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Writings of Nick Marshall - Friday, August 22, 2008

Writings of Nick Marshall - Friday, August 22, 2008
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Category: News and Politics

I look back upon my Iraq experience with pride and misunderstanding.  I was proud to serve my country but as the time goes by and the killed tally continues to climb without results, I wondered what the hell is going on.  I wouldn't trade my war experience for anything…but to deny that we were mislead into the Iraq war would not only be ignorant, but extremely stupid.  Did we need to get rid of Saddam Hussein?  Of course we did….by letting him die of old age, and once he was deceased his son, Qusay, (a psychopath with a love for cocaine and fast cars) would have ascended to power.  If his extremist rule was not stopped by his own Generals, the U.N. would have backed a multi-nation Army (that would have included Islamic nations) to go in and re-align the government. This would allow for the U.S. to take control, as it had done in Desert Storm, without becoming the 'bad guy.'  This would also allow Islamic governments to have a seat at the table thus almost quelling extremists that are currently fighting what they believe to be 'Imperialistic Christians.'  Thanks George have 'shocked and awed' everyone. 
6:42 PM
Saturday, August 16, 2008
Inside looking out....Georgia (not peaches)
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Category: News and Politics

So the Red's have pushed their way into Georgia based on false accusations that they are just supporting the oppression of South Ossetia....which is completely false because this conflict was started by Georgian separatists that support Russia....and they've spit in the face of the U.S. because they know that our military is stretched thin due to the incompetent Bush.  Russian loyalists in Georgia have started looting and raping...ravaging the country side....I've met many Georgians; they are poor soldiers, but good people....I had a long discussion with a Captain in the Georgian Army that was fascinating in 2004; he hated the Russians and I share his opinion.  The 'Red Scare' is well and active and as long as I live I will be prepared to take arms against the me a racist, a bigot, ignorant, whatever you want, but when it comes to the Russians....I'd rather have a weapon in my hand then a shot of vodka....I always told myself that the only way I'd rejoin the military is that if it's WWIII or a fight against the Russians or Iran.......well, I'm more than ready to risk myself to crush the 'comrades.'
6:37 AM
Saturday, August 09, 2008
China Olympics
Category: News and Politics

So the world  makes China the host of the Olympic games....a communist country that abuses human rights, leads the world in pollution (the U.S. is second,) and monitors it's population like a risk board game.  What the hell???   Well....lets think back; the world did give the 1936 Olympic Games to Nazi Germany...and Jesse Owens dominated (Hitler wouldn't present the award....FYI my father met Jesse Owens.)  Many predict that China will surpass the U.S. as the main superpower....
2:21 AM
Thursday, July 24, 2008
Where are you now Teddy?
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Category: News and Politics

Where are you now Teddy Roosevelt?  The political figures of today seem to appeal to the American citizens needs as they campaign for the Presidency...but once elected they cater to their political friends and the needs of their party.  As Police Commissioner of New York, Governor of New York, and finally President, Teddy's main objective was to meet the needs of the people.  The Sherman Anti-Trust Act, the implementation of the FDA, and the regulation of big business were aimed at benefiting the common man.  The ultimate reformer, Roosevelt was a champion of the American people; no other politician did more to maximize his time in office toward the benefit of the American people than did he.  Colonel Roosevelt remains the only President to win the Nobel Peace Prize and the Medal of Honor.  As I look at the disaster that was the George Bush presidency, I can only hope that the next President is even a tenth of the leader that Teddy was.
1:22 AM

You’re better than me...
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Category: News and Politics

I struggle to find a better Americans we find ourselves in a political you vote for the energetic Obama, or the maverick McCain?  Where do we make the division between conservative and liberal?  What if we believe that the pledge of allegiance should be said before class.....or if the diversity of America should be supported and that considered uncivil?  The democracy pill is a hard one to swallow these days....everyone wants to be free, but does that mean we must give up some of our freedoms to be free?  I believe so.  The diversity that makes America may be its undoing (remember, the 9/11 pilots were trained in Florida.)  Recently Congress passed the Surveillance Bill that shielded telecommunication companies from being legally responsible for privacy acts.  BRAVO!  I have nothing to hide, do you?  I believe that it is worth the government tapping into my conversation to find out which bar I'm going to, if they are able to stop an Islamic radical from committing a terrorist act.
10:43 PM
Tuesday, June 03, 2008
The traveler

Traveling is an art.  The experience of the unknown paints a permanent picture into the mind of the individual making the journey.  I love travel, the excitement of being on foreign soil, rubbing shoulders with the locals, and diving head-first into a new culture stimulates even the most zombie-like personalities. It is within this that we build upon our character and push the boundaries of our own lifestyle....
7:07 PM
Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Football versus Futbol

I've been watching the 'beautiful game' in a 'cheating on your girlfriend' type of way.  Why this reference?  Well, I’m a die hard American football fan, that's why.  The juke, the battle in the trenches, and the Hail Mary have been my way to escape reality and feel the hypnotic vibe of the NFL world.  But wait, I was in South Korea right after the 2002 World Cup was held, and was in Germany when they hosted the 2006 World I caught a little fever.  The Houston Dynamo winning the past two MLS cups just added fuel to the futbol fire. I started to sweat...and while the 'pigskin' will always reign supreme in my mind, that black and white ball beckons my eyes....'the beautiful game' has a European hold on me.....
6:06 PM
Thursday, May 01, 2008
Born red, white and blue

The more I think about the places I've been....Italy, Germany, Korea, Switzerland, etc., the more my mind drifts back to the good ol' U.S.  To be born a United States citizen is the equivalent of hitting the life lottery.  Ok, so maybe being born in the U.K. would be a privilege, but it’s hard to beat being born an American.  


Anonymous said...

"Thanks for sharing that! Nick apparently inherited his Dad`s writing abilities." GMD

Anonymous said...

At Nick's young age, he sounds so wise and intelligent. What a shame he could not stay to fight for what he believed in. DH

Anonymous said...

I had no idea whatsoever that Nick could write, or that he even thought about such things to the extent that he would take time to write about them. Thanks for sharing. EB

Anonymous said...

"Wow. Thanks Bert" BDP

Anonymous said...

Nick was so reserved; I think very few people ever understood what was going on in his thoughts. CMB

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing. Amazing. SMP

Anonymous said...

Bert--Nick sounds like his wise father--beautiful, thoughtful words. I am so, so sad that we lost this fertile mind.......this beautiful, so sad. Susan

Anonymous said...

"WOW....not much to say after reading this except you must be very proud Bert Marshall" TM

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