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Texas Floods, an oxymoron?

Most people envision Texas looking like Monument Valley, Utah – that is unless they watch the news.They think all Texans pull on a pair of gaudy cowboy boots and great big cactus plants stretched out as far as the eye can see.The truth is many of us have never seen the high desert or own a pair of cowboy boots.The closest most Baytownians have come to a rattlesnake has been to a visit at the Eddie V. Gray Wetlands Center.
Most non-Texans are almost arrogantly ignorant about us and wish to blissfully remain so.Some see the whole state as an aberration which produced two Bush presidents and a whole State full of obnoxious residents who brag on how big everything is in Texas.
Most don’t realize that if you flipped the state horizontally (either way) you would dip El Paso in the Atlantic Ocean and Beaumont in the Pacific.Most don’t realize that the Gulf Coast is wet year round and alligators are far more common that cowboy boots.
Recently they’ve watched the weather reports and belie…

Virgin ears and a sinner’s retention

Why is it that you can hear a foreign phrase of some curse word or forbidden something and it sticks with you for life?All you have to do is hear it one time.One time and you never forget it.It’s what one of my old buddies would call a tapestry of justice.Knowing to do good doesn’t negate this and I’ll be danged if I still absorb this stuff like grape bubble gum on the sole of my shoe.