Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I don't really have a bucket list, but here is some of the stuff I've experienced.
(x ) shot a machine gun on full automatic?

(x) gone on a blind date?

( ) skipped school more than 10 times?

(x) Visited Canada?

(x) lived in Asia?

(x) Straight out of Compton, Ca (for real, not like Kid Rock)?

(x) Visited Japan?

(x) Visited Mexico?

(x) Had a lion seal surface beside me in the Pacific Ocean?

(x) Been to Alaska?

(x) Been to the Philippines?

(x) Drank water from a cistern with a snake in it?

(x) Flown on a turbo-prop plane over the ocean?

(x) Been to Luckenback, Texas?  (Extra points for Cut and Shoot)

(x) Visited Washington, DC?

(x) Swam in the Great Salt lake?

(x) Swam in Lake Erie or other Great Lakes?

(x) Waded the Rio Grande? 

(x) Been to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island?

(x) Played Cowboys and Viet Cong?  (substitute Iraqi's or Afghani's)

(x) Jumped off a 20 foot rooftop to the hard ground for fun?

(x) Studied Karate or other martial styles?

(x) Eaten dog meat as a meal?  (Monkey or water buffalo - extra points)
(x) Eaten insects with your meal as seasoning?

(x) Known Russian people?

(x) Fell in love in high school, but never told the other about it?

(x) Been skinny-dipping outdoors more than (a bunch) of times?

(x) Been fly fishing?

(x) Been row boating/canoeing/kayaking?

(x) Been Ice skating on a river and a lake, sledding, and tobagganing?

(x) Tubed a river with rapids?

(x) Been hypothermic to the point of losing my life more than once?

(x) Been geocaching?

(x) Been back-packing above 4000 feet?

(x) Been tent camping for one month straight +?

(x) Been airborne in a car?

(x) Flown in a helicopter (extra points for a military choppa)?

(x) Rolled a car at 60 mph or greater with 3 flips?

(x) Walked on a glacier?

(x) Driven a motorcycle on an all day trip (extra points for a MC license)?

(x) Fell out of a moving car doing at least 35 mph

(x) Gone to a drive-in movie and made-out through the whole movie?

(x) Done something that could have killed you (more than one occurance)?

(x) Been on T.V.

(x) Donated more than 5 gallons of blood?

(x) Driven an old school Shelby Cobra Mustang?

(x) Driven more than 800 miles in one day?

(x) Trapped under a waterfall and almost drown?

(x) Slid down a hillside out of control? (extra points for surviving)

( ) Had a one night stand since marriage?

(x) Participated in something you had to train for

(x) Seen the sunrise and sunset on both coasts

( ) Have piercings?

( ) Have tattoos?

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