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The threshold of happiness

This is Baytown Bert in Baytown, Texas and this is Podcast 015
We are taught to believe that the future holds the key to our happiness.The future is that elusive and beautiful butterfly that is always just out of reach.We chase it, or not, but it is always flitting about, out there in the hemisphere, the sun reflecting the many colors of its wings in our face and we comfort ourselves with the simple fact that down the road – we will find happiness.
As little kids we have already grasped the idea that when we get into Middle School, things will be better, then it comes along and the bar is raised to the High School goal line.Becoming a 13 year old teenager came and went and we found it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, because 14 seemed to be the real place we wanted.
The Holy Grail of teendom arrives! 16!We know when we reach that amazing pinnacle of maturity; we will find freedom in the form of a driver’s license and a shiny new Mustang convertible that daddy buys.That position on…

History and the Sage of Cedar Bayou

Your browser does not support this audio This is Baytown Bert in Baytown, Texas and this is Podcast 014

It’s Sunday night and a cold wind out of the north sends shivers to your little five year old body as you slip into a night gown.Your live-in nanny tucks you in, as your mother reads from the family Bible.Your hard working dad goes out to the barn to secure it for the night and that is when you hear your fathers cry of alarm.
Violent and savage men viciously kill your dad, mom, and older brother and kidnap you and your nanny and carry you bound down into old Mexico where you are sold for little of nothing.When the massacre of your family is discovered, a blood stained family bible is a grim reminder of the perils of living on the plain.
Sounds horrifying doesn’t it?It is and it is Texas history.This story took place in 1836 in Robertson County to the John Harvey family. Their daughter Ann and their servant girl lived as slaves for four years before her Alabama uncle James Talbot …

Come and Take It!

Your browser does not support this audio This is Baytown Bert in Baytown, Texas and this is Podcast 013
This week’s column is going to brand me as just another agent orange crazed Vietnam Veteran, or a patriot – you decide.One way or the other, I’m going to speak my mind.
The truth is I have had just about all I can take of our government, talk show know-it-all’s, and liberal college professors explaining away or placating every radical or “victimized” group for the sake of political correctness and some mythical nice existence and cohabitation.What am I talking about?Look up the list of groups the CIA keeps of which they deem worthy of watching (keeping an eye on us), if you don’t believe me.
I’ll oblige you, the discriminate reader and believe me, if you are reading this, you are in the minority, as no one reads anymore:“environmentalists; business groups; labor unions; churches; ethnic groups; political action committees or PACs; health groups; education groups; civic groups; …

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Junior High Sports and Vicarious Dads

Your browser does not support this audio This is Baytown Bert in Baytown, Texas and this is Podcast 012

At one of the 6th grade Optimist football games last Saturday, I was disturbed at the many fathers vicariously playing their son's football game, by screaming at their kid before every play and in their enthusiasm, even venturing out on the field. It was one team’s dads in particular and not only set a poor example, but amped up the feeling of stress to everyone on the sidelines. These men were barely in control at times and during one huddle, five of them ran out to high-five the players.

Each father was over-weight and possibly trying to relive their glory days, forgetting that it was stiflingly hot with high humidity and no wind. The poor coach was doing his best to get the plays to the boys, but time and time again I watched the boys move to a different location as directed by their dad’s loud bellowing.
Note to Dad's who can’t be spectators:  Shut up and let the coach…

Coffee! Give me coffee!

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This is Baytown Bert in Baytown, Texas September 5th, 2014 and this is Podcast 11
My all time favorite John Wayne line is from True Grit when he is awakened by his servant after a hard night of drinking and utters the lone word, “Coffee”. The reason is quite simple; it is exactly what comes to mind when my eyes open each morning and the responses that follow, shows many of us share the same experience.
Facebook.There are a lot of negatives in our minds when it comes to social networking and I agree, but I enjoy it and practice a sort of freedom on the site and am willing to accept the dangers there also.I frequently use the network to express provocative opinion and then gather the responses.I’m sure at times people shake their heads at what I post, but at the same time, my comments stimulate them to define what they truly believe.
Years ago, I adopted the philosophy that anyone who stimulates me to defend what I believe is actually doing m…