Friday, May 08, 2015

So what is this Jade Helm 15 anyway?

Jade helm 15 exercise to be held in the marked States.

If you read Google News or the Drudge Report, you have most likely heard the term Jade Helm 15.  What does the Federal government claim it is and what do the conspiracy theorists believe it really is?  Never mind, read on and I’ll tell you what I think it is.

According to retired NCO Special Forces officer Tom Mead, “It is a Special Operations Command, General Joseph L. Votel-sponsored exercise to improve Special Operations forces’ ability to conduct unconventional warfare as part of the national security.”

It will be taking place from July to September across seven states and especially Texas.  “Texas is the main bulk of the activity. We are spread from east to west, north to south, throughout the state of Texas,” says Mead.

The conspiracy crowd sees this exercise a number of different ways and none of them are for the actual good of the people.  First there is the old 1878 Posse Comitatus Act which was intended to prevent the federal government from using the military for domestic law enforcement. They see this as the beginning of the end.  They also believe the closing of the manyWal-mart stores is in preparation to facilitate the staging of the Homeland Security.

The exercise is not being taken lightly by Governor Gregg Abbott.  On April 30th, he penned a letter asking the Texas State Guard to keep an eye on the operation.  “During the training operation, it is important that Texans know their safety, constitutional rights, private property rights and civil liberties will not be infringed," Abbott wrote to
Maj. Gen. Gerald Betty, saying he expects "regular updates on the progress and safety of the Operation."

So, is it a simple exercise to prepare our joint military commands to deal with anarchy and ISIS infiltration, or Big Brother readying boxcars with shackles to do a hostile takeover of America’s citizens?  After all, we are seeing rioting in numerous American cities and the police are under constant attack.  For the good of the people, we are seeing our personal freedoms violated further each year, so what is it really?

Let me explain what we airmen heard way back in 1972, while stationed in Southeast Asia.  “The next war will be fought in the desert.”  What?  When I looked around at the lush banana trees and jungle-covered mountains I honestly thought this had to be crazy.  Why would any war be fought in the desert?  There’s nothing there but sand.

Less than twenty years later we were in Operation Desert Storm.  I never forgot that prediction and this led me to believe most of the conflicts we see around the word are planned far in advance.  It is common knowledge that the US Government has contingency plans for everything, from invading Cuba to alien invasion.  They have worked out a first response for every possible conflict and if and when it comes into range, they pull the folder and revise it.

To me, Jade Helm 15 is in preparation for martial law, which our government believes will happen.  I do believe they think it can happen inside of 5 to 10 years though.  They are preparing our military communication framework against an electromagnetic pulse by reopening Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado.  This is not speculation.

I think it is a safe assumption that anarchy is indeed coming to the U. S. of A. but who knows when?  Anarchy?  What?  What exactly is anarchy anyway?  Anarchy simply defined is when law officials lose the ability to restore law and order.  We saw it happen briefly in Ferguson, Missouri and slightly in Baltimore, Maryland, but what if it was happening in 200 cities across the country?  How about 500 or 1000 cities simultaneously?

Our city has a daytime population in excess of 120,000 people so I asked the big question to my source at BPD and this is their response as to how many cops we normally patrol and what if the big one came:

“Between 10 and 15 answering calls, putting on the street and how long to hold out depends on the situation.  To answer your (other) question we could hold out for weeks or become overwhelmed almost immediately. The catchy phrase in disaster training and response is “How big is big?” One thing you can say is that we do not hesitate to call for help from other law enforcement or the County or the State. Federal has to come through the state first.”

I don’t want to live in fear of anarchy and if major trouble does break out; I will hunker down until directed to otherwise.  I support our police department 100% along with our military, but I’m not going to stick my head in the sand and not watch what’s going on.  I think Jade helm 15 needs to be watched.


Anonymous said...

Ron Barajas: Russia and Putin will invade Poland and since Poland is part of NATO we will be at War with Russia. No one is talking about the massive military exercises happening in and around the North Pole. Both US and Russian forces are in force.

We are too comfortable in USA, our troops need to be ready in case WW III spills onto our land. U.S. stayed out of WW II until of course Japan surprised us. If an EMP does go off we are back in the stone ages for a good bit of time.

