Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bald Eagles Nesting GPS Coordinates in Baytown.

Bald Eagles Nesting GPS Coordinates in Baytown.

Come to Baytown Texas and go out Tri-City Beach road until you are almost to Evergreen Road.

N 29.42.836 W 094.57.209    Stand with your back to the golf course fence and the eagles are high in a tree nest (or aerie) about a hundred yards due east. Please do not disturb them or cross into the woods for a closer look. Bring your binoculars.

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Larry said...

FYI Bert, I was out at the sight last Saturday while about 8-10 other photographers came and went. One of the photographer had a range finder and marked the nest at 169 yards. My Oly E-3 is a 2X crop factor camera and with a 50-200 zoom and 1.4X converter that gave me a 35MM equivalency of about 560MM. At that focal length, and definitely with a tripod, you can get some shots of the eagles on their nest that are marginally suitable at screen resolution but not much more. Fortunately the eagles do often perch in some of the trees that are much closer to the road. The best viewing time seems to be between three and four in the afternoon. IMHO the sound of the eagles call is worth the price of admission even if you miss a photo op!

Baytown Bert said...

I'm hearing rumors that some folks are very critical of all the attention these eagles are getting and my name specifically is being tossed around.

The viewing area is almost 2 football fields away from the eagle nest and both times I was there, everything was peaceful and respective of the golf course, traffic and the eagles.

I see this eagle nest as a wonderful occurance, both for Baytonians and any "outsider" who wishes to see our greatest symbol - the American Bald Eagle.

I certainly do not condone or wish to see anyone cross the fenceline and disturb the eagles and their nest.

I am in fact encouraging photographers and bird watchers to come out to Baytown, take a look at our precious resource and then stop in for a meal at one of our many restaurants. LOL

While you are here, check out the Baytown Nature Center off of Bayway Drive.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the GPS Coordinates! I took my 16-year-old son out there on Friday, March 19th from northwest Houston. We ate at the really nice DQ. We came, we saw, we left no trace. I'm thrilled for my son to see these magnificient creatures. I had never been to Baytown - loved the bridge and took several photos. Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

Went to view yesterday 3/27 in the late afternoon. No one was at the site, which I thought was strange. Then I saw the nest and it looked flatter, not as rounded and no eagles were in sight. A birder drove up and said she had heard the perch had failed. Do you know if this nest has been abandoned?

Baytown Bert said...

According to my brother: "I know there was at least one that hatched. I would figure that by now it would have flown the coup."

Paul Norsworthy said...

It's June 18th, 20015. I have been by the site a few times an not seen any birds. Can anyone tell me if they are still nesting?



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