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Clayton Marshall is awarded Eagle Scout

My nephew, Clayton Marshall is awarded Eagle Scout in Cypress, Texas.

One Huge Smiley video

Team Fits Tackles- One Huge Smile Series

On January 14, 2011 a group of 9 intrepid geocachers & 1 geodog assembled on the northwaste side of George Bush Park in Houston, Texas intent on tackling the infamously thorn-laden One Huge Smile series of 25 caches deep in the scrub bush and swampy bogs. The team consisted of veteran cachers, HoustonControl, MuddyWaterGirl, TeamTroglodyte, and Ags91; sub-1000 find cachers Nebulus703, myself, and Latitude_Attitude, along with the sub-100 finders mom/daughter team SavvySireGirls 1-2 & geodog Eowyn.

I had spent the last few days worrying over the near freezing weather and over-analyzing everything from the terrain, food, and how much water to carry, to how many layers of clothes I would need.
Let me back up a bit – I did this series October 1st, 2010 by myself and it was 80+ degrees and later hit 90 and back then to my amazement, the park was in full pollen bloom, most of the open areas had waist and higher vegetation and the hike took me 7 hours with not a single break, other …

The Eagles get some gravel? Not Yet.


This just in from Steve Green who has been working hard to get the roadside on Tri-City Beach Road stablized so photographers can take photos of our bald eagles:

"Today as I came by the Baytown Eagle there had been several loads of material spread on both sides of Tri-City Beach road! No longer the mud-hole of last week but more can be done I am sure .

Thanks to all who called and e-mailed the County and City.

It seems now the credit go's to Roy Rodriguez of the City of Baytown Streets Dept and Harris County Maint Sup. Alton Chislom. They both worked this Work Order as I understand it.

So if you call them to thank them politely ask for a little more (surfacing/material) in the future as I don't believe they appreciate the numbers of folks that frequent this area of true majestic and natural beauty.

Good Job Baytown Photo Club............. SG

*I guess this is a start. I'll hold my praise a bit longer.  BB

From Deadhorse Alaska - 1-4-2011

My sister Connie is working above the Arctic Circle in Deadhorse Alaska.  Here is her update:

Most of the time I was at home this last rotation, the weather here was horrible. More than 40 below zero and wind chill factors more than 70 below. The temps killed our truck, in fact. The day I landed in Anchorage it was 44 degrees above zero, and the next day things began to warm up on the slope.
I flew out of Anchorage in perfect weather, but a blizzard was raging on the slope. It was warm enough to snow…minus 7 degrees, but the chill factor was about 40 below. When we landed, winds were gusting to around 60 mph and the plane was rocking like a boat on waves. Again, I have to tell you how amazing these pilots are.
Getting off the plane was a trick, I’ll tell you……..the first few steps there is nothing to hold on to and the platform was really slick. I grabbed the hand rail and wrapped my arm around it and got down the stairs to the tarmac. The snow was already drifting in p…

Geocaching, Baytown, Texas Style - A Story GC2KQAA


January 2 by Nebulus703 (728 found)

Co-FTF with Latitude_Attitude and a member of Baytown PD @2:31 AM!

This one was fun! I was at a party with a bunch of friends and their parties can go on all night. While I was there I decided to check my email just in case there was something interesting going on. Sure enough, a brand new cache! I called up LA (Latitude Attitude) and woke him up and told him the news. He agreed to come out with me and help find it.

I parked on the side of SH-146 and I had my hazards flashing just in case someone didn't see my black car. I took off for under the bridge and started looking for the cache. After about a minute of searching LA showed up and began to assist me.

We looked all over for this one. I was even climbing up the metal girders to see if it was hidden in some weird angle. Then I went down close to the water to get a better view and I encountered yet another nutria rat. This little guy didn't take off like the last time I encountered one.…