If we are caught off guard again all we will hear is where is our Government?? I don't buy into the martial law conspiracy but we do need to understand how our Military and Government will react.

Anonymous said...

Hillco: Good column, Bert.

I am reminded of the oft' quoted statement by the previous master of deception occupying the white house - " it depends on what the definition of is is"

If the government is conducting exercises intended to apply to middle east topography or they are preparing for anarchy as commonly defined- then good show.

BUT, if they are preparing for anarchy in the USofA, why the seven states named? The answer may be the same as the answer to the age-old question - "If you lost the quarter in the woods, why are you looking for it in the street under the street light." And that means they are wasting their time.

OR, AND THIS IS KEY -- their definition of anarchy is just the opposite of yours and mine.

Comparing the topography, demographics, political leanings, population density and the make up of areas where anarchists are inciting and actually inflicting anarchy should be a clue as to what the government does NOT consider anarchy.

That leaves to one's musing as to what they do consider anarchy. Could it be self defense and protection of property?

Anonymous said...

This was one of your better articles.


Anonymous said...

Susan McGuyer: Remain calm and put away your tinfoil hats.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your article concerning the Jade Helm 15. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of distrust in our government. People are fearful that the Obama Administration has sold the soul of this country to terrorist. There has been a great deal of criticism of Gov. Abbott because he decided to be proactive. I appreciate Gov. Abbott listening to the concerns of the people and acting on it. Texans should be praising him for caring and doing the job he was elected to do.

I could say so much more because our country is at a crossroad. But, that's for another day.

Thanks again,
Linda Rowe

Anonymous said...

WW: I wonder why the government is having so many railroad cars built? There is a company here in Ga who is starting up 3 round the clock shifts to fulfill a government contract they received recently. My friend's husband applied for a job there and was told this by one of the staff in personnel.
My niece is a nurse and one of her coworkers who is also a nurse quit her job and is going to work for the be trained as an engineer. Said they were really hiring now.
Sounds like they're gonna be moving lots of something somewhere.

Anonymous said...

SL: Good job Bert as I expected, another repetitive view. This summer is going to be interesting. How do you spot a bad guy with an assault weapon with blanks. People may not know but the military has made blanks from 22 to Missile rounds for exercises. I just don't care to hear a pop behind me and to think I'm not going to react in some way. If this is how it’s going to be I’d sure like to be notified. Any ties to Obama and dictatorship is wrong. If a martial law exercise was to come it would be acted out for training, not for real. That’s for real riots and terrorism. That's my repetitive view and if I'm wrong, I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

Ronald Hal Rhodes: Love your blog Bert! I read it regularly. Keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

On another's common knowledge the Government has been buying millions, and millions of rounds of ammo in the last few years. Every organization has been buying it...even the Postal service.

Anonymous said...

Dandy Don Cunningham: Great column in The Baytown Sun this morning, too, Bert! . I always look forward to reading yours on Fridays.

Anonymous said...

Robert and Michelle:

Interesting and important information on the Jade Helm training ops planned for the southern states, with particular emphasis in Texas. It has been interesting to read Govenor Abbott and other state official and community leaders comments on these special military training exercises coming to our state this summer.

We are sure there will continue to be additional info of newsworthy value on this Jade Helm training op.

Thank you for providing this information to our local community readers.

Anonymous said...

Although we have no trust that there will not be an attempt to require the surrender of arms and ammo, which would certainly cause an entirely different type revolt than this country has recently experienced of excuses to smash and loot.

During a period of extensive pipeline construction near our Lavaca county home a few years back, we learned that in rural areas with only one or two sheriff deputies for law enforcement of the entire county, you are most assuredly on your own to manage real trouble situations with the weapons and skills that you possess personally.

We and our neighbors learned that we needed to be better prepared and connected, as there isnt always time to wait for help that may not arrive. We collectively took steps of additional acquisition and training and communication networks for future use.

Hope that if the govt ever loses control of this country, that we are in Sweet Home on our family farm and ranch land of the past 100 years, as we could manage much better there than in Baytown in a situation of anarchy.

Thanks for the info!

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