Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Baytown Bert? Meet Dance Baytown!

I found out about a month ago, that I was scheduled to learn a few fancy dance moves with Steve Divekar, of Dance Baytown, so I wouldn’t look like Frankenstein’s monster at my daughters wedding reception.  Last night was that night.
Steve Divekar teaches Two-Step, Polka, West Coast Swing and the Jitterbug.  Last night in an hour and a half lesson, my beautiful Bride Sandra, brother TJ Bustem and his lady Debbie, brother and sister in law Big Ray Tallant and little Tammy, nephew RJ and groom to be Michael Sievers and bride to be Melody all were greatly educated by this skilled dance, Steve Divekar.

Steve operates a web site called dancebaytown.com and I encourage anyone aspiring to cut a rug to check it out.
I figured TJ Bustem and I would breeze through this dancing stuff, as we are both longtime practitioners of the hard-style martial arts and Black Belts, but, uh, I was naturally a product of karate training and it appeared I was chopping my way through every move.  I was too stiff and even I thought I looked like a zombie.  It was hilarious.
Steve was very patient and tossed out encouraging words with a generosity the others deserved, but I, being my own worst critic knew the sad truth…I have two left feet.  Never-the-less, I am encouraged that I will stumble through and my bride has promised me we will practice, practice and practice until we look like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. I figure it will be closer to Frankenstaire and Ginger Rogers, but we will see.

Anyway, if anyone acts up on the dance floor, TJ Bustem and I can always fall back on our “other” training.

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Anonymous said...

"I'm so proud of you Bert for taking that first box step to being liberated through dance! Every woman loves a man who at least attempts to dance, Ms. Sandra should be soooo happy." Mary

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