Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nitwit Constable Breaks Law to Catch Lawbreakers

May 21, 2010 at 5pm, I was in abnormally crowded traffic going home from work. I was on SH-146 going north over the Fred Hartman Bridge and in the far left lane. All around me were cars, pick-up trucks and commercial vehicles. Brake lights were uncharacteristically flashing in front of me and I checked my speedometer to see if what I thought was happening, was happening – yes, we were all going about 58 mph. The speed limit is 60mph, but during rush-hour, it’s often 75 and flows like well-oiled water.

Normally between 4-7pm, the traffic moves quite fast over this crowded bridge, often hitting 80 mph and it moves quite well. There is a tremendous amount of vehicular traffic over this bridge each day. Now I’m not condoning doing 80mph, even though in my little compact, I’ve learned that I must drive fairly aggressively if I don’t want to get squashed, but I think it’s safe to say that 58mph and wall to jumpy wall cars puts me in the same uncomfortable position.

When it’s crowded and backed-up and folks are steadily tapping their brakes, I get very uneasy.

As I reached the top of the bridge, I see a constable parked (Illegally – read the signs) on top of the bridge, foot braced against the bridge, dark sunglasses, and radar gun pointed back down the way we just came. He looked like Lt. Jim Dangle from Reno 911! up there to me and I reckon to everyone else returning home from a long day at work.

My very first thought was: He’s breaking the law to catch someone breaking the law. Honest to god it was. My second thought was: So this is the reason all these hundreds of cars and trucks are all but bumping into each other on this normally self-governing route? Normally these constables park on the near or far side of the bridge and cause folks to tap the brake pedal, but it doesn’t have this kind of disruptive effect, but this guy? Nope, he wants in the shooter’s seat.

He wants the biggest amount of shock and awe he can get…and the most respect. What he got instead was a bunch of angry stares and created a traffic hazard. He broke the law to try and catch a law-breaker? What?
There is no parking on the Fred Hartman Bridge – even I know that. It’s not against the law to walk over it though, but if a constable sees you doing that, he’ll threaten to arrest you and this has actually happened and of course, he will arrest you for parking on the bridge too...


Anonymous said...

authorized emergency vehicle the operator may:
(1)AApark or stand, irrespective of another provision
of this subtitle;
(2)AAproceed past a red or stop signal or stop sign,
after slowing as necessary for safe operation;
(3)AAexceed a maximum speed limit, except as provided
by an ordinance adopted under Section 545.365, as long as the
operator does not endanger life or property; and
(4)AAdisregard a regulation governing the direction of
movement or turning in specified directions.
Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch. 165, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1995."

Sgt. RP

Baytown Bert said...

Rank has it's privileges I guess. It's okay for the cops to do it, just don't us lowly citizens do it. LOL
Besides, this constable was creating a traffic hazard with his action. I stand behind my Blog, Sgt.

Baytown Bert said...

After a fairly lengthy discussion on Facebook, it was determined that the constable was only doing his job and the laws we average citizens are required to obey, do not apply to police and emergency vehicles.

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