be-warrant
  • Tamura Russel Seiji
  • David Lynn Mcnew not in custody to-be-warrant
  • Tracye Redd
  • Richard Alex Sisney
  • Julie Ann McElvain
  • David A Rappelet not in custody to-be-warrant
  • Irene Kim
  • Michael Anthony Hebert

I am all for peaceful protests that comply with the law. What these folks did amounted to a crime, plain and simple and in this area, hurt their cause more than helped it. By the way, my Bride and I were some of the thousands who sat in our vehicles for hours waiting for our law officials to handle these people in such a manner that would be accepted world wide.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Sharpie-Gate in not Journalism

This was submitted in the Baytown Sun September 11th issue of the Baytown Sun. Note this is the 9-11 anniversary, but this cartoon was more important.

The Baytown Sun management really came out providing a valuable opinion on a timely issue - this "biggie story" Sharpie-gate! Using what appeared to be a self-made Presidential stupidness-scale as a guide, they declared the “fiasco has gone on long enough”. If they really believe this, why write more on the subject? Did they find something really earth-shattering to inform us Baytownians? I thought we have Washington politics covered in about a thousand other outlets, so why once again is this in our paper?

How about editorials about Baytown politics and our issues? The good Lord knows there is fodder enough for actual local journalism rather than copy and paste opinions off the Internet. I suspect the majority of the Sun’s subscribers have already locked into a political party and the choices are so wide, nothing will budge a voter to change.

What we as subscribers need is what goes on here in our city.

With newspapers failing around the world, our Baytown Sun needs to stop choosing sides over silly editorials and write about our city. 

My opinion is the paper is so out of touch with its readership, that in the ten years I wrote for the Sun, none of the clerks knew who I was when I visited AND when asked, they admitted they did not read the paper or my column!

“Sharpie-gate is simply politically motivated obfuscation to justify a serious mistake by Trump”.

The dubious photo
The last sentence of the editorial is the most perplexing because Conservatives have learned that no amount of apologies or concessions would allow Trump to move on in the eyes of the Liberals. Their goal is resistance regardless. They are looking at losing the next election, so their only recourse will be to up the violence and destructive Constitutional behavior and make living in this country worse.

In other words, nothing the man does will get the nod of approval from the Liberal Socialist-driven agenda they want to cram down everyone's throat.

They will not be happy as long as any Republican or non-Liberal sits in the big chair. Then they will reach back and blame, Trump, then Bush, then... This “editorial” on Sharpie-gate is simply politically motivated obfuscation to justify a Liberal agenda by our local media. It is yet another example that what this city really needs is a newspaper that is more concerned with Baytown and the surrounding areas than anything all of us can pull off the Internet.

Elvis has left the room

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