Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Eagles get some gravel? Not Yet.


This just in from Steve Green who has been working hard to get the roadside on Tri-City Beach Road stablized so photographers can take photos of our bald eagles:

"Today as I came by the Baytown Eagle there had been several loads of material spread on both sides of Tri-City Beach road! No longer the mud-hole of last week but more can be done I am sure .

Thanks to all who called and e-mailed the County and City.

It seems now the credit go's to Roy Rodriguez of the City of Baytown Streets Dept and Harris County Maint Sup. Alton Chislom. They both worked this Work Order as I understand it.

So if you call them to thank them politely ask for a little more (surfacing/material) in the future as I don't believe they appreciate the numbers of folks that frequent this area of true majestic and natural beauty.

Good Job Baytown Photo Club............. SG

*I guess this is a start. I'll hold my praise a bit longer.  BB

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