Saturday, July 07, 2007

Is There an Anti-Muslim Whiplash on the Horizon?

I'm going to take a bold step and predict there will be elements in this country, which will react in a violent manner against Mideastern looking people, if we begin to experience al-Qaeda style attacks on our home turf. The reason I say, "Mideastern looking" is because many Americans will lump people from Iraq, Iran, India, Pakistan, Lebanon, Afghanistan, etc. together, as look-a-likes, not recognizing the difference in culture of each country.

Many Americans will suspect Mideastern looking people of being Jihadists and radical Muslims, especially with news from England of sleeper cells involving doctors.

Americans are getting jumpy. If Islamic-Jihadist violence breaks out here in our country with random acts of terror, Americans will look for retribution and an excuse to take out their frustration. Many will simply boycott a business, change doctors or express distrust to friends and family, but some will go on the offensive.

Most of us basically do not understand the silence of "peaceful" Muslims, concerning Jihad against America and this exacerbates our anxiety. As muted American Muslims have watched violent Jihadists attack Americans abroad, muted non-Muslim Americans will watch violent fellow citizen vigilantes attack Muslims…and anyone who appears to be from the Mideastern countries. I am against vigilante justice and pray innocent people will not be targeted, but I will have little sympathy for actual terrorists, caught in the act.

I've been kicking around the economic implications of domestic terrorism since 9-11 and I always come back to the same conclusion, which is, we are not going to handle it well. Most of us will hunker down and try to wish it away, depending solely on our prayers, our God and our law enforcement – and that is what we should do. A certain number will do everything in their power to tear down our government's decisions, putting all the blame on them and second-guessing their every plan to pull us out of it.

Some will see it as strictly another inevitable event by the Globalists to turn the world into a dystopian society. A smaller group will actively do something about it by taking the terror to the terrorists and this is the scariest of the scenarios. One thing is certain; once again our lives will be changed forever.

Suicide bombers, improvised explosive devices, soldiers and Marines guarding our stores and streets, and the general public afraid to attend any crowded venue will become normal America and our pursuit of happiness will be dampened by the threat of dieing.

Or…we can toughen up starting today. We can envision this horrible scenario and react with grit and determination. We can begin to face the worst of it right now and decide to live on as we did before the trouble began. We can quit walking around like the world will never end and start watching what is going on around us. True-blue Americans watching out for each other and let color and customs fall by the wayside.

Americans who practice Islam should begin to separate themselves from those who wish to kill and destroy in their God's name. This is a land of religious tolerance, but that tolerance is beginning to stretch thin. American Muslims should become very vocal against the Jihadists. Jihad, or Holy War, should be tossed back to the 15th century where it belongs. Violent intolerant religion has no place in a religion tolerant country.

One of the saddest possibilities to this Muslim backlash is many innocent people will be targeted by those wishing to stop terrorism, through reciprocative violence. Coptic Egyptian Americans look identical to Wahabi Saudis to some of us and some think a turbaned Sikh is the same as a Kurdish Iranian Jew.

We loyal Americans simply want to know which side everyone is on.

I've said for years that if Jesus the Christ were working the register at our local 7-11, some folks would walk off complaining about all the "rag heads" in our convenience stores.

I don't even know where to go with all of this and I apologize for the rambling style. I do however realize Americans are ready to lash out and like a caged animal, we must know in advance who our enemies are. If you are an American citizen, it is time to declare loyalty to your country and all the principles of freedom it stands for...before trouble starts here.

If you are in our country to kill, maim and destroy, then may the God of Peace have mercy on your heathen soul.

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